Rip Hamilton Has More Jordans Than You

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I know a lot of people who collect sneakers, neatly stacking boxes on boxes on boxes in their closets, never even touching the boxes for fear of lessening the value of the kicks. I get that, I do, but I am not one of those people. I will admit that yes, I have spent an asymmetric amount of my disposable income through the years on shoes, but I actually wear them instead of collecting them. What are shoes for if not to be worn?

Sure, basketball shoes are fully functional, a tool used by basketball players to optimize their ability to play the game. But to some of us, they can also be an objet d’art, a beautiful combination of leather and rubber and whatever else that not only looks terrific, but also says something about you, the shoe-wearer.

Bulls G Rip Hamilton has been down with Jordan Brand for as long as I can remember (and that’s a long time). As one of the brand’s signature athletes, he has long rocked an array of classic Jordans on the court, as well as peppering his social media feeds with peeks at his extensive collection. But for a recent “throwback Thursday,” or #tbt as the kids online call it, Rip Hamilton posted a photo that has had sneakerheads drooling.

As Hamilton said, “Had to many sneakers in the crib had to fill up 2 u-hauls to put them in another spot.” So remember that this is ostensibly just half of his collection.

Next time your parents or girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband complains that you have too many shoes, show them this picture:


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  1. ugproduction says:

    Dude!That’s awesome.
    Well I’m riding one one pair(K-swiss) for the past 6 years.

  2. ugproduction says:

    Dude..More power to you Rip!
    Yet I’m still riding that one pair(K-Swiss) since the last 6 years.

  3. Tuomas says:

    Well If you make millions of dollars for several years… Then why not? It’s not like the NBA players are going to collect stamps!

    • Lauren says:

      NBA players and most college players do not have to buy their own sneakers. Whoever they are representing, whether it be Adidad, Jordan, Reebok, etc., they are given free shoes all the time so it would be easy to accumulate this many pairs. This is nothing special.

  4. :) says:

    Man! I’ve got the hole in my shoe and I’m walking outside onlywhen it’s dry 🙂

  5. thekidtrust says:

    I feel ya if I had alot of money I would go sneaker crazy as well. Instead of having a living room I would have a sneaker room, instead of walls there would be sneakers. A room made out of sneakers now that’s crazy! —thekidtrust

  6. Ivan says:

    that is why i don’t understand, why do fans cry when player gets injured… like kobe did… he is going to go home to his 20 mill $ house and chill…. “i’ll have you in my prayers” ….man, shut up and worry about your own damn family and future…

  7. jonas says:

    those are just boxes. where’re the kicks?

  8. Chase says:

    Nice Kicks!!!!!!!

  9. Chase says:


  10. TITO says:


    • jordanbador says:

      as if being in the nba is not hard work? come on man, u think they just play a game then go party after , and eat and sleep?

  11. adam says:

    He is contracted to nike and specifically Jordan brand, he get his kicks for free…… go uconn!

  12. joel says:

    those are collection of jordan sneakers if i am not mistaken

  13. Art says:

    It’s time to order 2 u-hauls to move his treasure out of Windy City.

  14. D.C says:

    Rip! send some to needed people of the world.

  15. filtermia says:

    Who is this?
    Doesn’t Rip have horrible facial scarring that leaves him wearing a face mask at all times?

    • Kno Boddy says:

      He injured his face years ago but kept wearing the mask because he thinks he plays better with it on.

  16. YouAlreadyKnow says:

    lol he probably doesnt even spend money on them since hes part of the jordan brand

  17. carl says:

    What you have to realize is that he probably got most of those shoes for free. He’s been a spokesperson for Jordan for over a decade. They pay him for the privilege of giving this man and astounding amount of free shoes.

  18. love says:

    wow cant blame him i would have that much if made all these millions

  19. YOMORO says:

    Then you die and leave behind two garages full of shoes … what a legacy to leave behind … He should just keep a few and give the rest to charity …

  20. dd def says:

    and I thought I was off to a decent start with 2 pair to ball in and 3 for casual wear with a 4th and 5th on the way lol. I just showed this to my mother and said that I want Christmas to look like that lol!

  21. Michael Jordan says:

    It’s not about how many sneakers you have, it’s about the value of them.

  22. Gabriel says:

    Well he does have money.

  23. kover says:

    well done rip hard work paid off

  24. Coach J says:

    Wow, more Jordan’s then me! Somebody get the man a cookie!! Better yet, some playing time.

  25. Pot14 says:

    wow, i hope he has enough heart to donate few of those to the less fortunate

  26. niko808 says:

    I’m calling his bluff, they’re all empty boxes!.

  27. That Awkward moment says:

    That awkward moment when Michael Jordan reads the title of the article…

  28. justine4 says:

    i wonder which of the NBA players has the biggest collection of sneakers…

  29. Matthew says:

    I have a few pairs of Jordan’s from 20 years ago. Barely been worn. Problem is: ten minutes after shooting around, the dry rotted soul (which looks totally intact like the day I bought them) will crumble and the glue holding the soul will detach. These are shoes that were stored indoors in a climate controlled area also.

    • Lance says:

      You could be sitting on a gold mine depending on what shoes you have, Regardless of how well you kept your old shoes they will eventually fall apart. Luckily, there are a number of people who specialize in restoring your old shoes to a wearable condition. They take a midsole/sole from a newer release, that is wearable, and replace your old crumbled sole with it.

  30. C[_] says:

    Why does this matter? He has the money, but wastes it because he is an idiot. He is just making jordan more richer than he has to be.

  31. tonx says:

    I never bought an Air Jordan and I never will.

  32. Awesome Guy says:

    I’m pretty sure he’ll give me one for free.

  33. jcvs101 says:

    man, he skinny

  34. Davonte says:

    mann i got more kfc than his jordans

  35. Bonqui qui says:

    man d rose aint comin back

  36. Ha! says:

    Lol I love how everyone is like, “He is signed with Nike those kicks are free.” I don’t think his post was titled “Look at all the shoes I bought.” Does the fact that he didn’t buy them all mean it’s not a collection? …go to uconn if your an idiot!

  37. Ha! says:

    Lol I can’t believe people are saying. “He should donate all of these.” Rip like most any rich and famous person gives MONEY to charity. What does his shoe collection have to do with how charitable he is and what dumb charity is wasting time and money collection and distributing jordans….

    • Lance says:

      You’re tripping bro, Don’t you realize all the shoeless orphans of the world would be way better off with these size 15 sneakers they cant even fit into instead of money that could buy them food, clothes, and shoes that fit…. -__-

  38. Omar says:

    And people think I have too many J’s!! No such thing

  39. Godson says:

    We all know there rich!! but he’s a collector thats the point.. People are getting in other stuff who cares he collect shoe other NBA players probably just give them away after but he collects them thats the point.. I’m not rich.. I have like 6/7 pairs of jordan+ other shoes.. he does get them for free the point is he keeps them!!

  40. joseph says:

    he is good in collecting boxes.. maybe they are from his team mates.

  41. ....., says:


  42. Ben says:

    Love how he’s not wearing shoes in the photo.

  43. Don Corleone says:

    Give some to poor people who has no shoes.

  44. Esteban says:

    Free shoes he will never wear. Now that’s sad.

  45. Adrian Rodriguez says:

    Give those shoes away man! . come on, why do you need all those shoes in boxes?. This is disgusting. There are lots of people who dont have anything and this guy has a whole room filled with shoes for playing a game.

  46. MandoCash says:

    A lot of HATING going on, i have 17 and not counting AIR FORCE ONES.. He has worked hard for everything he has so he can spend his money his way.. a lot of you are for real but there are HATERS i can smell them now. Then dont achieve anything in their life and then want to HATE on the SUCCESFULL thats why you dont get..( worry about your life and be grateful for what you have