The Season In Flopping

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Much has been made the last few years about flopping. The NBA’s full definition of a flop is here, but, loosely defined, flopping is when a player embellishes his movement in the hopes of influencing a call from a referee.

It is hard to make a blanket statement here, but for the most part, flopping is a bad thing. (It is hard for me to be completely objecting about this topic mostly because flopping was the part of the game I excelled at when I played in high school.) At its core, flopping is designed to trick the officials into giving you an unfair advantage.

The NBA recently announced that those caught flopping during the playoffs will be subject to a series of escalating fines designed to discourage this sort of behavior.

But perhaps the best way to publicly shame the floppers? Videos like the one below from Slate, set to appropriately dramatic music, highlighting the most egregious flops of the 2012-13 NBA season…


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  2. All about the music says:

    epic music suited for the occasion

    where is chris bosh’s flop when he was running behind a player to defend the 3 point shot, i forget who it was against

  3. ClipFlops says:

    Reggie Evans, Royal Ivey, Tyreke Evans, and Kevin Martin. Way to go! Good thing Rudy Fernandez played in Europe. Now I am the best in the league!


  4. WhyBoshNotFined says:

    chris bosh had a few of most obvious flops and never fined? why de league protecting miami…

  5. kevin says:

    Don’t get me started on Bosh!!! Why is it he gets away with it!!! WHY!

  6. King Gary says:

    Maybe cause bosh actually followed the code this year and didn’t flop, read the article, yes he has flopped in the past but he said forget it to that garbage this year.

  7. TorontoSteez says:

    LOL zaza pachulia…too slick

  8. Marcus CP3 says:

    bosh wasn’t fined bcoz his flops wasn’t called for any violation… wasn’t good enough unlike my man CP3

  9. Eli Odell J. says:

    jj barea and reggie evans…………………..

  10. Trust says:

    I think they should take it a step further. Flops put other players in foul trouble and opposing teams in the penalty while giving undeserved points to the players who flop. Rather than fine a player for flopping, perhaps when the league rules a flop occurs in a playoff series, the league should charge the flopper with a foul and give the person falsely charged with the foul free throws. This would cancel out any advantage over the series.

    You flop a few times and cause a defender to get in foul trouble and make some free throws. The next game, before tip off, you start off with 2 fouls and the two guys you flopped against get free throws, and their team is closer to penalty free throws.

    Fair is fair.