ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the great new memes of the playoffs has come courtesy of our cohort Shaq over on “Inside the NBA.” It began with a discussion of Heat center Chris Andersen, who has long been known as “Birdman.” During a highlight featuring Andersen, Shaq Diesel, in an inspired reference to the (corporate synergy alert) Adult Swim program “Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law,” began shouting “BIRDMAN, BIRDMAN!

And it now has officially become a thing. Here’s a quick supercut of Shaq mentions:

I can’t say that I mind, because Shaq yelling this out always cracks up Ernie Johnson. And that’s always a great thing.

Interestingly, Birdman wants to trademark the “Birdman” nickname and use it to raise money for children’s charities.

Seems like there’s a certain attorney at law out there who’d be perfect to offer Andersen some legal advice.

UPDATE: Shoutout to Trey Kerby at TBJ, who uncovered the BIRDMAN BIRDMAN remix…

(h/t r/NBA)


  1. WildSchatz says:

    What a great pick-up by Miami! Bless him for wanting to reach out and support children’s charities and for being a monster during Round 1! Keep it up Birdman….you are the WORD!

  2. rexxcastle says:

    Might want to check that Birdman the rapper who has been known as Birdman way longer hasnt gotten the rights for this

    • Dieter says:

      Who cares? Let the guy do something for charity… and I’m sure that rapper wouldn’t mind, because alot people before him probably already used Birdman (it’s not to difficult to come up with that name)

  3. Jeilvon Austin says:

    I’m love it. Birdman! Birdman!

  4. BirdmanBirdman says:

    i laugh everytime i hear it. Birdman Birdman!! ahahaha shaq you crazy

  5. Ima.Boss says:

    Let’s go HEAT LETS GO ALL THE WAY they talking bout us dlets go


  6. papa mapa says:

    best show on TV… Shaq and Chuck are awesome

  7. Josh says:

    Hmm using government to trademark a title, or in other words anyone who in the future uses this title and doesnt get the proper okay for the use will have the government rein upon them!! you dont need to trademark to help kids.

  8. mikke says:

    Much respect to the SHAQ and the BIRDMAN …

  9. Boca_Fan says:

    Love Birdman, fits right in, in fact he’s a perfect fit! What a team we got here in Miami, a White Hot Band of Brothers!!!! Nice not having Chuck trash talk the Heat, and LeBron this year!

  10. TheTeamBeats says:

    Thanks for posting our remix!!!

  11. Marco says:

    Great sweep thanks to Lebron, Birdman, wade and the crowd. Solid, entertaining. Go Heat. Thanks Birdman. Wee need the trophy . Fans love Biordman

    • slick rick says:

      made shaq’s “birdman, birdman” into a ringtone on my phone. funny /cool when it goes off in public the responses i get from people who know what it is (the people who get it).


  12. chico says:

    Could you share that ringtone? Would love to have that on my phone 🙂

  13. deal says:

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