NBA Rooks: Diaries … John Henson

By John Henson, Milwaukee Bucks

What’s going on everybody? Happy New Year! 2012 was my most memorable to date and it closed out with my family coming to Milwaukee to celebrate Christmas. It was great getting everyone up here because, with the team’s schedule and my sisters being in school, we don’t get many chances to be together. I was able to show them around the city a little bit and take them to a game.

John Henson with his sisters in Milwaukee, Christmas 2012 -Courtesy Henson family

John Henson with his sisters in Milwaukee, Christmas 2012
– Courtesy of Henson family

I took one shot of my sisters and me. You may be wondering why a Tar Heel would be willing to stand next to relatives wearing clothes from that other college down the road from Chapel Hill. Well, my sister Amber (next to me) plays basketball for Duke. Just like me, NOBODY was ready for the cold weather up here. I’m either in the gym or in my apartment because I’m not stepping foot outside unless I have to (that’s the Florida in me).

Since my last post, the team has parted ways with Coach Skiles. I want to thank Coach Skiles for his faith in me and giving me an opportunity to play early in my career. He is an outstanding coach and motivator, so I know he will be back on the sidelines in the NBA soon! Best of luck to him! Coach Boylan has taken over, which I’m comfortable with since he coached our Summer League team and that was my first introduction to NBA ball. We got our first win under Coach Boylan against Phoenix and it felt good to give the team some momentum with all the shakeups on the sidelines. We had lost four in a row before that win, so it was good for Larry, Brandon, and Monta to get the team moving in a positive direction. Larry was a beast in the fourth quarter too! There are a lot of fighters on this roster, so we’ll be good down the stretch.

I’m hosting 31 winners of an Instagram contest called “Show Me Your Milwaukee” (#showmeyourmilwaukee) to the 76ers game on January 22. I asked Bucks fans to post pictures of Milwaukee (sights, Bucks games, restaurants, etc.) and I’m using 31 (my number) of them to make a collage for my twitter (@_John_Henson_) background. It’s been cool to look through the pics and see all these places that I still haven’t been to. I guess I got some work to do in the off-season! Bucks fans, you still have until January 17 to post your Instragram photo. Keep the great photos coming.

Stay tuned for another blog entry and I hope to catch y’all soon. Go Bucks!

— JHook

John Henson, a 6-foot-11 forward from North Carolina, was the 14th player taken in the 2012 NBA Draft. Check All Ball all season long for more NBA Rooks: Diaries …


  1. Morrell Roper says:

    Hi John

    Enjoyed reading your blogs. You are an excellent writer . Good seeing the family together. I know about Florida’s weather. When we moved from Florida to Indiana, it was a nightmare for the first two years. Congratulations on your success with the Bucks. Enjoyed you guys taking out Chicago. I was at both games. WOW!

  2. Erwan n says:

    Good kid and seems to be getting on just fine in the NBA. Ill be keeping a look out for him in the next couple of years.

  3. Neal says:

    What’s up John , wishing you the best….. Just picked you up on my fantasy team 🙂 need you to be starting in next month or so !
    DO WORK….