Obama Imitates John Starks At The White House

by Zettler Clay IV

If your mind immediately went to the 1994 NBA Finals after reading this headline, then me and you are best friends probably too familiar with:

a) the New York Knicks
b) John Starks
c) the Houston Rockets
d) the New York Knicks, Houston Rockets, and John Starks

At the Oval Office for Easter Day festivities, president Barack Obama dropped in on some children and Washington Wizards and decided to show them how much game their POTUS has. Except he didn’t.

Missing his first 18 shots, he shot an impressive 2-of-4 the rest of the way (unofficial report). Good lesson to part with for the kiddies: *Bad starts happen to the best of us. It’s how we finish that determines our character how many bad YouTube comments we can engender.

*Knicks fans, don’t hate me for making that Game 7 reference. I’m your friend, I assure you.

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