Golden State Opponents Keep Wrecking Visitor’s Locker Room

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We can understand when a player, fresh off a loss, feels the need to somehow react. After all, you play to win the game, and when you catch an L, it’s never a good feeling — and it’s even worse when the sentiment is rubbed in by 20,000 rabid fans, as often happens to Golden State opponents in Oracle Arena in Oakland.

So we get why Denver F Kenneth Faried was apparently pretty upset after losing at Golden State last night. So upset, in fact, that Faried put his foot through a locker room wall, as documented here by USA Today‘s always excellent Sam Amick:

And as we noted earlier, the isn’t the first time an opponent in Golden State has been driven to violence: After losing at Oracle in the 2007 Playoffs, Dallas F Dirk Nowitzki tossed a trash can through a wall 12 feet in the air. Five years later, as Amick showed last night, the wound is still there, now commemorated with a t-shirt…

If the Warriors are going to keep knocking off higher-seeded teams in the Playoffs, maybe they should invest in a punching bag for the visitor’s locker room? Could probably save themselves a good bit in drywall costs.


  1. good stuff doeshouston stand a chance?

  2. TorontoSteez says:

    ahaha make the walls out of concrete maybe that will help

  3. iNo_sHane says:

    They should be given a fine for doing so..that’s a disrespect for the home team & its owners..
    jz sayin the owners has put a lot amount cash jz to have a nice building/locker room…
    then they’ll jz come in & break something w/o payin’

  4. adam says:

    Come on now with this dirty play. Anyone that has been watching the series sees that they have been pushing, grabbing, tripping and bullying the nuggets. Plus the NBA LIKE USUAL CHEATS FOR THE FAVORITE TEAM (TEAM THAT NETS MORE MONEY)

  5. adam says:

    And you would kick in a wall too if you were getting cheated out of the playoffs being bullied by a team that can not even stay with the nuggets unless they are pushing and shoving and getting all the lopsided calls for golden state. That is not good enough that they have to accuse the nuggets for playing dirty. That was a light touch on the screen that has the other team crying. They have been shoving faried and throwing elbows the whole series.!!! Give me a Break!

  6. adam says:

    Oh so anything about the truth is going to be taken off. No accusations of the NBA being cheaters and fixers of games. No talk about how the REFS should be fired and so should David (cheating) Stern. I don’t know how they sleep at night cheating fans all the way through.

    • to Adam says:

      Adam, I agree that the league is fixed, hence your excessive use of the word cheat. However, I think people, including yourself, should take a step back and stop responding with such emotional responses. Yes, the league is corrupt, but just remember their bottom line is the almighty dollar, NOT THE INTEGRITY OF COMPETITION AN SPORTSMANSHIP. It comes down to the green. When that is the driving force behind keeping the league afloat, all the bullsh*t starts to make sense.
      It’s all a show guys. Nobody wants the crappy actors to be starring in lead roles, right? To sell a show, you put your stars up front, no matter what it takes.. the only other option is that the league will die out. Then, you will be left with NOTHING to cry and complain about. Take it fr what it is.. A good show, that’s all.

  7. NY KNICK says:

    You know it’s always funny to me how when a team looses all of a sudden the league cheats them out of their shot. I looked at that game. The nuggets pride themselves on driving to the basket. Forgive me but if you’re willing to drive to the basket be willing to run into tough defense. Too many people crying about dirty plays. Including Mark Jackson, but he dealt with it and coached a hell of a game. He knows how to motivate his team and get them fired up. That time out where he took a few seconds and pointed to the crowd then said they’re playing their song was priceless. Move on people the better team won. I get frustrated to when i see bad calls but the refs have split seconds to make a call. even after watching several replays I say that it wasn’t a foul only to see it in slow motion. I’m rooting for my knicks hopefully they get their act together and close out boston tonight. They lost the last two games because they played like crap.

  8. MarlBreezy says:

    Sounds like most of yall complaining about dirty basketball have never played a lick in your lives…..and if you do your probably complaining to the refs for a call….rely on your skills, the ball never lies and the better team won…props to the Warriors and coach Jackson…..they need to start a shrine to the losers in their visiting locker room….great motivation!