NBA Rooks: Diaries … John Henson

By John Henson, Milwaukee Bucks

What’s going on, everybody? I’m happy to have a few minutes to do another blog entry after spending so much time on the road and in the gym. We have had six games in 10 days … which is just a crazy adjustment from college where we would have 4-5 days off between games. But it’s all good … I’m feeling fresh and ready for the rest of the season.

Biggest news is that our team is playing really well to start the year. Even though we dropped a tough game to the Bobcats on the road the other night, we are at the top of our division thanks to fast starts by Larry, Brandon and Monta. Having the guys play this well is exciting for us moving forward. I was able to score my first NBA bucket against the Grizzles in our third game and that was a huge feeling. Just seeing the shot drop made a lot of things kind of stop for me … just to realize how far I’ve come. I’m very thankful.

Since that first bucket, I have been getting more and more comfortable on the floor with our system and the pace of the game in the NBA. Helping me out with the pace and physical play is our strength-and-conditioning coach, Mace. We have been focusing a lot on my fitness and lower body strength so I can hold my position on the block against these big guys. Don’t worry Bucks fans, I’m getting bigger and better every day! However, with my knee injury in preseason, I have also been spending a lot of time off the court with our trainers, Boff and Lama, to get the last bit of swelling out of my knee. I’m so ready to get this brace off! I probably don’t even need to ice my knee, though. I can just go outside in Milwaukee. It’s crazy cold up here … I’m from the South … smh.

One tough part about our schedule is that I haven’t had much time to watch my boys at UNC play. But at 5-1, it sounds like they are doing well. I’m also extremely happy that Coach Williams is back on the sidelines.

We have trips coming up to New Orleans, San Antonio and Brooklyn. NBA family, where are the good restaurants around there? Hit me back with your suggestions on Twitter (@_John_Henson) and also look out for some Q&A sessions soon.

I’m out but stay tuned for more blog posts and Go Bucks! — JHook


  1. Readdy says:

    You made quite a few decent points there. I personally looked on the world wide web for the subject and found the majority guys should go along with utilizing your blog.

  2. Tony says:

    We like your game and are glad to have you as a buck. I will be at the game on Sat.


    As for the cold…wear more clothes, layers are stylish!

  3. keator says:

    John, just wanted to stop by and send im and thrilled for you man! As a huge tar heel fan you wil always be one of my favorite players to watch. Been checking the box scores, and what a game you had against the heat. Its only a matter of time before you are dominating the eastern conference.

  4. dattebayo says:

    I saw the game against the Wolves and he had a good game, I believe Sanders pulled a triple double out of that one with 10 blocks. Henson looks a little weird with his long and skinny body but it sure makes him an effective basketball player. He got 3 rebound putbacks to start the game and was only slowed down by foultrouble. Keep it up, go Bucks.

    btw I am still glad my Pups got the win 😀