Tough Luck There, Zaza (Video)

By Jeff Case


You gotta feel a little bad for Zaza Pachulia last night … sure he finished with seven points and nine boards in Atlanta’s 86-80 win against Orlando. Pachulia, you see, is 0-for-16 lifetime from 3-point range (and 0-for-17 if you include the playoffs). Yet there the Hawks were at the end of the third quarter, inbounding the ball with 1.2 seconds left. Josh Smith passes to Pachulia. He takes one dribble and then heaves the ball from a little bit longer than halfcout. It sails through the air and … swish!

Too bad it came well after the buzzer.

Looks like ol’ Pachulia will have to stick to his role as unofficial playoff hype man and offseason scholar and forget about joining the ranks of the Hawks’ 3-point specialists.

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