NBA Style: LeBron vs. Kobe

By the Style Crew

For all the arguments about who the best player in the NBA is, we can surely all agree that when healthy, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James are two of the best. And they’re also two of the League’s best dressed players, consistently showing up for games, press conferences, whatever the occasion, looking so fresh and so clean.

So perhaps we shouldn’t have been surprised when Kobe and LeBron, both bearers of great style, both turned up wearing the same shirt. The shirt we speak of is a Givenchy print t-shirt, in green. LeBron wore the shirt under a green shawl collar blazer to a press conference after Miami’s Game 2 win over Milwaukee. Kobe wore it under a traditional blazer on Sunday when he sat behind the bench as the Lakers were eliminated by the Spurs.

One shirt, worn two ways. We ask you, Who wore it better? And don’t forget to use the hashtag #NBAStyle to continue the conversation on Twitter…






  1. TorontoSteez says:

    Kobe had just the black blazer which was simpler than Lebron but it brought out the life and beauty of the actual t shirt

  2. TorontoSteez says:

    Lebrons look was nice too but alot goin on there..

  3. LionPatrol says:

    When a guy wears a t-shirt like that, you aren’t suppose to do too much to it and let it stand out on it’s own. I feel like Kobe worn it better because it stood out but it was casual with swag. Lebron seems to be trying a little too hard. Way to go Mamba style… appropriate style even in cruches!

  4. Bob says:

    Kobe looks MUCH better, with his simpleness. LeBron is over doing it with the bling and stuff.

  5. Beachgirl says:

    I don’t like the wearing of T-Shirt with a blazer, tasteless. But If I have to pick which one, I like the color combination of Lebron better. (I am Lakers/Kobe’s fan)

  6. Damian says:

    That’s not exactly the same shirt, look at the upper pattern near the collar, kobe’s got that all black part on his right lebron has the same that’s in the link but kobe’s got a bit different pattern

  7. zgillet says:

    Did you try to find two pictures that block the shirt the most? I went with Kobe because he didn’t have a Flava Flav chain on.

  8. Rich says:

    This is not GQ who cares. They both can ball is all that matters.

  9. seanyjh says:

    Kobe, No Question. Kept it plain & simple!!!

  10. WATCHMAN says:


  11. swagpatrol says:

    Lebron has no style. He always look as if he is “trying” to have swag. Unlike Kobe who has natural swag. He can pull off these fashion fads – Lebron cannot. He’s not a guy who looks comfortable in the attire he tries to pull off wearing.. just trying to keep up with d-wade i guess… but he needs to be himself.

  12. Ace says:

    How quickly Kobe fans forget this:

    • jaysmooth says:

      Ha nice one…. When it comes to this pic I’d give it Kobe but Lebron is the better dresser hands down.

    • marilyn says:

      Ace, thanks for that horrible pic of Kobe. What was the purpose of that white garb?

  13. Farhan says:

    They both spent over $500 on a T-Shirt? ReallY??? I MEAN….REALLY???

  14. beka says:

    natural swag? what are you talking about.

  15. natbby says:

    hahaha bron always looks like such a monkey. Great basketball player, but his looks and style is just terrible lol he doesn’t fit in with a good looker like kobe. Kobe looks like tupac in this picture btw.

  16. MRSGUY says:


  17. cesar says:

    Love Kobe, but his dont look right. LeBron Looks Fresh

  18. jake s says:

    lebron got too much chain

  19. milcah29 says:

    i like lebron so much but ill hand this out to kobe ^_^ swag nation ^_^

  20. CB says:

    I’m not really into these Givenchy shirts but the black blazer is a good look with it. This is coming from an LBJ fan lol

  21. kevin perez says:

    they both wore it clean, kobe just wore it better! no kobe no double u’s

  22. Patrick says:

    $565 for a t-shirt…must be nice to be rich.

  23. kb24 says:

    I like the lady in the back.

  24. B-jean says:

    Lebrons swag is better than kobe.. its not 2 much. leBron matches everything 2 da tee..(.team Lebron)

  25. sercan says:

    kobe kobe kobe every time kobe

  26. TruthK says:

    Oh god. Give it a rest. Stop comparing these two people. It’s going to be really pathetic if next season people will attach Kobe’s name to lebron’s in anyway sirry way they can just so that he doesn’t fade away from people’s mind. Let those who are irrelevant (for the mean time) stay in their shelves and talk more about people who are still relevant to the league. Give some press to those small market teams instead of those who are overblown with the media (they have a huge fan base already, they will manage). This is going to be better for the league, talk about atl-ind match up and players for example. They do need more media time than lebron (for now since they won’t have a game till next week) and kobe (he won’t be playing till mid to late next season, prolly even next year). I’m a big LBJ fan, and I think he could go down as a legitimate GOAT, unlike some style copy cat who can’t even improve what he copied from aguably the GOAT at the moment.

    Bash on me now, I just spoke the truth

  27. Mike says:

    The shirt is 565 damn dollars!

  28. HAMZA says:

    i like kobes style it is way more simple than lebron he has to much swag

  29. HAMZA says:


  30. HAMZA says:


  31. Lawrence says:

    Ridiculous. That’s the right word. I mean, it’s a tshirt. The most simple piece of clothing made of simple piece of cotton. No one should pay over 500 dollar for that. No matter how rich you are.

  32. julie says:

    LeBron LeBron LeBron allllllll the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. The OUTLAW says:

    They both look terrible. A black suit is too formal to wear with a tshirt and I’m no fan of LeBrons either

  34. Shon24 says:

    Kobe style is better because he is slim unlike LeBron, but I like the green jacket LeBron got on.

  35. Dew says:

    $565 for a shirt…no ty. I don’t care who makes it or who was wearing it. I’m sure they got theirs for a huge discount or for free…but man, I have seen shirts for way less money that look much better. I’d rather go Westbrook and Durant style with the crocodile logos on my polos!!

  36. ” Ace
    April 30, 2013 at 2:29 pm

    How quickly Kobe fans forget this:

    HAHAHAHAHA! So true. I already voted for Kobe but if I could, I take it back solely because of that^^^ hahaha

  37. jhonnysax4 says:

    Leborm, because it matche with the green shawl, dont you guys know about fashion?. Kobe looks good, but in this case Lebron won, he matched it better.

  38. Stogie says:

    Gotta give it to Lebron. Kobe is like wearing a t shirt but trying to act like its just that and hes not gonna kit it out. Lebron dives in like wiht the t shirt kitted out with matching jacket and the gold. And the gold goes good with green. Swag meter is on Lebron here. I think too many kobe fans in here. He doesnt even match. Lebron is pulling off the gold watch with a t shirt. Kobe is an amateur at best. lol

  39. g-nice says:

    They both can ball the real question is as of present date who’s better well let’s just say only one of them is gone fishing lol I’ve seen kobe jump fly a lot Lebron idk he can do better but on this pic a blazer with a t not happening but bron bron rocked it better with the jewelry to top it an matches he kill an for the record kobe wore jewelry too ijs!

  40. BIGMatta23 says:

    Its not even the same shirt…it’s a similar shirt but different pattern

  41. Kobe Mone says:

    Kobe Bryants jaket just goes alot better than Lbj

  42. Kobe Mone says:

    Kobes jaket goes alot better been that its darker , Lbjs doesnt go because his watch is yellow nd his watches gold so toltally threw of the whoel styel.

  43. Saturn says:

    Mamba is the BEST

  44. Barbara Dismaya says:

    No comparison it’s definitely Kobe…he got the style…..

  45. Lebron James says:

    Lebron james the best all around player

  46. Joshua J Way says:

    Some of yall simply dont know fashion! Lebron’s matching green jacket with the gold went perfect!
    Kobe’s looked good too but LBJ had the better combo HANDS DOWN!
    P.S. dont say Kobe’s looked better just because you’re a fan. We are judging FASHION here!

  47. Cynthia J. Miller says:

    Simple. Lebron wore the T-shirt well. Why? He wore the shirt out in the open. I can see it clear. Good marketing. Kobe shouldn’t have worn the T-shirt in the dark and when the team is losing. I would definitely vote for Lebron.

  48. Cynthia J. Miller says:

    I would definitely vote for Lebron. Clearly I can see the T-shirt when see wore it during the interview. Good marketing. Kobe shouldn’t have worn the T-shirt in the dark and when his team is losing. Poor marketing.

  49. isaac says:

    big lol at all the comments above…

  50. Chris says:

    U can’t wear a golden watch and a silver chain…no go

  51. Danny says:

    Was kobe counting the number of his rings lol

  52. Vinsanity says:

    Its a different version of the same shirt. it is not the same shirt!! but i think Lebron rocked it better ithout the chain though.

  53. Mouaz says:

    Lebron looks better

  54. Heat'13 says:

    I used to like KB but I hated them since their loss to the wzrds but ill give this to KB

  55. Lap says:

    Laker u ain’t know wat LBRON got here a lot more swag than kobe

  56. andrea says:

    I agree, Kobe wore it better. He’s also better looking than Lebron. To me, Lebron looks like a pimp. Just saying.

  57. Abe says:

    Is it really one of the critical issues to consider in NBA website to compare what some one wear, at the time of playoff? Or are you marketing these T-shirts? What messages trying to send for your readers?

  58. Jed says:

    Lebron looks much cooler than the denver rapist.

  59. chris getty says:

    Tim Duncan goes forgoton but he has the best chance at ring number 5 to tie Kobe and stay ahead of James.

  60. George Thomas says:

    1 Question, the best player isn’t judged by rings because that is a team effort but the best player is based on the person who is the best in da league, now if LaBron James has 4, but should of been 5 and kobe who been in da league a lot longer only has 1, then how is he the best player in da World and head to head team Basketball LaBron has the best record!!

  61. 63% say its Kobe…

  62. DRoseIsKing says:

    Bron with the chain>>>

  63. Angele Style says:

    Kobe wore it better because he is authentic and genuine from the inside out. Kobe has style and grace and manners on and off the court. Lebron has none of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. Bobby says:

    That survey is sooo US magazine.

  65. Crystal says:

    I can tell yall dont know fashion nor how to dress

  66. Raziel says:

    KOBE is better than Lebron which Lebron has no rings