Russell Westbrook: Hater Of Mascots

By Jeff Case

Outside of the Phoenix Suns’ Gorilla, few NBA mascots are perhaps as well known as the Denver Nuggets’ Rocky the Mountain Lion. Like any good NBA mascot worth his salt, he’s had his share of jovial dust-ups with superstars, taken part in a “Gangnam Style”-video for laughs, he’s rappelled off a building … well, you get the idea. He does it all.

Those facts are all apparently lost on OKC All-Star guard Russell Westbrook. All Rocky was trying to do in last night’s OKC-Denver game from the Pepsi Center was hit a halfcourt, over-the-head shot that he’s nailed before. Westbrook was having none of it and rejected the halfcourt shot not once, but TWICE(!!), as you can see below:

Our good friend Benjamin Hochman over at the Denver Post has more details on the incident:

Kobe Bryant has company. Denver has a new NBA villain, and he is Russell Westbrook.

Super mascot Rocky shoots backward half-court shots during a fourth-quarter timeout of every game. If he makes one, fans get free Qdoba queso. Well, Rocky’s final attempt appeared to be going in, but the Thunder’s Westbrook, walking onto the court, jumped up and blocked the shot. The arena erupted in boos and continued every time he touched the ball.

Then Rocky tried again during the next timeout and Westbrook, again, caught the shot, this time throwing the ball into the stands. The boos became deafening. But Westbrook seemed to feed off it, first flashing a villainous smile, but then firing a dagger of daggers. With 22.9 seconds left, and the Thunder down three points, he unflappably floated an arcing 3-pointer over Wilson Chandler, tying the game.

“Russell made a lot of friends here tonight,” Karl said sarcastically.

Hard to say what’s worse in this situation: being mean to a mascot or denying the fine people of Denver some free cheese dip.

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  1. BigBlue says:

    Ha that cracked me up. We have the best PG.

    • D. Are says:

      LMAO best PG? The most overrated arrogant fool who has no respect for any other players? Not to mention his ignorance of thinking he’s better than Durant? Westbrook isn’t even a traditional PG (nothing more than Rose 2.0, I say). He plays more like a shooting guard but then most of his shots are bricks unlike Rose.. What exactly is he? Don’t even bother wasting your time looking up his shooting % ‘cuz that’s all that is mostly dunks and lay-ups. The moron needs to relax and show some respect and love for the game if he wants any recognition from the rest of the league other than OKC fans.

      • Mytownla says:

        More recognition from the rest of the leaue? bro…. WTF R U TALKIN ABOUT??? I think getting selected to play in all star games and represent his Country on the USA team is more than enough recognition u idiot… Yes BigBlue is a lil off his Meds for saying Westbrook is the best PG in the League, but im pretty sure you were NOT on point with your comment, or hatred towards Russ… He deserves a lot more credit thatn your giving him, moron. And his shooting % is NOT based off of Lay-ups and Dunks, the man has develpoed a mid-range game and has een utilizing this all season long. Maybe you should consider actually watching the games and not looking up stats with the sole purpose of trying to prove somebody wrong, when you just ewnd up looking like a complete ruh-tard smh

      • Mutual says:

        No respect? Where has he shown no respect? Where does he say hes better than Durant? Westbrook played a lot of off-guard in UCLA so of course he isn’t a traditional point guard. Hell, even Rose isn’t a traditional point guard. You want a pure super star point guard? Rajon Rondo. Those “dunks and layups” are done by penetration on his skill. Rose isn’t the best shooter either, Besides, the Thunder need him to score because besides the two Kevin’s, no one is much of a threat. Do you see why the Bulls lose every year? The only have D.Rose. Deng isn’t a scorer and Boozer is inconsistent. Besides, if KG was here he’d probably back up that notion. It gets into the heads of the opponents, annoying them any way possible. Besides, I think Westbrook is a better defender than Rose and Chris Paul so his defense can make up for poor shot selection.

      • Rell says:

        U sound stupid saying he aint good he got one of t a pg he best mid range shots as a pg.he get better every year check the stats and he competitive so of curse he thinks he better unsomeone like u. derrick rose will tell you westbrook a beast and a handful to guard and he a monster on d fense he can shoot and throw down u sound stupid af

      • celticfan101 says:

        couldnt have said it better myself he isnt a pg someone like rondo or cp3 r point guards

      • he’s not a true point guard? who gives a crap, LBJ isnt a true PF he plays the 4 all the time! haters be haters bro!

      • K Will says:

        He is good only because he is playing with Kevin Durant, the best player in the league right now. He is good, but a little bit overrated. Getting into all-star over Step Curry? Even Ty Lawson can play better than him. Arrogant? Maybe just a bit over-confident. But young players need that. Is he the best PG? I will say NO for sure. He need to relax a bit, especially in playoff. He has a tendency to drop or disappear in playoff. But he is still learning.

      • twothree says:

        your confused. russel westbrook is AMAZING. and who cares what his scores are ? as long as there baskets , the higher the field goal percentage the better considering he is a backcourt player and traditionally considering that they have to shoot further most of the time they shoot worse than bigs. westbrook however hits the midrange every time and makes layups and dunks that are better than 2k13, dont be a crybaby. Real recognize real. and im from toronto, everyone loves westbrook fool.

    • TTKIN says:

      HAHAHAHA only an OKC fan would say Westbrook is better than Chris Paul and Derrick Rose. Hell, Rose is injured and I’d still take him over Westbrick. I dont get how Westbrick is the best yet Rose has an MVP and Paul is the leading candidate this year.

      Actually, give me Rondo over Westbrook too.

      As for everything D. Are said….dude was 100% right about it ALL.

      • Bulls says:

        finally some one who makes sense westbrook is only a sg

      • Macky says:

        Anyone who thinks Chris Paul is more valuable to his team than Lebron or Durant shouldn’t even have an opinoin or vote for MVP. The clippers won 3 straight ON THE ROAD without Paul. Miami without Lebron would not be great. OKC without Durant would be awful. Those two are way more valuable to me than Chris Paul is. I don’t get how he’s leading the MVP candidate when he’s not currently playing. And Lebron should have won the MVP Rose did, I’ve heard die hard bulls fans say that. Chris Paul is #1 at PG in the league, Westbrook as of now is #2 since D Rose is still out injured. Once D Rose comes back he’ll be either #1 or #2 depending on how he plays after that injury. Haters need to stop being retarded about Westbrook. Go watch the games, he doesn’t let his poor shooting get in the way of his floor game. THAT’S WHAT A POINT GUARD NEEDS TO BE DOING. l2ball and look at stats.

    • dd def says:

      hahaha, no you don’t.

      • Celtics Fan says:

        Last time I checked Rose is the youngest player to win an mvp. AN M.V.P.! Thats a pretty big freakin deal.. When healthy the Bulls dominated. I could careless about the Bulls but all the Thunder can hang on is the fact they got smashed by the Heat in the Championship. Im honestly a huge Rondo fan but I am not on here bragging about him so those fans that hate on Westbrooke or Rose need to hop off cuz they are all amazing. thats why they are in the league. But i do agree that westbrooke isnt the best pg in the league.

    • TRUnuggFan says:

      Yes you do have the worse PG of all time… still don’t know how he could miss a open dunk in a championship game… the same dunk that he had a open lane to……. GOOD JOB “BEST PG”

      • Mutual says:

        Yeah well at least they could get to the finals. Try not to lose your superstars.

      • Rell says:

        Ok and what championship was d rose and chris paul in??? they never been so stfu

      • Macky says:

        Do you not remember Jason Kidd as a Net? He was missing open lay-ups in the finals. Of course you don’t, you’re probably a new age NBA fan that hasn’t watched any games besides the past couple years.

      • blahblah216 says:

        thats only cuz of durant westbrick cost them a game in the finals cuz he was too stupid to kno da rulez

    • Amen BigBlue says:

      Russ is amazing. So lucky to have him here in OKLAHOMA. He is the best PG in the league hands down. Chris Paul can’t gaurd him and admits it. Its a shame hes not starting the allstar game. Oh well Paul is good too but even he admited in an interview that he can’t gaurd Russ. Paul is really his only comp….no one in the east can hang right now.

      • K Will says:

        Noone can guard Westbrook because everyone who watches the games knows he gets the most ridicous call ever from the ref. Even when he is the one initiating the contact jumping into defender, he always gets the call. Combine with his speed, who wants to defend him and get into foul trouble?

      • Amen BigBlue says:

        Cool….so we agree then. Westbrook is ungaurdable! Of course you’re off base about him getting calls but at least we agree on one thing.

    • reallydudereally says:

      I agree westbrook is the coolest pg to watch cause he’s just got that energy. Im not saying hes the best pg but just the best to watch.

    • TalkingRealistic says:

      I dont agree with the word “best PG” I mean, westbrook is taking a large number of shots, like kobe that averages 27 + shot attempts per game but only gets 10-13 shots its a waste. I mean if they can just distribute the ball to other open man they can get quality shots not some houdini wannabes. And you cannot compare Russ to Rose, Rose got an MVP award because of pure talent not arrogance, Period

  2. Kwiss says:

    Rocky got his revenge … Denver won!

    • Amen BigBlue says:

      Yeah Denver won but who cares…..Denver is no threat to us. We have to concentrate on the heavy hitters like Clips,spurs and grizz. We are not gonna win every game. Sometimes bad teams beat the best teams….it happens. If Denver makes the playoffs it would be kinda fun to watch Russ destory them

  3. Carl says:

    They went on to lose this game. Don’t mess with the mascots.

  4. Fareth Weber says:

    Westbrook saved the people of Denver a heart-attack. Also, you can’t be ‘mean’ to a mascot.

  5. adam says:

    Westbrook should get fined for this! Hey cannot do something like that, especially when their are little kids at the game who honestly get more excited about the mascot than anything else! He took away from the fans.. not cool

    • sally says:

      I think he needs to grow up, everytime they are behind or losing he throws his little temper tantrum (just like Kobe) maybe they should get him a binky to suck on during the game and then maybe he wouldn’t get so upset. He will be a good player when he matures.

      • reallydudereally says:

        Im sorry dont ever compare temper tantrums with whiney Kobe he has the worst ones. He cusses everyone out and rapes somebody.

    • ItsMiamiSoSTFU says:

      You all sound like a bunch of lil children that are fighting over who has the best power ranger!! shut up ok, they are all amazing, if they werent they wouldnt be in the NBA!? Damn, when i read this i though i was at a elementry school or somthing!

  6. Travis says:

    Wow. Russell is certainly not going to be winning any NBA sportmanship or community citizenship awards. That’s fine worthy imho. Let’s hope that Stern doesn’t take his famously fine happy fingers off the pen now.

    • Bran says:

      Idk, Ron Artest won the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award. You know, the guy who punches fans and elbows players in the back of the head. If Russ keeps it up I’m sure he’ll be able to win a citizenship award too.

  7. two says:

    what a douche

    • ItsMiamiSoSTFU says:

      i dont get how that is so bad, Kevin Garnett blocks shots after the whistle is blown, and Westbrook did the SAME EXACT THING, GET OVER IT YOU CHILDREN!!!

    • reallydudereally says:

      He’s just having fun get over it cry baby.

      • lol says:

        Judging by his facial expression, it didn’t look like he was having fun. Westbrook is just egoistic and just wants to be in the limelight. Get over it. The only thing getting in the way of him and a championship is accepting the fact that Durant is the number option on the team.

  8. Chris says:

    Well actually Travis, Westbrook deserves several community citizenship awards for all of his charity work in Oklahoma City. In fact, all the charity work and fan visits the Thunder organize weren’t enough for him so he started his own charity called the Why Not Foundation where he routinely feeds and clothes the underprivileged of Oklahoma City. Russ is a super nice guy off the court and I think it’s pretty obvious he was just playing around so everyone should just calm down a notch.

    I bet that queso is nasty anyways…

    • Travis says:

      Chris, I was unaware of Russell’s efforts in OKC; thanks for bringing that up. Clearly the guy is capable of being an upstanding guy at times, this episode seems to suggest that those times are confined to his terms. Every player knows they’re not permitted to chuck a ball into the crowd, yes it was not a game ball, but still, he violated a symbolic threshold; second, every player knows that the mascots are a part of the game – and a part of the product that fans pay for. By wantonly disrupting the Denver mascot’s efforts, Russell not only ended a league wide gentleman’s agreement of comity, but literally took away an opportunity from the people that contribute to his salary. Last, while if what you say is true that Russell’s efforts in OKC merit his awarding of a community award, I would counter that Russell’s community extends beyond OKC, but to the many places he travels to on a regular basis and has a significant, direct impact. In essence, the NBA is Russell’s community, and I don’t think anyone would deny his behavior in Denver was clearly disruptive to the community.

      • Celtics Fan says:

        i agree with Travis 100%. how would you feel if being that fan who probably payed 100$+ for a ticket for some excitement and just like that someone you may idolize takes away some happiness for you because he doesnt want a half court shot to go down. and there are alot of people who have charities and things like that. I mean look at Rondo. look at Kobe. but they shouldnt be getting any big awards for that sometimes.

      • reallydudereally says:

        Please stop writing essays for comments. I was reading it and it went I was unaware of what he does blah.. blah…bah but he’s still a douche because mascots are the most important part of pro basketball because they bring all the revenue am I correct? He was just having fun so quit critisizing him. There I diddnt need to write a giant essay with a introductory thesis statement lol.

  9. Parker says:

    Russell Westbrook is hilarious. All those getting offended you’re only giving him what he wants.

  10. HonestGuy says:

    And then people hate on LeBron, who would never do something like this. It would’ve been funnier if there wasn’t a prize involved, but denying all those people is, in my books, to be a douchebag.

    • TTKIN says:

      My comp wont load the video…did he do his usual gay snarl afterward too? he always does that look, whether he does something good or bad. Like he’s trying to push a fart out without crapping himself.

    • Macky says:

      I’d rather see this than what Lebron was doing early in his career. All that stupid dancing, doing a different dance against every team he played and that BS with 7,8,9 rings in Miami. LMAO WESTBROOK is a bad motherf’er. I love watching this kid play.

      Not trying to downrate Lebron. He’s matured a lot since those days in Ohio. He’s all about business now but just saying, this is more bearable to watch than Lebron at that age.

  11. Blind Lemon Pye says:

    Westbrook needs to be fined for this. Seriously, that’s basically fan misconduct. That’s basically a middle finger right to the crowd. What if that’s a kid’s first NBA game, and never got to see that before. He basically had that experience taken away from that kid. He was losing by 5-10 points at the time of this, so clearly Westbrook has a huge temper issue if he needs to take out his frustration on fans.

  12. Salvador says:

    Russel is so stupid

    • reallydudereally says:


    • ha says:

      Yeah Russ is soooo stupid….man you gotta be pretty dumb being the best most talented athletic point gaurd the game has seen in years. Man being ungaurdable and able to blow by any one defender anytime you want. WHO CARES ABOUT ROCKY THE !@#$%^^& MASCOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did everyone pay to watch him shoot half court shots or watch the 2 allstars KD and Russ put on a show? Have a sense of humor haters…..I’ve been watching basketball since early 80s and that was one of the funniest things I’ve seen. Keep it up Russ your true fans love you for it.

  13. Frank says:

    Chimpbrook at his stupid best, nothing to see here…

  14. Nash says:

    Obviously, it’s goal-tending, not once, but twice.

  15. tay says:

    fine him. that is just bad sportsmanship

  16. Matt says:

    Clearly Russell is just appalled at the nutritional value of qdobe queso. The people of Denver should thank him! He also just lowered average healthcare costs in the Denver area by .00001 cents by denying thousands of these processed monstrosities from being distributed.

  17. E says:

    can we stop and think about how high he just jumped….like it was noting

  18. Southern says:

    Troll Life

  19. charlie says:

    you Americans need to chill out. if anything it would of added to the entertainment of the fans if people could see what it actually was. A JOKE. whats wrong with messing round with a mascot for a bit of fun! this rubbish about fining him is stupid.

    • dommy says:

      maybe if westbrook laughed afterwards about it i might of taken it as a joke. but since he just had a pretty angry annoyed look on his face i shall think otherwise good sir!

    • Game on says:

      It wasn’t just the blocked shot it was throwing the ball into the crowd. He should be fined and also what type of evil crazy person does what he did. If you want to be an elite player you should present yourself as one you don’t see Lebron doing ignorant mess like that.

    • Macky says:

      I agree with you on the entertainment part. Especially since Denver ended up winning the game so the fans were extra happy.

  20. bill says:

    Maybe if Rocky shot the ball on the other side of the court he wouldn’t have had a problem. He should have shot the ball in the home teams hoop, so whent he would miss it would bounce off the rim and hit his own team during a timeout. If I was on the away team and someone was throwing/shooting balls off the hoop during a timeout where my team was trying to setup a play/gameplan I would get upset as well.

  21. Jeff says:

    Russell Westbrook is freaking HILARIOUS, if you don’t get the joke then you are taking things like mascots and free queso way to seriously, I would argue that the fans in that arena got more worked up about the mascot/queso incident than their team winning in OT, in what was an extremely entertaining game, the point is to entertain people, and Russell is the most entertaining player in the NBA, Deal with it!

    • jp says:

      You’re saying Russel Westbrook is the most entertaining player in the NBA? I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even compare to Javale McGee lol…

  22. bob says:

    Rocky’s shooting at the OKC basket. It has symbolic value.

  23. Josh says:

    What a crap move! Russell has talent, but doing dumb stuff on the court like this overshadows it. There are kids there man. They LOVE this stuff. He owes the Denver fans an organization. Unacceptable.

  24. Janelle says:

    I was at the game, and as a Nuggets fan, I thought it was hilarious. I thought, “Ooooh, goal tending!” It was pretty funny to me that all the fans around me were so quick to boo Westbrook…especially those sitting courtside who got in a shouting match with him after the second time. It was a joke for crying out loud, and Westbrook is a great player. Maybe the first shot that he blocked would have gone in, but the second one wasn’t close, and I’m not going to lose any sleep for losing out on queso…please!

    • 34yr fan says:

      …are you a child Janelle ?…….the mascot and his/her actions are there mostly for the kids, don’t you think??

  25. Russel Dbag says:

    Total Douchebaggery at it’s BEST!!!!!!

  26. googergieger says:

    Westbrook also cursed at and taunted some fans in the arena as well.

  27. JR says:

    Good man

  28. dd def says:

    at least he didn’t do like barkley and fight the mascot hahaha

  29. Frank says:

    I’m sorry but this is hilarious.

    The fact that everyone is upset about losing free queso might be even more hilarious.

    I’ll agree it was a bit of an immature move on Westbrook’s part, but to say it ruined kids’ experience at the game is a stretch. Don’t you think kids are just as entertained by Westbrook even messing with Rocky?

    Either way, vintage Westbrook.

  30. KeCe says:

    Isnt he catching the ball cause the refs want the game to continue because the time out’s clock had run out???

  31. 36er says:

    Westbrook simply increased the entertainment and gave the fans value for money. Who doesn’t want to boo an opposition villain? It makes pro sports more fun. Anyone sensationalising the issue by saying it would upset children is flat out foolish. The kids who witnessed it now have a player that they’ll want their team to beat for the rest of his career. Fun, harmless antics that increase the fans attachment to the league.

  32. says:

    his level went to the Mascot Level… what a douchebag .. Did the mascot confront him after the game? I want to see him rumble with the mascot next game.. It’s like watching ninja turtle vs the lion

  33. Luke says:

    C’mon people, lighten up. I love this stuff! I think athletes are way too impersonal nowadays. I like seeing them do something completely off the wall every now and then. As for Russel being better than D-rose: get real! He shoots way too much and misses too often. He’s a good player…but not THAT good.

  34. Champ says:

    wow just get over it…. who gives a sh!t anyway? When i used to play at a high level the mascot always used to piss me off when i went on road games, i would have done the same thing.. shoot at your teams goal and leave the visitors in peace

  35. srhoine says:

    Most of the people are excited that the mascot might get a basket. Notice most of the fans are on their feet, clapping their hands and cheering up the mascot… But this Westbrook is a dumb as rejecting twice the shots!!!!!! NBA must review this foolish ACT. NBA MUST FINE HIM MISCONDUCT !!!!!! Maybe he was never happy when HE WAS A CHILD…. Poor boy!!!!!!

  36. matsu says:

    where is the “all mighty i know everything” comissioner?? FINE the dusch

  37. james09 says:

    okc should have traded westbrook for rondo when they had the chance

    • rejones says:


  38. Kaihl says:

    I don’t think there’s a need to fine him for that.
    But I gotta say, that was pretty immature on Wesbrook part…. Unrespectful….

  39. fdg says:

    say what u will about russell, he gets the job done

  40. Bretthead says:

    I’m a Nuggets season ticket holder and was at the game. I agree with Janelle – it was funny! I loved it and think its awesome that we now have two villians to boo every time they touch the ball – Kobe and Westbrook. As for the kids, what a fun way to teach them about good guy bad guy, all in fun. Rocky was more entertaining than ever the rest of the game ‘mooning’ Westbrook during free throws and stomping around the court in mascot anger. It was a blast and the best part? The good guys won! Woot!

  41. Bill Brown says:

    rajonRondo is the best Pg people

  42. Fairo says:

    I suggest that Westbrook buys all of us in Denver queso

  43. realist says:

    ohh noo.. kids are going to grow up with mental problems now…. take a joke people, im sure kids are used to villians. Hell even ronald macdonald has a villian, the hamburgular…

  44. Martin says:

    It was funny, and it got the fans excited. People that want Westbrook fined didn’t go to the game or understand what they were seeing on TV. OKC is a fun team to watch and never boring like some teams.

  45. Shawn says:

    If it wasn’t a star the league would fine him. The guy through a ball into the stands. I thought that was a T? This guy disrespected the people that pay money. The NBA should do something. Wishfull thinking I guess.

  46. what a great win for westbrook and OKC thunder…great overtime win

  47. Gaz says:

    Bunch of morons, like they would ever fine him for that

  48. Apriliand says:

    What about the Qdoba queso’ company? Did they give everyone the free food thingy?
    Maybe they teamed up with Westbrook for the publicity stunt – look, we are talking about them now.

  49. dr .max says:

    what who is rocky? where is robota witch? that is original mascot of nuggets… not rocky

  50. Perry Mason says:

    TP9 is a much better point guard. Can OKC fans really say they would rather have RW? That is all.

    • rejones says:


  51. Ed says:

    Westbrook is immature and a ball hog
    Face it, the only people defending him are his few fans in Oklahoma and the people that didn’t want to see the LeBron win a title last year. Now that LeBron has his title and gets all the love, the Westbrook fans are confused.. hilarious

    • Macky says:

      2nd option player taking less shots than his 1st option while averaging 23, 8.5, 5.4, 2.0 with only 2.5 turnovers. MAN THAT BALL HOG. You sure know basketball and how to look at stats. Retard.

    • Luke says:

      Hey Ed, I’m a Bulls fan and I still like Russel. I still hate LeBron as well. So now what?

    • rejones says:


  52. Wild West says:

    haha greatest PG in League by Far

  53. jerry d says:

    Westbrook goaltended the shot hence the basket was good and the free stuff should have been awarded. The refs are blind for missing this call twice!

  54. OKC FAN says:

    What is happening to the world can’t anyone take a joke anymore?
    Just chill out it was funny, and seriously how does this once again bring up the Westbrook, Rose argument, I’m and OKC fan and i say that both Westbrook and Rose and brilliant players why do we need to fight about who is better?

  55. Nathan says:

    Can we stop criticizing Westbrook, because he is clearly extremely talented and athletic, and one of the top 5 point guards in the league. Also am I the only one that just finds this hilarious?

  56. SUN RA says:

    I am a huge Thunder fan, but if we don’t make first seed or the finals it will be because of his immaturity.


  57. isaac says:

    Butthurt. Butthurt everywhere. NBA is a spectator sport, and when a player tries to give the fans a little extra, this is the reaction? Disappointing.

  58. peast says:

    oh you silly americans with these talks about poor kids and fines. just play basketball godamnit!

  59. shed says:

    still laughing at that “best PG” comment

  60. you're all fools says:

    WHO CARES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i sure dont pay money to watch a mascot throw a ball at the hoop. OKC wanted to warm up and that muppet was throwing the ball at the hoop. did any of you see the kickers on any of the NFL teams during the playoffs? they were pushing the halftime entertainment out of the way to practice kicking…. they get paid to win. full stop….. BTW all you so called experts need to get on the NBA board, because if westbrook is so bad how come hes the allstar and a USA member.. oh and dont forget most hall of famers think hes one of the most gifted players in the league… YOU FOOLS are probably the same americans that were clapping when he won you the gold medal. KEYBOARD HATERS UNITE !!!!!!!

  61. RocketFan says:

    I think Westbrook is funny and always entertaining. I disagree with Paul fans & think Westbrook, Curry, & Harden are more entertaining and talented than Paul.

  62. rejones says:

    wow you guys are really silly i agree russ should have not messed with the mascot, bt for those talking about his skill come on really russ is by far the first or second most BENEFICIAL pg to his team over any other in the league he deserves alot more respect and the guy who said paul leader in mvp race think again he’s not even top five so close your mouth okc best team in the entire league and russ is a big reason for that ///MEN LIE WOMEN LIE NUMBERS DONT

  63. People. This is not about his skill or his stats or anything else about his performance. This is about him acting like a 2-year old because the Thunder were losing. As far as his “Foundation”, #1, it is a tax write-off, #2, with the money ALL of these ballplayers are making, it should be MANDATORY to give to those who are less fortunate.

  64. Fan/NOT a Fan! says:

    I am a Tunder fan, but not a fan of this particular act. I agree that it was in poor taste whatever his motivation was. But people….if you can’t speak/type coherently, how are you any better? Does it really make you feel better to bash someone else?

    Here’s my question…..Does Qdoba know the rules of basketball?….Goal tending scores the bucket. The fans should have been awarded their queso! Qdoba had a chance to support thier community despite the actions of someone else.

  65. BigBlue says:

    Lol I was using a figure of speech. I guess i should have said “Westbrook is the best”, that might have been less confusing. It’s hilarious how quick the trolls jumped on that.

    But yes I would take Westbrook over pretty much any PG in the league. Russ hasn’t missed a game in his career… going all the way back to highschool. I’m watching thunder vs clips right now, and CP3 is out (though I don’t know how much it would help considering how badly Russ and the rest of the thunder shut him down last time they met up). D rose of course has had plenty of injury issues and I hope like everyone else he comes back as great as ever, but we still have to wait and see. Rondo would be a complete waste for us. There is only one guy on our team to consistently feed the ball, KD. We need a point forward and Russ is perfect for us. He gets a lot of heat for taking a lot of shots, but most of you all don’t actually watch every thunder game, so you might not know that we need someone like that out on the wing with KD to free him up.

    People love to hate on Westbrook, even though his stat line would suggest him being in the top 5 maybe top 3 PGs in the league. What’s even funnier is everyone says the exact same crap; hes a SG and not a true PG (he played PG all through highschool when he was below 6 foot and played a good few games at UCLA as PG when Collison was hurt and they won every one of those games when he was running the offense), and that he is D rose south or D rose 2.0. This is all crap that Skip BayIess said and pretty much anyone who doesn’t know what they are talking about just repeats his crap that everyone has heard so many times. I think the only thing he could do to finally get some credit for his outstanding play alongside KD would be to win a championship. My money is on all of you eating your words when we win it all this season.

  66. fdsfsd says:

    best pg hands down

  67. critics says:

    watch out NBA lots of sports CRITICS here just look at all this comments which not even related to the post DFUQ 😛

  68. Xepher says:

    Why So Serious People?

  69. angelo says:

    so arrogant, get a ring instead..

  70. brad says:

    Bunch of Schidt talkers up in here. Lets see what happens on the court. I thought that was pretty funny picking on the little runt mascot. Got him and the croud fired up did’t it? Now that’s entertainment.

  71. anthony drake says:

    i like how all of you are hating on westbrook.. westbrook is the best PG in the league so what if he doesnt get 20 asts. a game.. he still wins night in and night out.. yall are just mad because yalls home team pointguards SUCK.. stop hating on westbrook because of his attitude.. its not his fault hes a good PG its not his fault he can score the ball and its not his fault the defense leaves him open for shots.. hes an agressive PG and does what he has to do to win thats that.. his little shinanigan with rocky the denver mascot was just a little fun he wasnt doing it to be a jerk or stuck up it was a joke as u can see he didnt block the first one

  72. Eric bravo says:

    C’mon Westbrook is a great nba player. Even Kobe praises him for his style of play, last night Chris webber hit it right on the board. . 3 best pg in the nba are cp3. Westbrook and rondo . Stop hating on Westbrook !

  73. Jp says:

    “Hey Kevin Durant, Thanks for MAKING my career” – Westbrook.

  74. The NBA needs more villians! go Thunder!

  75. Russell Don't Play says:

    Russell Westbrook
    The guy has so much speed and athleticism that when he decides to turn it on there’s almost no stopping him.
    He gets frustrated sometimes at the refs. And who can blame him? He is literally so fast that they can’t see the fouls they should be calling. Last year he was more demonstrative towards the refs. This year he’s doing better at internalizing it and using it for motivation. I think that’s what this was all about. He was just venting some frustration in a way that wasn’t hurting anyone. Especially the NBA refs.

    You people asking for a fine are waaaaaaaay toooooooo sensitive. Get real and deal with it.

  76. Nate Robinson says:

    HE IS COPYING KG………>> KG acted ftw

  77. djunsan says:

    Westbrook needs to be fined… what business does he have with that? It was a moment for the fans… the guy has such an ego he thinks he can just go and steal the show because I’m effin Russell Westbrook…

  78. djunsan says:

    Anyone who has a brain and who is not a homer OKC fans knows Chris Paul is the best PG in the NBA…

  79. djunsan says:

    Westbrook 3-14 right now with 5 turnovers… he is 5th in the NBA in turnovers per game… yeah “best pg in the NBA” LOL

  80. Flash says:

    lol awesome Russel … cmon get it done man, yes!!! hahaha

  81. jerry says:

    That’s just more proof of what type of mentality the guy has. He’s a jerk and always has been. To have so much talent he has got to be the dumbest guy I’ve seen in the past thrty five years. He can’t run an offense, takes untimely, terrible shots, and shouldn’t even be in the NBA let alone a starter on any team or an all-star. That proves that the starters are nothing more than a popularity contest. Look at the West, there are two starters from an 11th place team. Westbrook should be in the developmental league learning how to play basketball, in my opinion, or better yet, digging dithches for a living or doing some other laborious job. Maybe then he might appreciate just how fortunate and lucky he is to be doing what he is for a living and for being a multi-millionaire for bouncing a ball.

    • isaac says:

      russ was voted in by the coaches. his stats are almost identical to d. rose’s MVP season. Can you even tie your own shoes?

      • jerry says:

        But how many shots does he have to take? No, I’m too stupid to tie my shoes. I have to use the velcro straps. That’s why I can’t make a decent argument/point like you (I hope you get the sarcasm). I’m just joking around it’s not that big of a deal, my opinion is no more or less important than anyone elses. How many points did he score in the playoffs?

  82. matt says:

    LOL how he gone block the mascot. this man be acting crazy. he gotta calm down sometimes

  83. REMBO says:

    The biggest fool in the OKC, the reason why OKC did not win the 2012/13 champoinchip!!!!!

  84. david stern says:

    lol @ all the butthurt fans.cant accept hes better then the majority of the other pgs in the league. if he was traded to any of your favourite teams everyone would be riding his d*ck.

  85. Nash fan says:

    Westbrook is the MAN! Cannot wait for the ALL STAR weekend! Lot’s of new deserving ALL-STARS! Unfortunately none from DENVER 😦 love the Mascot’s reaction tho on this one… Sorry DENVER MASCOT! LOL

  86. jared says:

    all i remember from this game is that the nuggets won. not the little cry baby westbrook. If u bumb into him its a technical, if he doesnt get the call he whines all game. plain n simple.

  87. Scumbag says:

    Westbrook hater of Mascots simply because he looks like a mascots…look at his face! LOL.

  88. sani says:


  89. lol says:

    he obviously thought this was a video game… NBA Jam!

  90. chopper says:

    Westbrook should be the #1 Shaqin’s A Fool this week. It is just a fans moment in the every game during the timeout, and he destory it cuz his team was losing. What a retard Russell, 0 EQ?
    Thunder should get Harden>Russell.

  91. OKC ALL THE WAY says:

    I agree that some times Westbrook can be a bit cooky but it doesn’t mean he sucks. Yes he isn’t a TRUE point guard compered to Rondo or Paul but he earned his All Star and USA position. All he was doing was annoying the mascot,If you were on the other team would you not want to block the mascots shot? (didn’t look like it was going in anyway)

  92. TMNT says:

    Westbrook is just jealous coz a ninja turtle like him can hit that shot

  93. Griffin #71 says:

    Royal Ivey is the best point guard in the league. The guy is a way more affective player than MJ. Put Ivey against Jordan in his prime and Ivey would win 9 times out of 10!!!

  94. beatriz says:

    you know what?? he was just in a bad mood..i dont know where all of this Westbrook sucks and is a ballhog stuff comes from….just grow up..and to be clear im not in anyones a warriors fan

  95. BigBlue says:

    Wow I really have no respect for Denver fans anymore. To get so upset at such a small thing is hilarious and sad at the same time. Talk all the crap you want, you would take Westbrook over Tye Lawson any day. Think about it, then you guys would actually have a star player!

    Btw Djunsan you obviously don’t know what your talking about or at least haven’t watched bball very long =/. Westbrook was named an all-star reserve, that means he was not selected by fans or via a popularity contest, the coaches choose him. So obviously the guys who know the most about this game think he is a top PG in this league.

  96. A-TRAIN says:

    what a tool “I gotta feel cool picking on a mascot” lmfao you suck dude!!

  97. A-TRAIN says:

    westbrook” I feel cool blocking a mascots shot!!!”

  98. NBA says:

    DAMN! So many comments and NO ONE, i repeat, NO ONE is related with the post! JESUS!!! Wake up! Stop figthing and discuss what he do! And what he do is wrongg! End of question! Its my opinion. Can you all give your opinions? Instead of talking about who is the best and you is the worst!? Once again, but more louder: JEEEESUUUUUSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  99. TalkingRealistic says:

    Bottom line is, westbrook is taking a large number of shots, like kobe that averages 27 + shot attempts per game but only gets 10-15 shots. I mean if they can just distribute the ball to other open man they can get quality shots not some houdini wannabes.

  100. jeanne joy serna says:

    westbrook super over rated player…

  101. MJfromOKC says:

    Russ doesn’t need to be a true PG. Was Jordan a true SG? Is Kobe a true SG? Is Lebron a true PF. What makes players great is being versatile to play and guard multiple positions. Its only when we listen to overrated retired analysts talk about not someone not being a pure PG that we think everyone that plays the game well is a one trick pony with no depth to their game.

    Westbrook is 24 years old, thats young. I dont think people realize how young that KD and RW are because they play better than a lot of hardcore vets.

    Its unfortunate that OKC has ourselves in the position we are in with a tremendously weak bench. Kevin Martin goes off sometimes. I wouldnt mind signing him to play spot up all the time I would love a good small forward to come off the bench and drive to the hoop.

  102. Eaham says:

    I have westbrick n my fantasy league, his stats are garbage at times, but yeah he has more potential then he leads on. He needs to be chill. Coolness and calmness, but hold hs cok

  103. c'mon mannnn says:

    he’s only 24 come on and hes a monster

  104. sheihani says:

    kill joy

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