Humphries Gets Denied (By The Ref)!

By Jeff Case

In the last two nights, we’ve had some somewhat wacky stuff going on in the NBA with players and officials. First, on Monday night, we had the whole Amir JohnsonDavid Jones free-throw line incident with the ball after a made free throw. (Johnson was suspended a game for his actions by the NBA, which included chasing after Jones and throwing his mouthpiece at him).

Then comes Wednesday night and, once again, we’ve got the Raptors involved and a player at the free throw line. This time it’s not a Raptor at the line, but an ex-Raptor: Kris Humphries. Humphries, as you’ll see above, is all set to shoot the first of two shots with 7:42 left in the fourth quarter. But just as he gets the ball up, in comes referee Courtney Kirkland like Tayshaun Prince on Reggie Miller from the 2004 East finals and grabs the ball out of Humphries’ hands.

As The Brooklyn Game blog points out, Kirkland was trying to stop Humphries from shooting while subs were attempting to enter the game. Sure, there’s that whistle around your neck that can be used … but this was clearly a creative way to stop a free throw.


  1. Emong says:

    i nominate this in Shaqtin a

  2. Kura says:

    He’s gotta got to the Lakers! Our D would get a lot better

  3. glyceman says:

    get that weak stuff outta here! lol

  4. Jason Ramroop says:

    Kris has a very nice body

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  6. Jumppong says:

    Now that’s what I’m talking about!!!!!!!! Watson is in shock saying what the hell happen?

  7. Joleman says:

    It looks like the Ref actually fouled him on this one! Talk about irony!

  8. Ali Ulaba says:

    Nice Jason I agree Kris does have a nice body indeed, Nice info page aswell

  9. Steven Ramroop says:

    Kris has nice body indeed, nice observation Mr. Jason Ramroop.

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