JaVale McGee Gets Own Reality Show

by Zettler Clay IV


Ladies and gentlemen, behold! The main character of the weekly series, “Shaqtin A Fool,” has parlayed his numerous appearances and bouts of ineptitude into a television show on Oprah’s network, OWN.

That’s right, JaVale McGee and his momager, Pam, will be on the tube away from the basketball court. Don’t know about you, but this is the best news I’ve heard this month:

The new OWN series “Millionaire Mama’s Boy” explores the dynamic relationship between former WNBA basketball star Pamela McGee and her 25-year-old son, Denver Nuggets center, JaVale McGee.  Famous for being domineering on and off the court, Pamela is not only JaVale’s mom, she’s also his business manager, working to build an empire while trying to keep a tight rein on the glitz and girls that come with the life of an NBA star.

Any combination of this woman and this guy is a worthy addition to the televisual medium:


  1. that’s great! I can’t wait to see *shaq voice* JAVALE MCGEE

    • Stop spamming your link says:

      Can the NBA please ban this idiot or take the link out? He spams the comment section to get more views for his youtube video.

      • TheStarMiddleschooler says:

        he doesnt spam the comment section…He comments…you morons are so smart to click his link…

  2. Nick_E23 says:

    I would watch a reality show if it was starring JaVale McGee,,, Anyone who watches Shaqtin’ a fool probably would as well!

  3. Ol" Dirty says:

    JAVALE McGEE! (Shaq voice)

  4. Sant_O'5 says:


  5. George Carl need to play Javale at the end of games so we can stop losing the lead at the end of the game….. Javale is putting up better numbers than the starter and he plays nearly 10 less minutes!!! It’s a travesty… – Dallas Rice II

    • T Baller says:

      I agree with u, but how u gonna make a comment not even knowing the name of the player who starts over him. His name is Kosta Koufus. C’mon man. u could have at least searched it up. Do u even watch ball, or did you just hear ur friends at school talking bout that. Get big scrub

      • Nuggets!! says:

        You are both smoking crack. Any team that has won 19 out of their last 21 games doesn’t need to change the roster or minutes because things are going pretty good. What lead are they giving up exactly? They have the second best record in 2013 with like 7 losses, I think you probably haven’t even watched a Nuggets game this year.

  6. Tell him Dallas said that!!!!

  7. Heat030634 says:

    will definitely watch his new reality show. we want more Tragic Bronson flops!

  8. Ronald Price says:

    This is a character, but I have to say he is mush better with the Nuggets. He is actually one of the best centers in the league.

  9. Trey Fine Denver Nuggets Fan says:

    At least Javale can do what you can’t Shaquille…….One of the most basic parts of the game…….Free Throws. And he can actually run. U just got dissed Shaqtin A LOSER!

  10. drew says:

    haha i think shaqtin’ a fool’s concept is made through JaVale Mcgee

  11. PS24 says:

    Shaq has to narrate the show though

  12. lbj says:

    heat can trade juwan howard more mcgee and a 1st round pick. great move for both teams

    • really says:


  13. Bringer of the truth!!!!!!!!! says:

    Oh, Yea And javale can walk through a metal detector with all of his championship hardware with no problems unlike shaq. No ring for no rings. And he never will have a problem Nuggets fan. Can’t even believe you even made a comparison. That was a huge stretch!

  14. Cash says:

    I’ll watch it if he is as entertaining as he is on Shaqin a fool each week. JAVALE McGEE! (Shaq voice)

  15. El Heat 136 says:

    There’s my boy again…. JaVale McGee.

  16. gio says:

    Relax yall this guy has ADD. He’s actually smarter than what he been perceived as. As john wall stated “he’s so creative that he tries to do things a 7 footer cant(shouldn’t) really do!”.

  17. Dzyna_Girl says:

    I don’t watch Reality Shows, but this one, I gotta watch. I love me some JaVale .. and that Pam, she’s a hot mess too. Much anticipated by me. Whooooaaaaaahhhhhhh!

  18. Tristan says:

    Oh man, he doesn’t need this. the last thing javalle needs is distraction from increasing his work ethic, effort and skills under George Karl. He isn’t enough of a professional to last at the Heat. The Nuggets or the Warriors is best for him at the moment, good hard coach, and a young lineup to grow with him.

    Big improvement on the court for Javalle this year, and you can tell that coming off the bench doesn’t bother him. Why I like him more than say DeMarcus Cousins.

  19. Blazers>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>LA. Loosers says:


  20. Robert Sacre says:

    If mcgee gets a show, my man Robert Sacre from lakers better be gettin a show in the future too.

  21. Bermir says:

    Just what the world needed: Another reality show…

  22. dvetsalo says:

    I wish Brian Scalabrine had a show, it would’ve been the most watched!

  23. gameon says:

    Please don’t let this happen we do not need to see Javale acting a fool all the time. The ridiculousness he puts on twitter is bad enough I don’t Think we need we want to see what goes on behind the scenes. Somebody squash this pitch immediately

  24. fan says:

    the reason javale doesn`t play long isn`t cause he does the wrong thing or coach doesn`t trust him, he suffers from heavy asthma and can only play short stretches

  25. Ben says:

    JaVale is the most entertaining player in NBA. He got the funny look & few flunky plays. I love to see him play..

  26. Dr. O'Neal says:

    Jovveeyyylll McGeeeee!!!

  27. TTKIN says:

    Maybe Pam should teach her son to not be a moron instead of putting him on some retarded TV show. Dude has all the talent in the world and yet, even as the article eludes to, manages to be on the “screw up list” every week.

  28. jatupon2531 says:

    JaVale McGee Good player

  29. killerlipz says:

    I like Javale! 🙂 I got him right away in my 2k13 team! 🙂 He is so fun – funny watching!

  30. killerlipz says:

    javale!! woot woot!

  31. No more bullying says:

    Stop this bullying!!!!!! Shaq is making fun of a player, would you like your kids to learn this? Would you like them to be at a game and start laughing at a player because he/she missed.

    Hey, even better, would you like people make fun of you (or your child) when you miss a shot? or a free throw?

    Shaq thinks it’s funny now, but do you remember his face when he was struggling at the free throw line? He more than anyone knows what it feels like when people make fun of you, but now he’s on the safe side he’s doing it to others.

  32. Mashario says:

    Everybody eats!!!!!!!!!!!! congrats on the new show Mr. McGoo………………………oops………….. Mr McGhee.

  33. if his mom was not a pro player, would he be in the NBA now?

  34. pj says:

    trajic johnson… lol

  35. Ron Price says:

    This guy is a natural character, but I don’t know if he belongs on a reality TV show. It will ruin his natural ability to make people laugh, because he’s funny on the basketball court. Let him be funny for the NBA.

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