Marcin Gortat Gets ‘A’ For Effort

by Zettler Clay IV

In tonight’s Heat-Suns contest in Miami, offense was not scarce. For the Heat, it was downright abundant. And when the Heat’s offense is abundant, it’s a decent chance LeBron has something to do with it.

On a particular play early, LeBron got out on the open court. This is usually when the opposing team stops pursuit because, well, one would have a better chance of holding greased lightning than chasing down ‘Bron on the break.

But chase down ‘Bron on the break Marcin Gortat did. The result? Shin, meet court. Court, shin.

Can certainly not fault a man for trying.

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  1. I love Gortat…what a stud…I hope he becomes an all star someday…

  2. Who said Dwight is superman, Gortat did a very good inpersonation.