Boozer Hits Below The Belt

By David Lundy

Good thing official Dan Crawford has a sense of humor.

Carlos Boozer’s exuberance at getting a layup to go while being fouled by the Mavericks almost caused a smashing scene Saturday night.

Check out the highlight as the Bulls’ bruising big man fist pumped right into the, um, shall we say, sweet spot of Dan Crawford as he was making the foul call. The crowd gasped, but Crawford shrugged off the inadvertent foul play, merely grinned and play continued. No real harm resulted from the hoop and low blow.







  1. bwakkk! says:

    From nothin’ but net to nothin’ but nuts. :))

  2. Ted says:

    Boozer’s face after hitting Dan Crawford : “YOU ALRAAAAYYT?”

  3. machbu21 says:

    Stupid Boozer! Hahahaha

  4. AVAKIL says:

    LOL…thats what lebron shoulda done to the refs last wednesday


    WOW…nice job Boozer. Hitting the guy in the nuts. I found it interesting that the ref didn’t give him a T

  6. ernesto Subias says:


  7. Matt says:

    Shaqtin a fool.

  8. Milen says:

    This one will totally be on “Shaqtin’ a fool”

  9. Nosaj says:

    I think Boozer didn’t hit that sweet spot

  10. Ryan says:

    Awesome, awesome ref. Props to him for not giving him a technical or worse, he knew that it was an accident and laughed it off.

  11. Noit says:

    Danny Crawford is a sport.

    Boozers excitement is just the best. Combine his loudness with his physical strength and he’s a beast. However the league is so soft they don’t let Boozer use his strength and whistle him for fouls left and right. This game and Heat game were great by the refs for Boozer, they allowed him to use his strength and Boozer has monster games.

  12. DA MAN says:


  13. can thought says:

    a celebration that almost turned awry. πŸ˜€

  14. floozy says:

    Yet another case for the replacement of refs with robot refs.

  15. Esteban says:

    Calling someone’s testicles ‘sweet spot’ doesn’t sound very manly.

  16. suruibao says:

    Ibaka and Boozer, who you gonna call? Nutbusters!

  17. Fletch says:

    Punching the ref in the junk, they need to put that into NBA 2k13.

  18. liverbait says:

    lmao the title “hoop and harm”


  19. m4yh3m1 says:

    How is that not a Technical?
    Boozer punched a referee.. no call.. WTF?

    No matter if it was an accident, it was a show of elation which could be taken as intimidation.. LeBron looked at Jet after dunking on him and got a technical?

    IMO, the elbow from MWP to Harden should have been a no call if this kind of thing was let go.

    • Bball and Heat fan says:

      Dude, I’m a heat fan through and through but there’s a difference between what the league now thinks of as ‘taunting’ and a complete accident in a crucial game for both teams and burst of excitement. It’s known now that what LeBron did is a technical in todays game. Good thing Boozer didn’t get a technical and Dan Crawford is a fantastic ref.

    • Murray says:

      How could they be taken as intimidation? This was a complete accident. Lebron didn’t “accidentally” stare down Jet and you cannot honestly think Artest accidentally elbowed Harden in the head. Its why these guys are the referees and you aren’t

  20. smilingehhhh says:

    the ref is sitll smiling in pain nyahahahaha

  21. RT says:

    Had to have been all leg or Crawford would not be laughing! Boozer’s antics crack me up. At times he frustrates the hell out of us Bulls fans, but he’s just too funny to stay mad at him.

  22. jffff says:

    girl in the back oh oh not the D!

  23. Hai Le says:

    I don’t think Boozer hit the ref, that y ref still had good time

  24. haha says:

    Funny how this blog is called All Ball. Very suitable indeed.

  25. Sam says:

    It was unintentional…really…so i don’t see why there are some comment wondering why D.C didn’t gave Booz a foul on that…anyway good ref…real sport and had a good sense of humour…

  26. diddyac says:

    watchu talkin about ref?? it was all ball

  27. Me says:

    more ads, good idea

  28. Me says:

    i will state my opinions about the alleged use of the NBA and NFL and all that on other website, awaiting moderation lol, a good one

  29. hi me says:

    this is so on shaqtin a fool

  30. mike says:


  31. bill says:

    Definetly a shaqting a fool candidate. Bozer is as dumb as a bag of rocks.

  32. Rolando says:

    If this Metta World Peace , this is totally one day suspension .Boozer he his a mild manners guy and also the ref. Boozer reputation save him a suspension .

  33. baton84 says:

    let’s call it a BOOZERBEATER !!! πŸ™‚

  34. Boozer reaction after the shot “yeah!” FALCON PUNCH! Lol


  35. OMg! says:

    #1 Shaqtin’ a fool!

  36. Herr says:

    Falco PUNCH!!!!

  37. acp says:

    SHAQT’N A FOOL!!!!

  38. Jeffx21 says:

    That was Carlos Bruiser wasn’t it. Hope the ref got some ice for that!

  39. nihao says:

    haha….., this would be on next shaq A fool, 2 funny

  40. *cough* Joey Crawford says:

    Meanwhile ill be watching a video of joey crawford giving a T to Tim Duncan for laughing at him…… and then i will compare the difference to Carlos accidental punch in the nuts and no T.

  41. y2trooper says:

    Oh man, that is priceless!!! lol

    Props to the ref for shrugging it off like a boss!

  42. blaz says:

    Respect for the ref. Crawford. He took it like a man.

    The funny thing is it is posted at AllBall blog πŸ˜‰

    Boozerbeater… πŸ™‚

  43. Zarken_Ventreth says:

    Typical Boozer roar of “And One” was changed to “And Two”

  44. 696969 says:

    Sounds like something JaVale McGee would do

  45. AtongBigmind says:

    The title should be “Hoop and Harm the REF”

  46. t.a.aleisa says:

    ref’s eyes disappeared when he smiled

  47. Big Shot Rob says:

    Flagrant 2 lol

  48. ManBoy says:

    Dude! That was all ball!!!