Connect With Kobe … Finally

By Nick Margiasso

Well, it’s been two weeks since the great Kobe Bryant became seemingly the last major NBA star to join Twitter (c’mon, Tim Duncan‘s too old people). Two weeks is about the true test of time for anything: it’s how long you need to decide to fire your coach, how long it takes for a new one to put your team in the tank and, of course, to know whether or not your Twitter account is successful. Here are some of the gems so far, separated, for your viewing ease, by helpful hashtags. You’re welcome.














  1. Mark Camby says:

    Kobe how can i be better at bball like could you name some drills to do after school
    also i didn’t make my team and i dont do godd in games any advive

  2. Sheila Worthy says:

    I’m waiting to see the Lakers in the play-offs so -Kobe-keep doing what you do-You never give up and I love that about you-I never give up either-I am a writer (poems books, songs) but I haven’t gained much success at it yet but I have the will to go on until I accomplish my goal -I want to be a household name-God willing it will come true-I love getting feedback from the audience when I sing or present poems as I know you do when you deliver on the floor-I know it is a thrill-I haven’t reached your height yet but there is tomorrow-KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK, Kobe! LOVE YA