New Oklahoma City Thunder Theme Song

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There is a song that has been bouncing around the internets the last few days, and to be honest, I haven’t been able to get it out of my head. It’s catchy as all get-out, for sure, and the presentation makes it even more, well, awesome.

This song was apparently composed by a man named Matthias in Southern California. He performs the song, shirtless, in the video clip below, and he brings a certain controlled gravitas to the proceedings. This tune has a dirge-like, Norse mood to it, at once haunting and intimidating. The video resonates because between the spartan setting, the focused look in Matthias’s eyes, the swaying back and forth, plus the occasional raised clinched fist, we are certain that Matthias means business. This attitude would likely transfer to the team, as well, if this song were performed en masse by the crowd in OKC during a game at the Chesapeake Energy Arena.

Better get to work memorizing, Thunder fans … Hey Hey!

UPDATE: Apparently the song is starting to catch on with the OKC crowd …


  1. asdasd says:

    don’t like the theme..

  2. David says:

    this is awesome

  3. bunal kid says:

    bati-a oi..bisaya kaau!!!

  4. Shane says:

    damn now it’s stuck in my head

  5. Jim says:


  6. Spoon says:

    Not that good….Thunderstruck by AC/DC would be my suggestion. Everybody knows it, you can sing the chorus as a large crowd, and it kicks butt.

    • Johny says:

      I disagree
      this chant is something that all the fans can sing together anywhere without music
      it’s original

  7. Ricardo says:

    Fantastic. I love it!!!!!!

  8. KD says:

    why don’t the have shirts on…..

  9. Willis says:

    hahaha… wow this is lame. you all in oklahoma are quite special, and put yo shirt on man!

  10. nasus says:

    Gotta think Lang Whitaker is really bored — his sarcasm is dead on, though! This is A) stupid, or B) dreadful.

  11. lance says:

    I agree why the hell do they not have shirts on lol wtf

  12. emwestfall says:

    Yes! My brother and I are going to have to do this now.

  13. emwestfall says:

    Yes! My brother and I are going to have to do this now. Thunder is SRS BIZNESS.

  14. MJfromOKC says:



    OH OH




  15. Leon says:

    Not a good fight song at all, plus Why aren’t they wearing shirts!

  16. Buddy Arabb says:

    That is soooo good!
    i can imagine how great the atmosphere would be in Chesapeake arena.
    I gotta get there.


  17. lance says:

    Oh I can imagine the riot that would erupt in OKC if the thunder ever won. I mean wow it would be sooooooooo crazy……^sarcastic smile* everybody would be in bed by 9:30

  18. lol says:

    Miamiiii ho ho, heattttt hey hey

  19. what? says:

    Oklahoma is in Canada?

  20. Yasir says:

    To me this seems like another excuse for fat men to take off their shirt and sing like crap jajaja

  21. wtf says:

    i agree with Spoon. ACDC thunderstuck is appropriate theme. These fat dudes with the shirts off are funny though haha

  22. RickJ says:

    I’m a huge Thunder fan and I don’t lie this ‘chant’
    My favorite song at the moment for pumping myself up for basketball is Thunderstruck and probably mostly because it reminds me of how the Thunder can leave their opposition on any given night that they bring their best ball.

  23. connor smith says:

    This song is stupid. I’m a huge thunder fan but that song sucks I don’t get any energy from that what do people in Oklahoma like about that song. Your opponents will laugh at you and if Westbrook doesn’t come back then the thunder won’t be winning the title this year fyi. I’d like to believe so but really don’t think it can happened

  24. santi says:

    Could you please print out the lyrics?

    I keep forgetting the words!