Wade Heckler Gets The Heave-Ho

by Zettler Clay IV

The obnoxious fan on the sidelines is as endemic to sports as high-fives and butt-slaps. Fan scores great seats, takes advantage by making his or her voice heard. Players hear it, keep playing, even sometime engaging in a spirited back-and-forth with the fan.

But what happens when the paying customer goes too far? In Utah last night during the Heat-Jazz game, a fan found out:

Obviously more context is needed, but we do know a couple of things. This is Utah, known as one of the more raucous crowds in the league. Two, well, this is Utah. They don’t take too many prisoners.

Dwyane Wade has probably heard everything at this point. Considering how eager he was for that fan to leave, one can only imagine what was exchanged between the two.

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  1. heckler #1 says:

    I’m a big fan of Wade, but props to this guy haha you’ve got to really get under a player’s skin for him to even notice you let alone acknowledge you or boot you out! i’d love to know what this guy was yelling

  2. AM says:

    That’s such BS. If Wade can’t handle a heckler, then he needs to go find another profession.

    • JJ says:

      can u scored with all those noise around you, can u drop 20+ points with those loud noise and fan yelling at ur ear when u stand next to them ?

  3. slowpez10 says:

    The guy is 30ish and dresses like Justin Bieber. Probably deserved to get kicked out.

  4. Mashario says:

    Heckling is a part of sports, a part of the fun and excitement. In the NBA the greatest heckler is Spike Lee, imagine how he made Reggie and Micheal’s ears bleed. What did they do? Elevate their game. I think the fact that Wade and his team did not have an answer for the Jazz all night was a major factor in this reaction by the BIG STAR. Come on D. Wade, rise above such pettiness and let the fans have some fun, remember without US FANS there would be no fat salaries and no endorsements.

    • Julio says:

      I DON’T KNOW WHAT HAPPEN , BUT WHEN YOU CROSS THE LINE . I’M PRETTY SURE YOU ‘LL REACT THE SAME WAY WADE DID . ( this guy look like a dog full of fleas ).

  5. whatawhooz says:

    Dwade is a drama queen. Instead of being tuned into the game, Wade is focusing on fans. Im sure its not the first or last time poor little wade will have to hear out the fans, he should be used to it by now. He should know he is not well liked by many fans. How many years does he have in the league now? What a whooz.. lol

  6. JerryP530 says:

    But what happens when the paying customer goes too far?
    There is No Such thing as “too far” when it comes to fans expressing their utter hatred for the opposing team. This is Dwayne Wade further showcasing that he believes that he truly deserves to be treated better than anyone else. The nba fans have been doing this for YEARS. Especially in SALT LAKE… As long as no physical contact was made their shouldn’t be a problem. The mental weakness of this generations nba players is SAD. I’ve seen countless of interactions between fans and players. but I’ve never seen it escalate to the point of a fan’s ejection without and physical altercation
    Maybe if he was focused on the game rather the fans he would have played in the fourth quater…

    • john says:

      Well, if a fan uses profanity, uses racist comments, threatens the player or his family, or makes lewd comments about the player or his family, he’s gone. Every player is prepared for hecklers but he doesn’t have to put up with someone yelling epithets about his mother, wife, kids, etc. That’s out of bounds and the Jazz players would all agree.

    • dommy says:

      Your completely wrong there. I get a fan trying to get under someones skin but it all depends what is said. What if he was being racist? Insulting Dwades family? His mother? His sons? Yeah then that fan can get removed. Like ive heard LeBron say to a fan who was trying to insult his mother “say what you want but leave my mother out of it or we’re gonna have a problem” which I totally get. Now I dont know what that fan said to Dwade so I dont know if what he said was bad enough to be removed from the game. But just think about it before you start saying theres no such thing as going to far 🙂

    • Jason says:

      No such thing as too far?? For the most part fans can say whatever they want and these athletes have Great mental toughness but there is a point when they go too far…What happens if that guy is yelling derogatory things about his family, to me thats going to far…A fan can yell all they want about the player himself but if it spills over to talk about his mother, wife or kids that in my opinion is too far

    • Really? says:

      Re-read what you wrote. Is this really your comment?
      Keep in mind that you don’t know what this fan said.
      You claim that there is no such thing as “too far”, so what is reasonable, by your logic, racial abuse – OK, Death threats – OK, Threats to kill someones family – OK, homophobia – OK.

    • lol says:

      Lol you make it sound like players are some robot-like figures. They are humans too. If they reacted like this then the heckler must have really crossed the line. The thing is you “see” interactions between fans and players but you never know what they are actually talking about..

    • Al says:

      ^ My thoughts exactly, without all the cussing!

    • JarradKM says:

      Actually i do believe there can be lines crossed. i would imagine if a heckler was having a go at your family, saying things about your kids you would probably do the same thing. its when hecklers target people you know that cant stand up for them self, thats when it becomes more difficult.

    • Don sosaay says:

      well, what if he threatened to kill him or his family. that might be taking it too far

    • Real24Prophet says:

      NBA athletes are human beings…Fans should be able to shout and cheer things to a certain extent, but there are many times when these white fans yell out racial slurs at professional athletes, and that is too far. We don’t know what was said but I’m just saying.

    • reallydudereally says:

      lol that fan was flipping him off and probably using profanity in a nationally televised game. I think that deserves an ejection.

    • sally says:

      You are evidently not out amongst people much are you ? They are much different than they used to be, people from Jordans time were from a different generation than what we are living in now. They think they can do and say anything to anybody. THATS WHAT’S SAD.

    • djunsan says:

      Are you kidding? Everybody with a brain knows laws are still in effect, yes, even in a basketball game. If someone threatens someone that is already breaking the law, if you hurl racist comments you are breaking the law… Wade actually could file charges if he wants to and not doing that is already a lot of control on his part…

  7. chris says:

    I’m not a fan of wade at all but I hate that fan even more

    I agree with slowpez10 on his comment

  8. bigl says:

    wade isn’t Reggie everybody is human, people tend to forget that

  9. Jason Connor says:

    I hope the fan told DWade his new nickname should be the cigarette, because he was getting lit up.

  10. beads says:

    its a sport! what hatred? you guys are so funny.. what hatred? Why would I teach basketball to my kids if you need to learn to hate? hahaha… grow up. Heckling is pretty much the stupidest thing ever… what next? You guys want a street brawls between opposing fans? and for what? for some f****** sport…hahahaha.

  11. Future004 says:

    LOL Justin Bieber Got old quick.. his already 30, Shout out to Dwayne on exiting the guy out of the court.. He delt that with Ethics and proffesion.. LETS GO HEAT….

  12. JenJen says:

    And heckling is not part of the job. People should have to act civilized no matter where they are, or how much money the person makes that they are insulting. THIS IS AWESOME AND SHOULD HAPPEN MORE OFTEN. Reminds me of the Patriots fan a few months ago that insulted Torrey Smith about his brother dying. Just because these people are in the public eye does not mean they deserve to be treated like they are animals. People have gone too far recently and I am all for getting these people kicked out of games. I’m sure he was annoying those around him as well. Why do we still need to tell adults that they need to act civilized in public???????

  13. kusse karos says:

    in sports theres no such thing that players sign up to get verbally abused but we accepted as part of the game, but still theres a limit to everything and theres much you can say…so it all depends..as long as its clean trash talking and not involve foul language or anything about families and friends that’s fine..make the game fun but don’t forget trash talking is being around and it has good and bad effect and it all depends on what’s being said…respect each other’s personal opinon and enjoy watching the game…fan or not a fan

  14. emmett scott says:

    Wade is a pro, and yu have to learn tot handle the opposition fan,
    That what make you a huge player, when you can take he pressure of the fan all night long.

    It aorks same way for all job, show your poise when pressure arrives.

  15. Shortmemory says:

    Ummm, Malice in the Palace. Ever heard of that, JerryP530? Having said that, D-Wade needs to toughen up.

  16. frank rizzo says:

    yeah wade truly is a child. he can kick people in the nuts and put nfl hits on players on fast breaks but he can’t take it when a fan shows him some well deserved hatred. for shame. he just can’t take the heckling because he knows its probably true what the dude was saying and the truth hurts. he was probably pointing out that now that you can’t flop or kick your leg out when you shoot a jumpshot, d wade won’t be as dominant. however, that would require the refs to actually make the calls against the coddled “superstar”.

  17. MemphisMemphis says:

    Of course, protect the diva.

  18. MemphisMemphis says:

    The diva meaning Wade.

  19. PC says:

    None of you even know what was said…yet you say nothing is too far for a fan, that is ridiculous! Of course there are things that go too far and should not be said, one obviously being racist remarks…

  20. Mladen says:

    Would they throw out Spike Lee like that? Would Wade have the courage to ask for Spike Lee to get the boot? It seems not all teams and cities are equal. Should it be like that?

    • dommy says:

      but spike lee wouldnt and doesnt say things that could really upset a player he just tries to throw them off their game, he doesnt insult them or anything so thats why he gets to stay at games

  21. HP says:

    JerryP350 you say a fan can’t go to far? What about racist remarks? What about threatening remarks? What about the fight that broke out years ago in detroit between players and spectators? There’s a point where heckling just gets stupid – why not support your own team more than heckle the opposition. Deserves to get kicked out if he can’t sit courtside and enjoy the game. Good job to Wade for making a point to get an obnoxious “fan” kicked out. Should have been watching and enjoying his team winning rather than focusing on heckling the opposition.

  22. Opposing teams should tremble upon entering Jazz territory! Jazz Nation is strong! It is one of the most feared arenas for a reason! All fans reading this! Do not let up! Heckle more, shout more, talk more trash! Strike fear in the heart of thy opposing teams!

  23. boerebrits says:

    Poor, poor Wade, I’m glad he has tens of millions on dollars in the bank to compensate for this mean, mean fan.

  24. jeremy says:

    he was just mad they were losing by 20, so he took it out on a fan that was getting under his skin. nice job utah fan!

  25. Buse Basaran says:

    i am sick of hurricane sandy advertisements…

  26. Neil Young says:

    Wade is soft

  27. Comment Guy says:

    I HAVE to laugh at Dwayne Wade! How can a guy claim to be a pro and not be able to handle a little heckling from the crowd?! SO FUNNY that the Heat got beat as well!! IN YOUR FACE WADE!!!!!

  28. BIG BABY says:

    Run little darling, go cry to your Mama!

  29. What if the guy was shouting threats to harm Wade’s family or something heinous? Would you allow somebody to say something like that to you and not be offended? Come on now. How about I go to your work at McDonald’s and scream at you for not being able to support your family? Seriously. Same goes to all the other OBVIOUS haters. I’m not a big Dwayne Wade fan, especially since he’s not playing too well this season, but when somebody crosses the line, it’s not wrong for him to be offended.

  30. AMisDUMB says:

    He paid for his seat not the permission to heckle players.

  31. Brandt says:

    i was at the game and saw a spit wad come from the blackhatted, drunk fan. He was let outside into sub zero temperatures.

  32. Neutral Voice NEeded says:

    Obviously there are a few Wade haters commenting…But the reality is because you paid top dollar for a seat or got a free ticket in the nose bleed section, the game needs to be respected. Nobody hear knows what he said, im sure it was more than you suck, or whatever lame jeers fans say these days…If you guy are tru basketball fans you would know that quite a few fans have gotten kicked out, just recently in the lakers game, theowner of LA GEAR’s son who spends millions on seasons tickets was caught shouting at steve blake. Basically watch the game , cheer for your team, boo the other team, but no need to be down rite disrespectful. This is UTAH, home of the mormons, not many black people, i would be my money is was a racist comment…getting kicked out…WARRANTED!

  33. Ronfa says:

    This is just the last in the list of infinite demonstrations that the league is becoming every day softer and softer. Just 15 years ago nothing like this could be even come to mind to a player. Remember the battles between Miller and Spyke Lee? That was a proud and fierce game, now these so-called stars are only interested in maintaining their status and cannot confront the pressure of facing a sixth man playng on the opposite team from the sidelines. They’re mentally weak and the don’t now at all what’s the meaning of being proud and fierce, real champions don’t cry for help to make an opposing fan leave, they embrace the hatred and use it to boost their performance and shut em up.
    This is what made NBA players an example of proudness and respect and now all we have left are just kids weeping at every contact, crying when they get bullyed by some dude on the sideline and clowning referees with pathetic acting that could be worth an oscar.
    Such a shame a league once dominated by MEN became a nursery for spoiled kids.

  34. Vinsanity says:

    The only thing he could have said to piss off Wade was a racist comment. Ive been to plenty of games and herd them call ppl names but the NBA has zero tolerance for racist comments or sexual discrimination comments. I would have thrown him out too. Hes there to enjoy an intense game, not to open his mouth and Disrespect ppl he doesnt even know. LOL

  35. OzSonicsFan says:

    So what of the fan throwing a drink on Artest causing the rumble? Is that a fan going too far?? Should players have to deal with that without allowing a repurcussion?

  36. aaron says:

    What about the poor people that have to sit in the vicinity of obnoxious fans such as this? Some folks (paying high dollars) want to enjoy the game, not listen to some jerk who’s usually been drinking in the parking lot 3 hours before the game. Just because you have a ticket doesn’t give you a license to be annoying.

  37. Deano says:

    Haha ew look at the sight of that thing

  38. Not a Wade fan says:

    What the … people actually think it’s ok to heckle and have a go at someone? Just enjoy the game! Sport isn’t everything. It’s entertainment. And no, that doesn’t mean you get to act like a complete jerk because that’s your definition of entertainment. They’re there to showcase their basketball skills that they’ve worked extremely hard at. If you don’t enjoy it, don’t watch it.

  39. Chacon7890 says:

    Its Salt lake city , Utah .. the fans here just love their UTAH JAZZ and sometimes fans just take it too far but that’s just love for the sport.. take it easy D wade we all know what happened to Michael in the finals ha ha

  40. dattebayo says:

    When James returned to Cleveland the first time, the crowd sung hateful chants throughout the entire game and every time he touched the ball they booed him loudly. They even had to buy plastic cups for the beer, so the fans wouldn’t have any hard objects to throw during the game.

    Melo and Wade can’t even handle trash talk or a rude fan. SMH

  41. Adam says:

    Wade has heard everything. I heard some dark things at games. I’m almost positive the guy was making threats or something.

  42. JohnBob says:

    LOL Go D-Wade!!

  43. Murray says:

    You guys are laying judgement but you have no idea what could’ve been said. For all you know he could’ve made a distasteful comment about his sons (unlikely but still) i agree he should just’ve ignored it and kept playing but hey stuff happens.

  44. deion says:

    would feel sorry for him, but the way the cheatign went down to form the team , and the attitude spewed from them.. kinda hard to feel anything other then.. turn away from your bad lifestyle living and then yea i’d be on his side. but cant at the moment.

  45. LUCAS says:

    NBA players get paid millions to play the sport they love and to entertain the fans. obviously that guy (look at his get up) is a douche but Wade, as a seasoned veteran, should by now understand that this stuff happens.its professional sports. Let the guy sit their and talk BS, win the game.

  46. LongDuckDong says:

    Slowpez your comment is childish itself

  47. asdf says:

    fact is wade doesnt have to put up with the guy, and because that man went to the game and decided to be overly negative, he got ejected. hecklers should find something more positive to do, like maybe cheer for there team. just saying is all.

  48. Druiddribbles says:

    No can heckle? Wade can flagrantly foul but no can heckle?

  49. Bud Mackenzie says:

    Wade just got a Maclaren for his birthday he should have enough self esteem to be able to ignore a heckling fan.

  50. kingofaces2895 says:

    You guys don’t know what the guy was saying. For all we know, he might have made some racist remarks, and stated death threats. Wade has never had someone thrown out of a game before, and there are some pretty bad fans out there. If Wade didn’t want to hear it from this guy, he was probably saying some pretty bad stuff.

  51. Ethan says:

    Why couldn’t Wade have pulled a Reggie Miller??!!! Let the fan talk but then let YOUR GAME do the talking!!!!! LOL