LeBron Thrills Another Fan In Miami

by Zettler Clay IV

During a dead ball period in the Clippers-Heat game tonight, the ball landed in the hands of a Miami fan. LeBron James asked, well demanded, for the ball back. Then this happened:

Two weeks ago, ‘Bron made waves around the web with his takedown of a euphoric fan, who hit a half-court hook shot to win $75,000.

Earlier this week, NBA TV aired a segment of him meeting Rashawn King, a young man battling leukemia.

The King is burnishing his populist appeal…one interaction at a time.

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  1. julie says:

    wow! i really love LEBRON!! :))

  2. as much as I don’t like this team to win another championship….that was great light-heartedness by LeBron

  3. kimjongillest says:

    what’s the big deal? he has been doing this all his career. the only ones who would be surprised by this are the blind haters

  4. Noit says:

    Nice move by LBJ. Good guy.

  5. Henrik Jensen says:


  6. JLin7 says:

    We all know this would never happen if it were Kobe…

  7. Wilt #13 says:

    Im glad to see how LeBron is having fun with his fans.
    When I saw the play Live on my TV I was sure that LeBron was angry and Wanted the game to continue.
    Man I laughed And really loved to see LeBron having fun on the court .

  8. doey says:

    ref should have give him a tech hahaha

  9. Rafael_Certero says:

    He is an Amazing guy, he respects the game, play according to the time, is a good friend in the team, and likes to share with the fans, definitly the best player that has come to the NBA, The best player on the planet

  10. HEATREPEAT says:

    The King always finding ways to improve himself…So much maturity and humility compared to when he first started playing.! Go Heat!!!

  11. zabuza says:

    to entertain fans is not but credits to the referees for not calling a violation

  12. me says:

    learning the business

  13. topotamadre says:

    That’s great. Ball players and celebrities are as human as everybody else.

  14. KOB says:


  15. Wayne says:

    Way to show love to fans ‘bron. That is a KING of a gesture

  16. I wanted just to show appreciation for Lebron as well… I just think he is the most matured basketball player ever in regards to his attitude on the field. This guy no matter how hard he gets hit sometimes he never retaliates which is very rare amongst NBA player.. He is just lovable and makes me enjoy the game more and more! Lebron you are the BEST ever and I don’t care what people say bro! Keep up the good work!

  17. Brad says:


  18. nay says:

    Thats a delay of game warning right there

  19. David Haley says:

    I love how the media can give and take away someone’s appeal., did Lebron ever really change? I’m sure he’s had many generous moments that have gone unnounced., in the world of cheats, liars and spoiled athletes we should praise Lebron for his boyish charm, dedication to the game and generosity. Although that’s not enough for people now days.

  20. LBJ IS KING says:

    he is the greatest to play and he should be receiving his 4th MVP and 2nd Finals MVP this season!

  21. GIo says:

    You gotta love Lebron James attitude, fans deserve all this good treatment. If anything this helps the way people look at the NBA and it’s players. Much props and thanks to LBJ for appreciating its fans.

  22. Tito says:

    King James, Great player, great guy, and good heart.I see a back to back in the making

  23. ko0kiE says:

    just great.. imagine the night the guy had..

  24. Bron Bruh says:

    The King. What a cool dude.

  25. Asad says:

    delay of game

  26. and says:

    LeBron is great!

  27. SaYO says:

    pretty cool, its nice when nba players interact with fans lols

  28. RafaelRadney says:

    he respect the game, the team, and the FANS, The best player on the planet is too good

  29. Brandon says:

    Too bad he can’t afford to tip 5% when he goes out to eat. LeBron, so appreciative..

  30. Mick says:

    It shows that, not only The King James is a great player, but a great human being who touched people’s lives around the world in his unique and simple ways.

  31. Gus Ortiz says:

    LBJ never forgets where he came from, Good man.

  32. pepe says:

    Bronnnn!! likes sharing the ball EVEN WITH HIS FANS!!!!!
    He is the greatest ever

  33. igi pop says:

    Kobe Bean! The Face of the NBA