Kobe Bryant Has A Friendly Stare

by Zettler Clay IV

The Lakers have started the season with only one win in five games. Who’s more upset about that than this guy?

As the clock ticked down to another Laker loss (in Utah), Kobe answered any question about his feelings on the matter. God help the soul(s) who have to endure this withering look on a daily basis.

H/T SportsGrid.

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  1. ddd says:

    love that look just lololove it

  2. DEAR NBA,


  3. Greg says:

    well how did you expect Kobe to look? they were losing mostly because a certain coach was trying to make the Lakers run a Princeton offense… with players like Nash, Howard, Kobe, and even MWP who is in good shape this year, they should not be trying to run a Princeton offense. But i bet Kobe is upset not only with Mike Brown, but with the stupid MVP ladder deal. I looked over the candidates this season and besides Lebron, Kobe is doing the best out of all of the candidates. Last time i checked MVP is an individual award and you cant give it to someone who wins just because their team is doing better. MVP is for the best individual player, whether they win or lose…. The NBA championship and the Finals MVP is for the best team and the best player on the best team.