Pacers and Warriors Get Postseason Theme Songs

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It has become popular of late for teams to create specialized Playoff/postseason theme songs. Sometimes an entire league will co-opt a popular song by a popular artist, as the NBA did with Kanye’s “Amazing” a few years back. And then sometimes a team or franchise will commission their own song.

The Golden State Warriors recently dropped their Playoff anthem, and they looked to a local artist living in the Bay Area to create the song… and a guy who also just happens to work for the organization. As it turns out, Warriors’ Vice President and Legal Counsel David Kelly also quite nimbly spits bars as Cap D, emcee from the hip-hop collective All Natural.

Meanwhile, over in Indiana, Pacers PG George Hill teamed with local producer Amp Harris and actor/comedian (and Indy native) Mike Epps to come up with an unofficial postseason theme by kicking verses over my main man (on Instagram straight flexin’!) Trinidad James’s “All Gold Everything,” here shortened to the Pacer-related “Gold Everything.”

(via Indy Cornrows)

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