Kyrie Irving Shows Up On Campus, Dominates

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — This is the world we live in these days: Yesterday, Kyrie Irving showed on campus at Montclair State University in New Jersey, looking to play a little pick-up basketball. Less than 24 hours later, the video is on YouTube and has over 10K views.

Then again, you should probably check this out, too. You can see the former Rookie of the Year — who starred at Saint Patrick High School in Elizabeth, N.J., which is just 20 minutes from Montclair State — crossing dudes over, doing work in the post, and there’s a nice payoff if you stick around for the big finish:

(h/t r/NBA)


  1. Ro says:

    Crossing dudes over? Sorry but all i saw was some dribbling, and hitting jumpers in their faces. Yeah he might not be going 100% against them, but an NBA star against players from a no-name college, he did not ‘dominate’. I’m a huge Kyrie fan and Lang fan too, but that was basically a waste of time watching that….

  2. emma says:

    wish it had been my shcool

  3. Jaxon Krash says:

    I see guys not putting their hands up on D, and trying to reach in for steals… HAND DOWN, MAN DOWN!

  4. future kyrie says:

    thats kyrie balling up suckers that think they can play

  5. Paris says:

    @ 0:46 is that Drake the R&B singer???

  6. Chris says:

    He’s just trying to show off. If he did that in the nba, cavaliers would be in the playoffs right now.

  7. Justin says:

    You think they would consider double or triple teaming him…

  8. HAMZA says:


  9. RT says:

    No name college means nothing. My two sons went to small collleges (NAIA) and could play with 30% of NBA players. They were all DC area players in high school. . They just chose to become VP’s in the business world. There are kids in NYC who could play in the NBA also who never went to college but whey stuck stuff up their noses or didnt do the right thing when they were kids. ( no schooling etc).

  10. Don't ever CLICK MY NAME!!!! You Have been warned....:D says:

    lol and I bet all those guys are sick ballers…..just shows the caliber that NBA players are…..hes ridiculous

  11. Mike says:

    check his pivot sliding @1:20…travel