Kobe Once Tried On A Little Celtic Green

By Jeff Case

Back in 1996, the Boston Celtics had the No. 6 overall pick in the Draft and would eventually end up picking a promising forward out of Kentucky, Antonie Walker. But long before Walker’s name was called at the podium by Commissioner David Stern, the Celtics did their due diligence and worked out an 18-year-old phenom from Philadelphia’s Lower Merion High School named Kobe Bryant.

In a photo that might sicken and/or sadden devoted Boston fans, Kobe Bryant tweeted out a photo of himself going through a pre-Draft workout with Celtics legend Dennis Johnson. Take a look for yourself:

So, yes, Boston fans, the fifth-leading scorer in NBA history who is also a 15-time All-Star (and four-time All-Star Game MVP), the 2007-08 MVP and a regular All-NBA First Teamer and All-NBA Defensive First Teamer (and, oh yeah, is a five-time champion) might have worn Celtic green instead of the Forum blue and gold of the Lakers.

As if this season hasn’t been hard enough on Celtics fans already …


  1. Kyd says:

    As great as he is, he wouldn’t have done with celtics . Stat wise maybe yes but championship no. He was very spoiled in LA. SHAQUILLE, NASH, HOWARD, GASOL, WORLD PEACE, ODOM. I don’t doubt his talent but others like mcgrady and iverson maybe Malone or Barkley would have gotten championships if they have a management like LA.

    • Jonh says:

      I agree.

    • SaYO says:

      oh yeah, cause y’know paul pierce, ray allen, and kg woulda won rings by themselves right? lols pff ywah
      yeah like mj coulda won a ring by himself right? lols i mean cmon those 5-6 years without pippen he coulda won but he just didnt want too right? lols, larry bird like totally coulda won without kevin mchale right?
      y’know its one thing to have good teammates on your side
      but its a whole different thing when you actually win with them 😉
      just a lil tip for you to think of going on forth in your life that will help you

      • basil76 says:

        Kobe wasnt the top player in his first 3 rings – Thats a fact. Otherwise he would have 5 Finals MVPs, not 2. Kobe has been the best player in the league for 1 year – That’s why he has 1 MVP ! MJ was the BEST player on all 6 Championship teams.

        Consider this just a lil tip for you to think of going on forth in your life that will help you

      • William Handy says:

        Well said LOL

      • MinneLakers says:

        Finally somebody with a brain… You can never win a championship without good teammates… Do you really think Bird did it by himself? He had one of the best PFs in Mchale on his team to do it. Not to mention D.Johnson, R. Parish who was a solid center, and a bunch of great role players.. Jordan got his championships with the help of another great in Pippen who was arguably the second best to jordan in his generation, A great point guard in pacson, the best 3 pnt shooter %wise in S.Kerr, at some point the best rebounder in Rodman and the best coach in P.Jackson. All in all it is not the lineup in paper that wins championships, it i how this lineup is utilized to get a championship… Looked what happened to Cleveland, Philly of 80s, Phoex of 90s, Knicks of 80s-90s, Utah of 90s.. they got a collection of special players one that would suggest a championship in paper but got no where with how they used their lineup..

      • Lakers' fanboy says:

        @basil76 ur argument works both way. shaq wouldnt had won without kobe either. Shaq was just in his higher prime and kobe was a star but shaq taking most of the spot light and fame. even shaq agreed on himself. him and kobe were the best 1, 2 punch in the league history. shaq didnt even count kobe out because he really think so. we all know shaq he wouldnt lie about such thing. he could had taken all the credit and be like it was all me. think about that.

        ALSO, MVP is based on the nba journalist. and the best team of the best player in the league gets the MVP. and it is bias. it is based on a journalist why do we take it so serious?

      • famohsen says:

        dude learn to write english

      • sshaxy says:

        first of all kobe one a championship with only pau gasol.. which isnt the greatest team “on paper”. Its not like bosh dwayne and lebron on one team. everyone needs the right pieces. michael jordans team had great players as well, but teams now a days have so much calliber that adding a lot of high calliber players is almost required. The bulls had the best two men team in the game. did they beat a team with three super stars? not on the calliber of dwayne lebron and bosh. stop comparing. and MVP means most valuable to their team… not best player in the league. kobe has been the best basketball player in the league since 2000 (even shaq said it while he was getting finals mvps) no player has the level of skill that kobe bryant has besides jordan.

    • Kobe says:

      Celtics managment is not bad either. Thats why they’re No 1 in the league right now with 17 titles.

      • Clint says:

        OK, so Kobe has had some great teammates over the years. 3 rings won with Shaq, 2 with Gasol, and so on. But if you are trying to say that he won championships because he had Nash and Howard you must be a little sleepy… Also, Pau is at L.A because Kobe insisted on it, and how many other free agents do you see sign with teams if there is star power already there? Kobe was this generations best player and would likely have won in any big market team.

      • PC says:

        Yeah because it’s SO Much easy win a title with one superstar and a bunch of non-All-Star players. Sometimes it’s destiny, Kobe was destined to be in LA. T-Mac wasn’t. McGrady had his moment in history, but couldn’t go over the hump. Same for AI. it’s destiny really. And Kobe made the best of the destiny given to him, while a few others were not able to.

      • smack says:

        boston has 1 ring in over 25 years,and thats the year the big 3 wer put together and rondo emerged as great….managment isnt so good

    • Vince says:

      You could say that Duncan was spoiled with Robinson, Ginobili, Parker, Horry, etc. You could say that Jordan was spoiled with Pippen, Rodman (both Hall of Famers), etc. You could say that Bird was spoiled with McHale, Parish, Johnson, etc. You could say that Shaq was spoiled with Kobe, Wade, Payton, Walker, Mourning, etc.

      You can say that about EVERY player who’s ever won an NBA championship. Pointing out the obvious isn’t the same as knowing what you’re talking about. First, they said that Kobe couldn’t win without Shaq. He won two more championships. Then, they said that he only won because of Pau (lol). Then, they realized how stupid that was and changed it to Phil Jackson. Now, this guy is essentially saying that Kobe Bryant can’t win without any teammates…NO SHXT.

      Stop grasping at straws.

      • Petr says:

        I agree with your point overall, but there have been underdog teams that won ring’s without multiple stars, dont have to look far into history for those (Mavericks). Its really a lot about how the team is put together,the balance between offense and D, chemistry, and what people tend not to mention much LUCK! And i allready see people angrilly writing that winning multiple awards and rings is no luck and all that, but really starting from the team a player get’s drafted by, whether they get injured or not,who plays their position in their era etc… there is so much luck involved that u can’t be a HOFamer without lots of it

    • colby says:

      Disagree. Kobe has a killer instinct that few players have (McGrady and Iverson certainly didn’t have that) as well as a work ethic to match it. Just because he had a good supporting cast AT TIMES (there were years he didn’t) doesn’t make him spoiled either. EVERY great team needs a supporting cast to win a championship. It’s a good thing, in fact it’s essential for success in the NBA, and “spoiled” gives a negative connotation to it which shouldn’t be there. It’s simply a necessity, and you could see that clearly in how Lebron couldn’t win without good talent around him.

      • Lakers' fanboy says:

        strongly agree. the Lakers nations would never allow any non-title season. any non-title season = failure for them. If kobe doesnt have the work ethic or talent in him, Lakers would never spend a dime on anyone like that. For example, Andrew bynum.

    • shucksta says:

      name one player who won championship by himself without another star on his team i dare you

      • Ameya Kinikar says:

        The 2004 Detroit Pistons NO SUPERSTARS just a bunch of players who no body wanted Center: Ben Wallace considered to small to play center Power Forward: Rasheed Wallace was known as a walking Technical foul at that time, Small Forward: Tayshaun Prince was considered too weak to play in the NBA Shooting Guard: Richard “Rip” Hamilton same thing as Tayshaun Prince, Point Guard: Chauncey “Mr Big Shot” Billups wasn’t considered a true Point Guard. All these players i just wrote about are players nobody at THAT time wanted but they destroyed the Super Lakers who had FOUR future HALL OF FAMERS Kobe, Shaq, Malone, Payton.

      • colby says:

        Okay… this is wrong. NOBODY wanted these players??? Absolutely wrong. They may have had less talent than the lakers, but you’re exaggerating your point WAY too much. By 2004, Ben Wallace was already a 2 time all-star and a 2-time defensive player of the year (and went on to win 4 total). Though Billups wasn’t an ideal PG, he was known and relied upon for his tenacious defense and clutch shooting. And as for ALL of those players, they weren’t as recognized as other stars primarily because they specialized on the defensive end (which is much less glamorous, but is essential to winning games). And though their offense wasn’t high powered, it was very consistent. It wasn’t a team of NOBODY’s that NOBODY wanted… and they weren’t glamorous stars either. They were a strong defensive team that had the ability to pin any offense to the wall, and an excellent coach in Larry Brown guiding them. I’m not saying you don’t have a point, but it is WAY too exaggerated. And even though one team with less talent can win ONE championship, it’s still a rare occurrence and certainly not the norm.

      • cal says:

        the 04 Pistons??? really…all those guys are all stars. was it 05 or 06 where ben wallace, sheed, billups, and rip were on the all star team together. 4 pistons in the all star game. Plus ben wallace was a defensive player of the year one year and one of the best rebounders of that time.

      • Stalemonkey says:

        Olajuwon in 1994.

      • KingsFan says:

        Kobe fans are not very rational. Look, he had more talent around him than anyone in the history or the game. Kobe with just Pippen would not have worked. Also, Shaq made Penny and Wade look like Jordan too. Everyone is open with a big man like that.

    • Smarter than you says:

      You need to learn a thing or two about the nba and basketball

    • Jason says:

      Nash, Howard? Being 3 games under .500 doesnt exactly equal being spoiled…

      • reallydudereally says:

        Spoiled= too much help/ talent around you all the time. Good example Kobe and shaq, Kobe and nash and Dwight, Kobe and bynum and gasol, Kobe shaq malone and payton. Bad example LeBron and the nobody cavs team, LeBron and the ailing wade and injury prone bosh. Out of all the kobe teams only 2 proved to be successful and in those two there was atleast one player who was more dominant in the playoffs then Kobe.

      • ddogg says:

        @reallydudereally: you are correct if you say there was at least one player who was more dominant in the FINALS than Kobe – but not the playoffs. Finals MVP is based on that one series. However, Kobe would go off against the West in the playoffs, and then when the finals came, Shaq would go off against the center-less Eastern reps.

        I think it was back in 2001, where Kobe destroyed Sac and the Spurs in back to back rounds, just breaking their backs with multiple 40 pt games, but when it came to the finals, it was Shaq time. It’s disingenuous to say that someone was more dominant in the playoffs because they were Finals MVP. Shaq and Kobe shared the task of destroying teams in the playoffs, and they both embraced and relished their roles.

      • notreally says:

        @reallydudereally, sounds to me like you are just exaggerating every team that Kobe has ever had and making it seem like the team Lebron has got now isn’t just as good. He has another player on his team in Wade with the explosivesness to drive in and get a foul at any time. Then everyone who likes the heat likes to use injuries and bosh not being as good as an excuse for lebron.

    • Stephen Curry says:

      the only good player you said was shaq and gasol. the rest are old or they suck.

    • Korthy says:

      or just have the money like LA?

    • Bask says:

      Except Malone tried and didnt get one…it was the duo of Shaq/Kobe or Pau/Kobe that made it all work. If they had Kobe and Pierce and Garnett you are saying they wouldnt have won? Celtic management is alot like the Lakers, big on putting people in a position to win. Well maybe not the Celtics with Antwon Walker or the current Laker management that turned down Phil Jackson and and coddling a broken and crying Dwight Howard.

    • Mr. Lewis says:

      Im not sure about that. Its a fact that both the Lakers and the Celtics are winning franchises, if I remember correctly, they both have more championships than any other team. The resources that are present or were present in LA would have been similiar in Boston. Kobe Bryant is of course one of the best player ever and he would have had similiar results if he was with the Celtics. Lastly, I dont think that we can say how beneficial Howard and Nash are until the end of the season. As for now, they have not proven anything IN Los Angeles.

    • matt says:

      kobe has played with nash and howard for one seasonand world peace is hardly a player that has made kobe so much better through his career.

  2. jancarlos says:

    koby will never be a celtic hes a laker for life he is the best player ever drafte and he will get another ring next season

    • stopppp says:

      kobe is a great player, he’s not the best player ever drafted… and it’ll be a miracle if they make playoffs this year…

      • Homecourt says:

        The Lakers are 3.5 games out of a playoff seed with 33 games to play. There is no guarantee they’ll make it, but it wouldn’t take anything close to a miracle for them to out play two or three teams by the necessary 4-5 games to get in.

      • Vince says:

        They’ll make the playoffs, and they’ll probably be in 7th (maybe 6th) place. That’s not in doubt. People over-react.

      • Macky says:

        Good luck going 22-10 the rest of the way to get 45 wins to make the playoffs without Pau and a banged up Howard rofl. This team is not going to the playoffs. A team that goes down 20 to the bobcats won’t make it I’m sorry.

      • Petr says:

        jancarlos man, if Kobe got drafted by the Celtics he would indeed play for them! It might surprise you, but a rookie player has no word in what team he goes to, so he would probably be a Celtic for life, you would hate him, and we wouldnt have to read your dumb coments like that one…

    • SynByn says:

      So you are saying hes better than Magic, Kareem, MJ, Bird, etc. And I love how you said next season. Haha no faith in your superstar this season?

      • scott the trueff says:

        Hes WWAAAYYY better then those players

      • Smarter than you says:

        Better than all but mj

      • MinneLakers says:

        I think he is better than everybody you have just mentioned except for MJ… Get ur facts right DA….

      • Yunior says:

        Hes def in the conversation with MJ, Magic and Bird. but thats it, no other player has done what he has, hes the best lakers of all time and he still playing like a force, like they wont be a magic or a jordan ever, we will never have a Kobe again in this league, respect to whom respect deserve.

      • Macky says:

        LOL you idiots are out of your mind. Kobe has 2 Finals MVPs and 1 MVP. 5 rings is a team achievement, he didn’t lead LA to 5 championships…he led them to 2. Heck for the first one he could barely get time on the court and was shut down by Austin Crochure. Kobe is an all time great no question. BUT he’s no legend like MJ, Kareem, Wilt, Magic or Bird. You get your facts straight. Those guys trump him in terms of individual achievements. It’s not even close. Kobe is a top 15 player all time. Those guys are top 5 are you idiots insane? Disrespecting legends like that when you haven’t watched or studied the history of the game. You Kobe fan boys prop him up to be the 2nd greatest of all time ON WHAT BASIS? 81 points? That’s one game in the regular season against the worst defense in the league? 5 Rings? He played in LA and was the sidekick to 3 championships to a guy who had the most dominating finals in NBA history. I give him credit to leading LA to championships in 2009-2010, of course he had help. MOST NBA players have help when getting to the promise land. But 2 Finals mvps and 1 mvp does not equate to what Michael, Kareem, Wilt, Magic, Bird, Russell, Hakeem, Oscar Robertson, Shaq or Duncan have done in their careers. Open your eyes and go study the game.

    • Clint says:

      The best player ever drafted (your words, not mine) should at least have his name spelled correctly. He is kinda well known by now.

    • LC says:

      Lebron James or Jordan is the best players ever drafted by a long shot. Kobe will go down as one of the greatest players of all time, but saying he was the best at #10 pick and didn’t get any clock til Eddie Jones left is pretty left-field. And if he decides to stay in the league for 3 more years, they might make it to the finals, but winning a championship is out of the picture. Heat, Thunder, Clippers, Knicks and When Derrick Rose comes back, Bulls will be contending for that title for years to come.

    • TJ says:

      no way. kobe is good but there are many better than him on the all-time list. and kobe way way past his prime and not gonna win a ring this season or the next. not with teams like okc, new york, miami and BOSTON in their way. the last time lakers played celtics they lost by 21 points. at one satge in the game the celtics lead by 32 POINTS.

  3. Kobe says:

    damn…he almost look the same as he his right now… If he was a Celtic how many title would the Celtics have by now? 25 with Pierce and KG on the team?

  4. ducks says:

    I dissagree KYD explain jordan had Pipen (also one of the 50 great), kucoch, kerr and phil jackson (hall of famer coach),
    magic had kareem(greatest center), james worthy (one of the 50 greats), byron scott, norm nixon
    lebron james has wade, bosh, allen
    celtics had all the greats in one team



    • Ricky Marbles says:

      The Lakers wear blue and gold???

      • Homecourt says:

        If you were a real basketball fan, that wouldn’t be lost on you.

      • Bob says:

        Former Laker owner Jack Kent Cooke loved the color purple but, for whatever reason, refused to say that was the color he liked. He called it blue. So, to deal with the problem that the uniforms were clearly purple but the owner didn’t want it called that, Chick Hearn (or maybe Cooke himself) came up with calling the Laker purple “Forum blue.” And it stuck.

      • Kobe says:

        you can tell he never had the honor to attend a Lakers game so he never seen what the color of the jersey looks like in real life. But he should at least see it at Sport stores or somewhere or at least read an article about the Lakers color some time in his career. The jersey looks blue on TV but it’s actually purple. He may be color blind and refuses to believe that it’s purple regardless of what has been said or written.

      • TJ says:

        r u being serious?

    • illone says:

      This is exactly why Iverson was so great. He had guys Mutumbo, Snow, Mckie, Lynch, and Gieger and he still had the squad in the NBA finals.

      Mutumbo is nice and all, but others had guys like Shaq, Kareem, Pippen, Garnet, Allen, etc…

  5. Tom says:

    He would have done well with the Celtics, especially over the 2008-11 period. Thats 4 rings there, never mind the possible titles in with The (young) Truth. Might have more rings, and similar stats. Thing is, who would of taken the last shot?

  6. RJ says:

    even the best player cannot win with average players. lebron with the cavs? lol

    • Kobe says:

      I’ve been taken challenges everyday, 1 on 5. and so far no one has beaten me.

      • Macky says:

        The funny part is Lebron took a small market team fileld with bums to the finals. I wonder what Kobe would have done had Charlotte not traded him. I already know the answer to that, nothing. Look at his team right now and they’re not even in a playoff spot. LOL They only started winning recentley because he started playing team ball so the entire time the Lakers were losing because of Kobe shot jacking non stop.

      • Kobe says:

        If kobe didnt get traded by Charlotte he would end up like Lebron, taking the small market team with bums to the finals. One thing he’ll do differently is he’ll win the finals because he can finish where Lebron choked out in Cleveland year after years…Lebron just started wining one ring but he has proven that there was no way he could’ve done that without help from other elite players.. 7 years of proven record. Nobody can say Lebron is capable of winning a title on his own bc he was trying real hard and poured his heart out.

  7. RJ says:

    with average teamates

  8. TTKIN says:

    Ya but had they gotten Kobe would they still have gotten that draft spot that led to Paul Pierce?

  9. Celtic Fan says:

    As great as Kobe maybe, he would have never lasted in Boston Green.Boston play as a team, Kobe unfortunately is all about himself and his stats. I don’t think ive ever seen one player burn through so many coaches and players the way Kobe does.

  10. PistonsFan93 says:

    Talk about irony. Kobe wouldn’t even look right in a Celtic’s jersey. You just have to wonder what he would have been like had he got drafted by them and not the Hornets. It just doesn’t seem true enough. He’s a Laker and will continue to be.

  11. Jeff says:

    Kobe Bryant would have been better than Paul Pierce thats for sure.
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  12. david says:

    this is so old news

  13. boymike says:

    kobe would be the best in the nba no matter wat team he is on the celtics have great management so idk why u would say he wouldnt have done good on the celtics lol shure kobe won with shaq and will probly win with nash n howard but i remember a tome wen kobe was on a team with a bunch of rooks and a few average players who evolved into great players kobe led them to a championship. basketball is a team sport nobody can win on there own so ur arguments are invalid

  14. JPA says:

    Kobe is the best player and without doubt is not the highest and most powerful but the most versátio and can change a losing game.

  15. ChampionAlex says:

    He would of won more titles than with LA.

  16. will power says:


  17. nyk says:

    Did the Raptors work him out too? I’m not saying drafting Marcus Camby was the wrong move at the time, but it’s fun and at the same time nauseating to imagine what if?

  18. Tyler says:

    People seem to forget in this theoretical situation, Antoine Walker never would have been a Celtic, therefore Paul Pierce or any major star who has become a Celtic afterward (Rondo, Allen, Garnett) surely would not have happened and the Celtics would have had an entirely different slew of players.

    • Tyler says:

      The Lakers would have still gotten Shaquille O’Neal, and likely would have kept Van Exel and Jones into the 2000’s, and if Phil Jackson still added himself to that situation, I still think it could have been a dynasty in Los Angeles without Kobe…..because then Shaq never would have left in 2004

  19. ErnAngis says:

    As of now BLACK MAMBA is the BASKETBALL GENIUS in NBA league. . .

  20. Brian Scalabrine says:

    I was the greatest player to put on the green. ‘Nuff said

    • Yea i agree with Scal. Brian was indeed the greatrest player ever to wear the green . I think hes right their in the conversation with mickael and kobe. Top 3 is Mj Scal and Kobe for sure. N0 one rocked a crowd like scal. There was no better scorer than Scal. Its funny how no one really m,entioned Brian when talking about jordan and Kobe.

  21. kaymac23 says:

    Since when do the Lakers wear blue & gold? Kobe wouldn’t be a good fit in the Celtics system anyway even if they did draft him in 96

  22. Sam says:

    Saying he would have won championships in the 07-11 era with the celtics, i dont think KG, allen or rondo would have been there due to the changing of the draft picks. One player can make a whole lotta difference in how teams draft and trade.

  23. jonas says:

    dang, kobe could have gotten 5 or more championships if he is in the east,EAST is weaker conference, in the west you have to past the mighty spurs, dallas,sacramento,seattle, portland back on those days, he could easily crush AI,vince if he we’re in green uniform, but I want to dismiss this because I feel sick can’t imagine kobe in green garbage uniform. LAkers all day!!!!


    I bet a lot of fans didn’t know PIERCE himself was from the purple and gold state, he also almost got with the lakers

  25. bob says:

    Cav’s weren’t average… they were the worst… James might of had a chance that year with average.

  26. Derp says:

    most of the cavs were far below average..

  27. jarred says:

    ur gay kyd. u need to stop watching the nba, give up on life and watch hockey haha

  28. Scott The Magician says:

    Well think, it might have been Mamba and the Truth…that woulda been a deadly combo throughout there primes. prob woulda won 7 or more rings. The truth would have let kobe been the man, like wade to lebron. it woulda been magical

  29. dan says:

    how could you not take kobe bryent, remember when people thought magic should of took oakafor over howerd LOL. you take the young talent, always. draft is about luck

  30. Jerome Vistro says:

    it’s a FAKE photo.

  31. Macky says:

    Love how they don’t mention 2 time finals mvp out of 5 LOL protecting the players. He wasn’t the reason why LA won championships. Look at his teammates usage rating in 2009 and 2010 and the amount of productivity they put out. Also they had the highest paid team in the league BY FAR.

  32. qaz says:

    kobe a celtic ? why would he post that around trade time? wouldnt it be funny if lakers management wiped that smirk off his face by doing the unthinkable! trading kobe bryant to the celtics!

    kobe bryant for paul pierce and kevin garnett would work out good for both teams.

    kobe says hes playing only a couple more years and so do pierce and garnett.

    It would mean dwight howard would stay in la so would stabalise there future.

    It would mean boston gets a couple of years with kobe bryant as it looks like theyre going nowhere this year.

    It would show the world that no player is untradable and greater than the team. He wanted to get traded when things went sour in the mid 00s and has caused a all star team to be under .500. If the nbas all about winning i say go ahead and do it . The greatest ball hog in the history of the nba being traded so they can improve the team would go down in history as a point about team play and no doubt the team would imrpove after the trade.

    It also means the lakers could still make the playoffs this year and get a shot at the rring. Due to gasol being out 6 weeks the trade would mean garnett could take his spot straight away and pierce kobes till howard and gasol are ready to come back.
    The lakers would improve there defence and the problem of a shooting guard taking other players out of the game such as gasol howard and nash as pierce is more of a team player.. The teams defence would be mean having 3 talls howard garnett and gasol up back and metta running off the bench.

    nash pg
    pierce sg
    gasol sf
    garnett pf
    howard centre

  33. Newsreyn Ducs says:

    According to the cousin of my girlfriend (K-24) ,they will certainly make the playoffs ( 23-26 ) . You moron out there, just keep your mouth shut!

  34. Tyler says:

    “I bet a lot of fans didn’t know PIERCE himself was from the purple and gold state, he also almost got with the lakers”

    That is totally untrue. The Lakers were not a lottery team in 1998 when Pierce entered the draft.

  35. Fisher says:



  37. E says:

    Spurs won with 1 superstar that being Mr. Fundamental himself.. Tim Duncan.. Ginobili, and Parker were not considered superstars, not even stars when they won in 03,05,07…

  38. KingsFan says:

    Kobe would not have been that great. He has always had big names around him. And no, MJ did NOT have the likes of Shaq and Howard. And all of the others that Kobe has had play with him. Malone, Gasol, Nash… That’s not Kobe’s fault though. He got lucky.

  39. who CARES !!!!!!! says:

    i think this is a “light hearted ” story to say wow how the game would have been different. all you fools are arguing about where he would have been better but the fact is know one will ever know. maaan, Paul Pierce is born and raised in LA, lets start a stupid argument about that…. take it for what it is which is a big “whoa ” thats pretty crazy to think and leave it at that…… agruing about where he could be more successful is like saying how good would jordan be in todays league and if they called ” tough fouls” where would he be with ppg’s…… no one will ever know… build a bridge people and GET OVER IT.

  40. Elliot Jose says:

    Howard no good for lakers , he is completely out of game…..

  41. sadaki says:

    yes haters!u are all better basketball player than Kobe.,Keep on Hatin’ Kobe is not bothered about all of your sissy opinion.,blah blah blah blah blah.you people are so genius that you cannot have a commentary job in the NBA..what a bunch of pathetic bandwagon haters..sad for all of you.

  42. daniel evidente says:


    • TJ says:

      we had bird, mchale russell, shaq and many more and we have more championships……………………….. lol

  43. bball says:

    kobe is a great player, but to be considered the best, you have to be the best player on your position in the league and the best player on a team to win a championship, on the and kobe wasnt both on their first 3peat, so he cant be counted, in my opinion.

  44. x051 says:

    for the people who are saying the big three would have worn it with him or that the teamates he would of had non of that would happen cause you never know the standing of the team which lead to the draft so maybe no paul or jefferson or perk and no trades for kg and ray hmmmmm

  45. KOBRICK says:

    if kobe played in charlotte.., he can’t win ring until today

  46. Jeremy says:

    Hakeem Olajuwon won it all by himself in 1994. He had no other superstar to carry him. Just really good role players.

  47. Ethan says:


  48. NBA FAN from Holland says:

    I always see so many people talking about Kobe. Let me ask this question, has anyone looked at shaq’s stats from those years and kobe. Those 2 both average 28+ a game and if people realy watch the serries and games kobe one a lot by himself for the lakers, because shaw was not a go to guy in the 4e. Something shaq himself has spoken many times. Real NBA fansor fans of the game the check facts and fact is people should go look up the stats and games against portland and sacremento ect and see if it was Shaq like most idiots say. Shaq was then the most dominant player in the NBA thats why MVP. Just look up the stats look up the games of those seasons. You wil be in shock to see someone win so many games for lakers especially playoff time and people still discus the issue. Kobe scarified alot back then more then people think even shaq has told that story

  49. NBA FAN from Holland says:

    always see so many people talking about Kobe. Let me ask this question, has anyone looked at shaq’s stats from those years and kobe. Those 2 both average 28+ a game and if people realy watch the serries and games kobe one a lot by himself for the lakers, because shaw was not a go to guy in the 4e. Something shaq himself has spoken many times. Real NBA fansor fans of the game the check facts and fact is people should go look up the stats and games against portland and sacremento ect and see if it was Shaq like most idiots say. Shaq was then the most dominant player in the NBA thats why MVP. Just look up the stats look up the games of those seasons. You wil be in shock to see someone win so many games for lakers especially playoff time and people still discus the issue. Kobe scarified alot back then more then people think even shaq has told that story

  50. Edumacator says:

    In the last third of a century the Celtics are 4-3 in the Finals. Lakers are 10-6. 45-50 years ago Boston was superior though.

  51. chris says:

    kobe should go to the celtics, i would love to see him, pierce, and kg vs miami’s big 3

  52. KingsFan says:

    There is obviously something there since so many see it. Only Kobe fans do not. The fact is that Kobe alone does not really change a team. A lot of stats prove this. You put a Lebron or Shaq on a team and they go to the finals. Even on really bad teams. Duncan is right there too. These players literally make teams fall apart and other players are open. I actually feel bad for these guys for not getting MORE attention. The truth is that the Iversons, Kobes, and Carmelos are flashy.

    • KingsFan says:

      And I say that as a Kings fan. I actually hate shaq. He was a real force though. I hate Lebron too. But he just gets the job done.

  53. jeremiah says:

    MJ SUCKS! kobe is the BEST! (GRABS A POPCORN)

  54. Words. says:

    When people say “Kobe couldn’t win without all stars” you’re all haters…seriously..you think shaq would of won rings by himself? you think gasol could take a team to the finals by himself? omg stop the hate. Most good all stars that played in the Nba played with all stars in the same team. Kobe is just a straight Killer and a winner.and he works harder than anyone. Everyone is loving it now that the lakers are struggling..but it still annoys them that they can never take away kobe’s 5 rings..ATLEAST KOBE AND JORDAN DIDN’T JOIN A TEAM THAT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE YOUR RIVAL. AND THEY NEVER LEFT IN THEIR “PRIME” and people talk about winning and being competitive..

    • TJ says:

      I love the lakers but hate kobe. He is good, but highly overated. He is not he hardest working player in the league. I think kd is the hardest working. He never gives up and gives it 100 percent every time he steps on the court. which led him to a “final recently” . You also do not need all-star team-mates. in the 60’s wilt chamberlain had no all-star team-mates but still won a championship. I am not saying he did this by himself. He had helpfull team-mates and im pretty sure none of them were all-stars.

  55. EMIR says:

    Imagine if they picked kobe. they would have kobe pierce and billups.

  56. KingsFan says:

    I don’t have an issue with Kobe. He is no Jordan or Shaq, but he is good. Its his fans that are silly. Kobe fans rarely watch other players or learn about the game. When Kobe was young Shaq or someone else was considered the best in the game. And now it is Lebron. It is not even close. When Jordan played there was no debate.

  57. Jay says:

    I think that Kobe would not have stayed in Boston. He himself said that the he wouldn’t play for any other team but the Lakers. If Boston did draft him, he would act like Howard. He would cry his way out of Boston

  58. Oliv says:

    what made the lakers won is not only having players like kobe, but Phil Jackson as coach..

    phil was no coach of the celtics.

  59. gordz says:

    oh just imagine the boston celtics with GARNETT PIERCE KOBE RONDO JUST WOW!!! UNLIMITED RINGS

  60. Druiddribbles says:

    Paul Pierce and Kobe would have been awesome. Garnett would have arrived sooner in all likelihood.

  61. PW says:

    Funny how easy people forget. Look up “comments on kobe” on youtube and check out what players and coaches say about Mr. Bryant. This dude got so much bragging rights when he drop 62 points in 2007 against Dallas Maverick and out scored the entire Dallas team’s total points in the 3rd quarter. I remember when people used to debate whether someone is a good basketball player or just a good athlete. I remember when the art of shooting, seeing the ball launch into the air and I’m holding my breath watching the ball go through the hoop, what the game is all about for fans like myself. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the “showtime” fast-break finishing off with a slam plays. Sometime I love watching that turnaround step-back fadeaway jumpers Michael did. And quite frankly I don’t miss it so much cause this dude Kobe Bryant does it pretty well. He can shoot the lights out and do it so effortlessly. The only thing kobe is lucky to have is he got a great coach. Im sure if Barkley, Malone and Iverson had coach like Red and Phil, they would have won at least one championship.

    • Jazzfan8888 says:

      Malone had an amazing coach in sloan. He had an amazing team mate/best point gaurd ever in stockton. Still the jazz lost and it was because of Jordan. If kobe’s championship team of 09-10 went up against the 98 jazz, they would lose big time.

  62. Stew says:

    OKC will make history as the youngest dominant team…

  63. Gavin says:

    bill walton didn’t have a *great* supporting cast, but still won a championship all by himself. It was a one man show. Kobe could have done that too! It wasn’t his fault his team was so good.

  64. KOBE!!! says:

    Lakers will make the playoffs and win the FINALS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  65. KOBE!!! says:

    KOBE! should NEVER! become a CELTIC! KOBE was BORN! a LAKER!!!!!!

  66. KOBE!!! says:

    is anyone going to leave another coment

  67. jared says:

    Its forum PURPLE and gold not blue

  68. HatersGonnaHate06 says:

    Jordan is the best player during his ERA there is no argument during that time.
    Kobe is great player but arguably lebron is the best player of the league right now
    there is no argument here they played their prime season differently so how can we determine whose the best unless they have the same teammates, every player is unique you cant say kobe is better than jordan and jordan is better than kobe they are different and have different teammates the only argument here is who have the most individual awards, name the only player who have 6final MVP trophy out of 6NBA FINALS,5 times season MVP,3 times NBA ALL STAR, and THE DEFENSIVE PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARD?
    out of all this awards who have the bragging rights? we all have choices and biased when we pick the greatest.

  69. Matt says:

    A lot of the stuff being written is absurd. You can’t compare teams from the 90s to now. If you could transplant Kobe onto a team in the 60s, it would be GAME OVER until Kobe retired. Stop comparing different generations. They played at different times, vs different players, WITH different players. There were not nearly as many superstars for Jordan to compete against, and most of the teams that were actually competition were in the western conference. And those championship bulls teams did not just consist of Pippin and Jordan, they had a really good SQUAD. For the people who want to point out that Kobe has only 1 MVP, you’re retarded. Kobe has always been in the top 3, and from 04 to 09, he was THE best. Every NBA player would and has said the same thing, but you morons think you know better than the people Kobe COMPETES against? And he’s still top 5 in the NBA now. There is not one person, coach or player, in the NBA that would say Kobe doesn’t deserve 2-3 more MVPs. Anyone who has actually played ball, can see how great Kobe has been. Even Pippin said Kobe was the best player to ever play. I wouldn’t say Kobe is better than Jordan, but I would definitely keep them in the same category.

  70. Geo says:

    Kobe will never be a Celtic cause he probally wouldn’t even make the team he is a bum and always has been Paul pierce will run circles and school the “black mamba” and that’s the “truth”

  71. HOWARD says:

    The thing is :
    KOBE got 5 rings and Lebron got 1 ring. And this year OKC will win the finals. I think for next 10 years, Miami cant win the finals more than 2 times.

    • TJ says:

      kobe got 5 rings in 16 YEARS. Lebron is heading down the same road as mj right now, and has a strong team in miami. as hard as i find it to admit, lebron will be winning alot of rings in the next few years. Okc are strong but miami still has the edge. Kobe is also highly overated.

  72. L10 says:

    I don’t know who hurts more, the 12 teams that didn’t select Kobe Bryant including the Celtics. Or the 13th team that picked him then traded him away for Vlade Divac. Ouch!

  73. johnton says:

    I wonder why Kobe is bringing this up now, oh wait he is on a sub-500 team being coached by the pringles man. He sees the writing on the wall. The point is Tim Duncan is the best player of this generation because he is the best basketball player of this generation. Leading the Spurs to 4 championships (soon to be five) and 14 consecutive 50+ win seasons, something Kobe can and never will claim. Not to mention, Duncan is a great teammate who makes everyone around him better, something, again, Kobe can never claim, something only the greatest of the greatest can ever claim. Lastly Fisher’s .04 shot in ’04 got them to the finals against the Pistons, which we all know lost, yes that changed the momentum in their favor, but had that shot never went it, the Spurs would have trounced the Garnet and the Wolves and had a real match up with the Pistons where we would eventually would of won that year, sorry Pistons fan but you know this would of happened.

    • TJ says:

      even though i like the wolves w/garnet and the 04 pistons i do have to agree. I also agree with what u said about tim duncan. p.s i lol pringles man :L

  74. TJ says:

    Celtics are hands down the greaatest team of all time. They have the most rings and had players like shaq, bird, russell, mchale, kg, ray allen and paul pierce. Personally i think boston would have no use of kobe due to the presence of ray allen, but could have use of him now due to ray allen back-stabbing of the celtics. And to settle the rings debate, one man like mj cannot win a championship all by himself. If that was the case players like julius erving would have alot more than 1 ring. Mj could never have won any of the 6 rings he has without the support of phil jackson and the help of pippen, pacson, kerr and rodmann. So all you “basketball experts” should think this question through first before answering.

  75. GW says:

    Kobe – Most Overrated player in NBA History.

  76. james says:

    can you remember the world final against spanish? ask lee brom and wade, if wasnt kobe they would loose that game against gasol marc gasol and calderon, we were luck there one man caled KOOOOBEEEEE…

  77. james says:

    kobe can play FIBA and NBA Rules…

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