Nate Robinson Gets Flattened By Gerald Wallace, Still Wins The Weekend

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With 7:30 to play in regulation during Game 4 of the Bulls/Nets series, Brooklyn was sitting on a 93-86 lead. The Bulls were having trouble scoring, and the Nets seemed to have the game in hand.

Then, after an inbound pass, Bulls point guard Nate Robinson decided to defend Nets point guard C.J. Watson full-court. Nets forward  Gerald Wallace saw this happening and decided to set a pick for Watson, so Watson could get a little breathing room. And then this happened:

Ouch! But after getting de-cleated, Nate hopped back up and went off: He scored 25 points in the rest of regulation and overtime, and basically carried the Bulls to the amazing win in triple-overtime.

As Nate said after the game, “I tease coach a lot. It seems every shot I take, he is mad. But I always feel like I’m on fire.”

Maybe that’s because he always is.

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