LeBron, Wade & Heat ‘Sing’ The Hits

By Jeff Case


Two weeks ago, videos like the one above touting Battioke began circulating the NBA blogosphere. What exactly is Battioke? It’s a Jan. 21 event at Miami’s Eden Roc Hotel on Miami Beach, hosted by none other than Heat forward Shane Battier as part of his Take Charge Foundation, which helps furthering education for at-risk students.

Nothing quite like watching your favorite Miami Heat stars belt out the hits, especially after last season’s event which saw LeBron James sing (and we use that term loosely) Rick James‘ “Superfreak” as well as a truly eardrum-shattering version of The Temptations’ hit, “My Girl,” by Heat boss Pat Riley.

Welp, this year’s Battioke has come and gone and the videos are starting to pop up. James gets into the act this year by trying his hand at Michael Jackson‘s “Rock With You”. As a bonus treat, a fan gets serenaded by both he and fellow Heat star Dwyane Wade (replete with shades and fake sideburns a la Elvis) as they try their hand at Shai‘s “If I Ever Fall In Love”.

If that’s not enough for you, we’ve also got newly signed center Chris Andersen and 3-point shooter Mike Miller giving it the old Battioke try on Vanilla Ice‘s 1990s classic, “Ice, Ice Baby”:

These vids likely won’t sway your opinion of the Heat one way or the other, but one thing is certain: these guys are awful singers.


  1. adam says:

    This is awesome hahaha.

  2. bOxstOppER says:

    ThIs is COOL …they looks more comfortable…LEts GO HEAt…in Additional of ANdersen…THis wOULd bE gREAt…His AggrEssivenES in everY GAmE yOu caN CoUnt oN hIM….MIAMI BABY>>…

  3. Uyota Oyearone says:

    Dwade and LBJ should stick to playing basketball..ha, u gatto love it

  4. Fern says:

    These Miami Heat guys are great. Can’t wait to see Birdman play on Wednesday.

  5. Aram says:


  6. Aram says:


  7. SynByn says:

    Haha, this is awesome. This is why I love the heat.

  8. KevinGarnettOverratedVotedfor AllStarevenCelticsisLastSeed says:

    Birdman Soar High..LOL

  9. reallydudereally says:

    lol mike miller rapping rapping bababababababababamamamamemememe

  10. Ivan says:

    Video with LeBron and Dwayne is soooo funny. It makes me smile:) they are awful singers as well, but I trust them, when they sing, they have fun and they share this fun with us. Thanks for good mood, guys!

  11. Dontworry says:

    At least they had the guts to sing in public. Many ballers wont because they dont want it to hurt their “cred” or are to scared they get hated on. Ands it for a good cause anyway

  12. Simon vortel says:

    i hear singing from lebron, but just not sure what song he is singing though. its definitely not rock with you

  13. me says:

    nice side burns dwade

  14. SonicsLover says:

    Lol, I would do anything to see Ray Allen sing!!!

  15. Ray's wife says:

    Rayray did sing, check YouTube for the other vids from the event!

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