Chris Paul Sits Down With The Twin

by Zettler Clay IV

Some men were just born to assist. Over the past few weeks, through the lens of State Farm, Chris and his identical-yet-separated-at-birth twin brother Cliff Paul have shown the world that whether it’s roundball or insuring folks against disaster, helping folks is just what they do.

So naturally, the twins decided to oblige the public and sit down for a chat. What about? The joys of being such great people. The sartorial splendor of Cliff. The basketball muses of CP3…and Sir Charles’ aversion to a proper golf swing:

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  1. Hi Chris and Cliff Paul,
    This is so awesome, I’ve been watching the state farm commercials. It is so inspiring to see you two together, it’s like the song (at last). l have 2 grand-daughters l’m raising and they are twins, l cannot imagine them being separated. God Bless You 2 and i know you have a lot of catching up to do. So enjoy each other for the rest of ur lives.

  2. Phil says:

    Barbara, Cliff is fictional…..

  3. ? says:

    Cliff Paul is just Chris Paul with a mustache…

  4. aryanna says:

    Barbara cliff is not real he’s a fake