You’ve Been … Thunderstruck!

By Nick Margiasso,

It’s that time again.

Time to give yourself the gift of an, err, amazing basketball movie. Already have “Space Jam” on Blu-Ray, “Eddie” on DVD, “Blue Chips” on VHS and “The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh” on, umm, record you say?

It’s cool. We all do.

Lucky for us, a basketball movie starring some little kid and Kevin Durant in a leading role – I’ll say that again, KEVIN DURANT IN A LEADING MOVIE ROLE – hits shelves at your local and online retailers on Dec. 4!

It’s called “Thunderstruck” (like the AC/DC song, but nothing like it) and, duh, is about the OKC Thunder. But it’s about so much more than that! OK, not really.

It’s basically the plot of “Like Mike” (admit it, you’ve seen this movie) crossed with “Vice Versa” and/or “Like Father, Like Son” (admit it, you’ve never seen these movies): Kid stinks at hoops, meets NBA player, secret powers intervene, they swap skill sets, kid pimps his new game, player looks for his, they learn lessons, re-swap afterwards, high-five, laughter and … credits!

When you go and snap this puppy up, because you are SO doing this, get two copies because you are going to want someone to talk about this epic with, of course. Because, in case I haven’t mentioned it, THIS IS A KID’S HOOPS MOVIE STARRING AN NBA PLAYER. That formula works every time.


Oh, and sorry for the use of all the exclamation points. But, c’mon, it’s “Thunderstruck” we’re talking about!!! Or, as Kevin Durant says in his latest starring role, “Whoa.”

Enjoy …


  1. Matthew Benally says:

    “Can’t wait to cop this vid & watch it!

  2. This is a topic that is close to my heart… Best wishes!
    Where are your contact details though?