Raptors Take A Liking To Serge Ibaka

by Zettler Clay IV

The Oklahoma City Thunder beat the Toronto Raptors earlier, 104-92. Kevin Durant scored…blah, blah, blah. KD and Russell Westbrook’s daily/nightly heroics are never not appreciated around here. It’s just that — from the vantage point of this observer — the game didn’t belong to them.

It belonged to the Raptors and Serge Ibaka. To wit, how many times have you seen Ibaka posterized twice in a game?

Ibaka got over just a bit late and Amir Johnson gladly made him pay.

And then in the fourth quarter:

To add insult to injury, Ibaka was on the wrong side of a four-point play:

I’m sure Ibaka (19 points, eight rebounds) would take the win, but I’m also sure he’d rather not get doubly posterized and four-point played in the process.

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  1. billy cat says:

    You cant be a top defender for your team if you are scared of risking posterization.

  2. ebs says:

    well yall cant have ibaka