Nuggets’ Unique Gallinari Celebration

By Jeff Case

If you haven’t heard Chris Webber‘s dramatically elongated (and hilarious) pronunciation of Danilo Gallinari‘s last name (which Webber also does with a mock Italian accent), well, here you go:


Now that we’ve established that Gallinari (who, for the uninformed, was born in Italy) and his heritage are a talking point for Webber, NBA fans, television announcers and more, it appears the Nuggets’ bench also likes to have a little fun with their second-leading scorer’s birth place. Check out this bit of Italian gesturing between Gallinari and the Nuggets’ bench after he nails a back-breaking 3-pointer against Utah last night:


After nailing the shot, Gallinari (according to this web site on Italian gestures) gives his Denver teammates the “Eccellente!” (aka bringing the fingers to the lips with a kiss), which they respond with the “Ma che vuoi?” (Fingers bunched together, tips touching and pointing upward while holding your arm about a foot from your body and moving the hand up and down at the wrist, which means “What do you really want?”).

Fantastic celebration that we’re sure to see more of as the playoffs get closer


  1. David says:

    I’m loving the camaraderie in this team! Thank you for posting this. It’s great.

  2. googergieger says:

    I like it!

  3. Binarytuko says:

    CWeb made my day. LOL! Thanks for the big laugh man. 🙂

  4. Gentilo says:

    It’s wonderful to see Gallinari acting so great in the NBA. I’m a fan from Pavia, Italy, and I had the luck to see him (just like his father Vittorio years before) playing for my hometown basketball team for one season, back in 2005. Even if he was only 17, I soon understood he was a champ. And now I’m really proud to see him playing as an NBA star. Grande Danilo !!!!

  5. Willis says:

    Best TEAM in the NBA and I don’t just say that because I am a lifelong Nuggs fan, great job in the front office I can remember a team more fun to watch in the last 20 years or so

  6. Why is this team so much fun to watch? Because this team is having fun. Watching the Nuggets reminds you that this is a game they all love playing. Looking forward to watching them in the playoffs.

  7. Alessandro says:


    Good translation!!!

  8. CB says:

    Thats a lots a motzarella.!

  9. jimboy1963 says:

    another great team giving emphasis on team-first mentality in every game they play. no prima donnas, doesn’t care who gets the ball more often, who should take the last shot, etc. I like the way coach karl instill this kind of attitude to his players. if only the lakers has this kind of ATTITUDE…

  10. Dan says:

    This team is looking hot. Are they still considered underdogs? Every year has an awesome underdog team that everyone roots for. Is this year’s the Nuggets, Warriors, or Rockets? I don’t know but Nuggets might be looking too good to be an underdog now.

  11. Reggie Evans is an Alien! says:

    It doesn’t look like we will be seeing him doing any celebrating in the playoffs now…

  12. Alessandro says: