Injury only increases amazingness of MWP’s Twitter feed

By Nick Margiasso IV

You already follow Metta World Peace on Twitter because, well, it’s the perfect Twitter account. Hilarious posts; real opinions; random party invites; even some useful info … sometimes. It’s got it all.

But the infamous Laker’s recent unfortunate left knee injury has really cranked up the pomp and pace of his social media life. Sorry about the bum leg, Metta, but thanks for the tweets.

A sampling:

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  1. B-Baller says:

    So when you said you would win 72+ games exactly how many seasons will that take?

  2. SaYO says:

    this dude is amazing lol

  3. mharon says:

    get well soon idol!

  4. Go MWP says:

    the Lakers will win 98 games next season! They wont make the playoffs this season though, cus it looks like the Jazz are having easier games remaining compares to the Lakers. The Lakers had a chance but they slack off too much. Dwight Howard should be able to carry the team when Kobe or Gasol is off, thats what Mega stars do. but it doesnt look like hes doing that.

    • celtic533 says:

      do you even know how any games there are in a season?

      • Griffin #71 says:

        He is talking about the 82 game regular season and clean sweeps through all rounds of the playoffs, conference finals and finals. Anyway the Lakers won’t be winning many games anytime until they can sort their team chemistry out, mould their ‘Mega Stars’ together and have more depth on their bench. By the time all this happens Kobe will have retired maybe Nash and Jamison as well and Pau would have lost his game.

  5. Stern H8r says:

    Thank God he finally went to rehab. Hopefully he can turn his life around.

  6. Go MWP says:

    MWP needs to change his name back to Ron Artest. He played better when he was Ron. Right now he settling in too much as a role player and don’t demand as much attention from his opponent as he used to. If he gets more attention from his opponent, it would help out the team. Just like Ray allen draws so much attention during crunch time that Lebron been able to hit late shots this season. Lebron is always a broken dollar with no fourth quarter until he gets so much help.

  7. Larry Bell says:

    Metta forget about the past it’s what you do with the time you got. I stay on Crenshaw by the Highschool been keeping up with yall, the lakers got an allstar team someone just needs to lead by example and push the team when you see them slacking not making the playoff would suck and could possibly make kobe lose faith in you guys in his last year, kobe will go down as a legend, you don’t want to be on the team that sucked when he played with him. you can still win it all. A lot of people here know you can. Just go out and play to the max until the clock stops. steals blocks rebounds nothing should stop you guys you got the best team, just gotta play like you do in the streets and take it to’em you get 6 fouls use them, punish them for trying to take a shot, it’ll get inside their heads and they won’t perform continiously for 48 mins. make noise scream yell ask for the ball like your their player, confuse them and show the players with injuries how babying stuff doesn’t get stuff done. remember those contracts you need wins to keep getting paid you need big time wins to go down in history and get championships. play your heart out and make sure the team is keep in blakes and clarks ear they are the future for LA and need to fill those gaps when kobe is gone. Remember your an all star team help them get there. great game at min I made it nice way too start history in the making. Make em fear you…