Boris Diaw Adds Flair To Harlem Shake

by Zettler Clay IV

Just when you thought the Harlem Shake was dead and buried, another athlete takes a stab at it. Earlier, Boris Diaw tweeted his contribution to the cultural meme and whadayaknow…this piece of brilliance happens:

Things we have learned today:

1) When Boris Diaw isn’t on the other end of Gregg Popovich’s glare and exhortations, he has time to deliver an original take on a (now) unoriginal craze.

2) Popovich is probably thrilled by this video.

3) Everything looks five times cooler when depicted through legos and stop motion.

The boys in Miami, Inside crew and thousands of videos have joined the fun. Executive producer Diaw not only gets a pass for being late to the party, but wins extra points because, well, these are legos in stop motion (see No. 3).

It’s clear from this production that Diaw has a penchant for the ornate. If this is any indication of his creativity, I might find myself rooting for more Spurs off days.

One Comment

  1. BigBabySherman says:

    This is the only harlem shake i have found slightly amusing. but it is done so well. nice 1 Boris.