Andrew Bynum Flamenco Dances In Spain

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Poor Andrew Bynum. OK, sure, it’s hard to say “poor” anything when we’re referring to a guy who:

  • Has already made about $50 million over the course of his career, including the roughly $16 million he banked last season without playing a game
  • Has won two NBA titles
  • Is almost certainly due for a max contract this summer

Still, most things Bynum has touched recently have turned to stone, not gold. There were the injuries and technical fouls and ejections in Los Angeles. There was the trade to Philly, which was supposed to provide a fresh start, but instead mostly just jump-started the end of the Doug Collins era. There was the revelation that Bynum had re-injured his knee, ultimately polishing off his season, not while playing basketball but while bowling.

So we can understand the frustration Sixers fans must feel today when video surfaces of their erstwhile franchise center, dressed like The Fonz, nimbly dancing upon a stage at a cafe in Madrid:

Sure, this is not exactly “Dancing With The Stars”-type movement, but it’s more than we saw him doing on a court all season.

And that’s probably just enough to get everyone all worked up about it.



  1. sam says:

    this article is stupid, damn can’t a brother have some fun?

    • Steve says:

      I completely agree. This article is a travesty. As if there was ANY comparison between the hard-banging and extraordinary physical play of a center in the NBA…and dancing lightly to have some fun and entertain the crowd. Is Bynum supposed to be in a cage somewhere with a bottle of water and weights and a therapist? I’m never reading an article from this journalist ever. And this probably was the first time I did. Shameful. Participating in the Intruding on someone’s private life to then attack their character and integrity and reputation while being totally out of context. A sports analyst should know better, a serious one that is.

      Go further than not thinking and think: is someone fit to dance fit to play in the NBA as a centre against the likes of Dwight Howard? Those of you who have never played the game or had Bynum’s injuries are now silent. So now you turn to the ever so original argument of «he gets paid so much money». You want as much money? Quit whining and make it to the NBA. Try and stay there too.

      • cameron villeral says:

        amen to that!

      • chalice says:

        Well in theory you’re right that dancing on stage has no relation to whether he is a good center or taking his rehab lightly. However, in fact, perception is everything in life and sports. I see why people who paid him 16 plus million would be upset at him dancing while injured and Bynum does have himself to blame. I’m sure everyone understands why this would rub people the wrong way. Nobody said he can’t party, but keep it less public (ie don’t go on stage, party in the crowd). Discretion is everything.

      • Article says:

        Sometimes ppl have nothing to write and they need to turn in a piece for a cent or a bag of ramen they write things like that. Another stupid article from today is “Spoelstra’s managerial talents tend to go unnoticed”. First of all, it wouldn’t be unnoticed if it’s on an article on the world wide web. Second, if you ask all the coaches in the NBA if they want to coach the Heat team right now and 90% of them say YES then it’s an easy job. Does anybody say NO to an easy job? Does everybody say YES to an easy job? Just like the olympic team. All the talents are there so every coach would die to coach the team. No need to write a long article about whether it’s easy or hard job. Do I wan

      • Don't ever CLICK MY NAME!!!! You Have been warned....:D says:

        this article sickens me

      • 34yr fan says:

        ….what ‘character’ lol what ‘integrity’…… he has shown NONE in the past…….are u kidding or just being facetious????

    • NJ_Nets says:

      If it were anyone else, you might be right, but he ended his season because he went bowling on his bum knee and re-injured it. I’m sure he thought he wouldn’t get hurt bowling because it’s not as tough as playing center, but he did. So while it seems like harmless fun, he’s already proven things like this can end badly, and it’s not fair to the people paying his salary.

  2. Dom says:

    that knee looks good

  3. Jeeven says:

    Haha, Bynum’s a gangsta.

  4. isaac says:

    the nba, the whole sixers team and the fans should sue him for that.
    16 mil for doing absolutely nothing? not bad… i’d love that myself.

    • eo says:

      its their own fault i would never draft or trade for a guy like that on my team you have to make personality and character a huge part of building a team. it was obvious he had bad work ethic and does not take his basketball seriously

      • LLfoolJ says:

        what did you learn about his work ethic by watching this video?

      • 34yr fan says:

        eo……GREAT point !!! would NEVER have him on my team… was done so fakers could get their ‘savior’……lol Dwight !!!….pure collusion !! and one end backfired….well….two ends backfired …..blew up in their faces…..

  5. danny den says:

    Dont blame the guy for having some fun. Dont compare playing professional basketball with a rookie salsa dancing. The lakers couldnt win two championships without this beast. Lakers next year guarantee champions. REmember this boys and girls cuz its going to happen

  6. kamaliel23 says:

    Two things I can’t wait for: Better healthcare, and second, for this recreant to leave Fulladulfya!
    If I ever see him walking on Pash-yunk, I will run over his knees and give him a real reason to cry injured.

  7. john says:

    there is a HUGE difference between dancing and playing NBA basketball. this is dumb.

    • eo says:

      yea but the truth is the guy is a dangerously stupid man who couldnt care less about his basketball

      • Kobe Bryant says:

        basically, he played, he made his cash and now he never has to work for THE REST OF HIS LIFE if he can manage his money. Good on him, the article was probably written by someone who is jelous that they can’t buy their wife a new car.

    • #goheatrepeat says:

      So is Bowling which ended any chance of him returning this season. Discretion is everything.

  8. Demsouljas says:

    This dude is and was a joke before this video. This video just confirms that his priority is not playing basketball at the high level. If a team signs him that max contract with no clauses…there crazier than him. “He is who we thought he is!”. Madrid…Really

  9. JOHN says:


    • eo says:

      lol wat a joke u mean could be the best center in the nba surely, heaps of talent no work ethic no competitive spirit or drive

  10. Irvin88 says:

    This video only concludes to me that he doesn’t really care about the game of basketball and prob did it entirely for the money which is ridiculous. So sad when you’re that tall, talented and lazy to give it your all to the sport.

  11. Luc says:

    This article couldn’t be more Stupid!!! There is a difference between dancing and throughing yourself around and slowly walking around on a stage! NBA put something on here that is relevent!

    • 34yr fan says:

      ….and there is a difference between dancing in the spotlights and ….and ….wait………….”rehab” …..the physical kind that is

  12. L.A.ShallRiseAgain says:

    @ T May
    you are the delusional one and i’ll explain why. First you absolutely have no way of knowing if whether the Lakers will win or not next season, it’s a Looong shot but my point is you’re not a physic!. Second yeah things look pretty grim for LA right now, but they always find a way to be at least relevant again (remember the state of the Lakers before the Pau Gasol trade), nobody expected for the Lakers to go to the finals 3 straight seasons and win 2 more championships, i am not saying it can happen right away but probably in 2-5 years. So before anyone starts calling me a Lakers bandwagoner, frustrated fanboy, etc, etc I based my opinion on history and facts, Good day

    • 34yr fan says:

      …..yes …lakers ALWAYS find a way to BUY some other teams talent….. lured away by flash, HISTORY and the promise of promoting some other company’s product as a shill…….good luck this summer in the meat market(free agency)….but watch for the other sharks….Celts…Marck C…..and lately….riley’s heaters….they will all be feasting as well …….better be quick with the checkbook !!! lol

  13. whitebeard says:

    Just a big kid with a lot of money and some real big feet. Ha!

  14. Tony says:

    Best center in the NBA? I think not! I’ll go with an injured Howard and then Lopez before this dude. His rise was made possible because he was the third option and never double teamed member of the Lakers. True stardom comes when a player is the number 1 option and he still goes HAM every night. This idiot is more likely to be ejected than flourish when he becomes the focal point of oppossing defenses. I hope Philly had an insurance policy to cover his injury.

  15. Gene says:


  16. idiots says:

    cmon, he moved just a little bit, and you are trying to make it a case, idiots

    • really!!! says:

      Listen for those of you who keep acting like this isn’t a reason for fans not to be mad you really don’t get it. Im not even a fan of his or philly and this disgusts me. Here you have one of the most dominating centers in the NBA right now and instead of him taking his injury serious and being in the gym working hard. All he wants to is have fun. For example Derrick Rose, He has been injured for over a year now and do you see him out there having lots of fun. No you don’t, because right now the only thing he is worried about is his job. let me put it this way if we get hurt outside our normal paying jobs,a broken leg or something.If we don’t have insurance we will lose our paychecks and be sitting at home without getting payed,so we do everything we can to get back to work because we need that paycheck to pay that bill. This man has the luxury to get this amazing paycheck every week and instead of working hard to do everything he can to earn that paycheck. Instead he would much rather be out having fun. There is a time for fun and right now it shouldn’t be fun for guys like bynum.Especially if it’s possible to be one of the best centers in the NBA. I feelbad for the fans of Philly to have to deal with that ignorance. Anyways just giving my opinion. Now back to my team….. Miami all the way baby!!! Lebron #1 best player in the world…MVP!!

  17. Rich says:

    He could have been great but he settled for mediocre.

  18. Hoopzaah says:

    He has as much championships as Adam Morrison. And i don’t see the later with a contract without playing… But i guess that’s how it all works. He deserves rest as much as the next fella but he should watch what sort of pro he wants to look like doing this stuff. Of course this Joaquín Cortés wannabe act is not compared to the grind of a whole NBA season, plus playoffs, but still, if he wanna make a fool out of himself he should just stick with those hair style ideas of his. Best center in the NBA? Right… No love for Europeans in the other side of the Atlantic.

  19. Chris says:

    I remember when Sports websites was about sports, and not what an athlete is doing in his off time. I know there is allot of pressure to be the first person to break “news”. Bynum is already a two time NBA champion, and played in the playoffs injured to secure that second championship. People are questioning his heart now? He has a heart of a champion literally, lets increase the quality of the articles we post please. This is really a waste of time.

  20. SaYO says:

    huh? i guess when basketball players enter the nba
    after that there is no such thing as fun outside of basketball

  21. Wilt #13 says:

    Man Bynum go to hell. I actually thought you were going to be the best center in the NBA in the next 3 years.
    but after this? Go practice man,If I had skill like you I would train every dam day.
    You are a real joke,Not because you are dancing in madrid and not practicing.No not because of that stupid injury from bowling,No Not because you are a little child who cant grow up.
    Its because you are never serious about basketball, No love for the game,Only money.
    Look at other players who make 90% Less then you
    They play for the love of the game and not because of the money.

  22. cameron villeral says:

    Lang Whitaker,
    What is your point, Sixers are done this year. Bynum is grown man. He makes his money and can do whatever he wants, including having fun. As Long as he is not playing any contact sports in the offseason it is all Gravy.

    Stop Hating!

  23. Bynum is looking good! Glad to see that his knees are feeling better. Looks like he will be back going hard in the NBA. Good for him. Have a blast in Spain.

  24. bynum's knee says:

    This is the kind of things that makes Bynum sucks, screwing the Sixers for the whole season then a month in the post season, fans going to find out this negro is in Spain having fun, show some delicadeza

  25. MarlBreezy says:

    No, no, no…..everybody really take a look at Bynum’s moves……HE LOOKS GOOD!..The lateral movement on his knees..never looked better even when he was in LA…Philly should be hype and get those flamenco dancers to be his trainers!

  26. schizoapostle says:

    What this article fails to mention is that the Sixers trainers actually prescribed flamenco as part of Bynum’s rehab. Plus, everybody knows a center needs good footwork!

  27. Truth says:

    Wilt #13 is right. Also, any team that signs & pays this clown deserves the thief that they get.

  28. Juan says:

    Andrew DIDN’T WANT To Play In Phiilly…He Likely Saw Da Roster…He Likely Saw They Weren’t Makin DA PLAYOFFZ To Begin Wit

  29. sanjay says:

    the sixers are fishing and it is the off season for them. Bynum has every right to enjoy himself when not playing basketball! playing basketball and dancing are totally different. He is barely tapping his legs! He has already won 2 championship at an young age and he will definitely do well once his legs can take the pounding that happens in the center! let bro dance and shake off the tension!

  30. Hes young dumb with lots of money. good for him

  31. Timmy says:

    This article is stupid. The next article is more hilarious. ” Bryum’s swells up after dancing at Madrid ” This guy is more of a joke than Howard. I agree there’s nothing wrong with going out and having fun, but atleast have the sense in doing it out of the crowd. Feel sorry for the Philly fans

  32. JB says:

    Can’t say I rated him as a Laker, was looking forward to seeing what the hype was about this year but I understand taking time to get over an injury (stink one for the sixers though). I hope he comes back fit and ready in the new season and enters that discussion of centres in the league cos compared to previous decades the centres suck at the moment. And last of all as he knee has been bung and he hasn’t been able to play, I’m looking forward to seeing 100% from the FT line cos he had to be practising something all this time….

  33. kiefy says:

    Everybody is gonna shut up the moment bynum steps back on the court and goes off for 20 and 10. This is the same as the DRose injury hate. Just because a dude can do a two step doesn’t mean he can’t play ball

  34. marcus the jordan says:

    idiots are those who blame Bynum to party and be discreet not in public….its in restaurant and in spain .he has tha right to say he is not ready to play if he feels he will hurt himself further.

  35. Antwanne says:

    Well he did hurt himself bowling so dancing is prolly just as dangerous for his scramble egg knees

  36. Jose (Clipper Nation) says:

    Leave him alone. Dancing is not playing 30- to 42 min of basketball. Next season will B the season we see him play. He is a young kid who is going to do what young kids do okay people! I’d do the same thing too with a docs ok and team of course if I had his contract.

  37. Popisign says:

    At least that shows that he still got some kind of moves. What a waste he has been for the sixers;

  38. Jay'Q says:

    Its really not that bad…people like to start drama for no reason. He has the right to live his life. He moved his feet a little, but that’s completely different than being NBA ready. I remember D12 dancing during his entrance on Ellen Degenerous before this season started…he was still recovering from back surgery, no one made that a big deal

  39. Juan says:

    This is dumb, just let him dance. Its not even that hard to do what he was doing an old man can do this. Honestly just leave the guy alone he will play next year

  40. YOUR MOTHER says:

    geez let the guy be dont be mad cause your broke at home talking cheap behind a screen ha. GO LAKERS!

  41. Ali Malik says:

    So many people hating on Bynum and probably because of jealousy. The man is 7 feet tall and always had bad knees and feet too. He is doing pretty good for lasting this long so give the brother a break. It wasn’t like he landed on American Dream, rather American Dream landed on him..

  42. Rick says:

    Holy hell this guy is a clown. A wealthy clown but a clown nonetheless. Philly fans have every right to be PO’ed.

  43. buzzed says:

    Here is a center that could have been the best all time in his short career. Oh but no o o o o!!!!!!! Let me do some salsa and @#$! some fans in Philly. Kupchak saw writing on the wall in his last yrs with lakers and got rid of the young punk. He have no interest in better himself. You wonder where is his mind at(dummy).

  44. Rich says:

    come on…. what’s the big deal! so he danced, and some dude filmed it with his phone. I wonder how much money lang whitaker get’s for these stupid lines? Because they are not worth a penny!

  45. johnny dawson says:

    Somebody called him dumb. He is an articulate fellow who reads. He is not stupid.

    • Truth says:

      (to johnny dawson) Many read without understanding. Many are articulate as they spout nonsense.
      All said, your comment is hilarious.

  46. buzzed says:

    Yeah he shouldn’t be dancing right now. Better take his @#$! back to gym and work out. Even if it takes 24 hrs a day to get better cuz the fans spend their long hard dollars to see you buddy. When he was in LA you can see the dis-interest in his work activities. Now look at him now. Salsa man who hoo! He better call Tyrone to help him move. Philly fan gonna run him out of Philly.

  47. Dru Bye Numb says:

    give me 16 mil to sit out for 6 months lol. he’s definitely earned his $$$ for the sixers this year 🙂

  48. Peter Rabbit says:

    You just cannot spell BynUM without B U M

  49. Garifuna says:

    Bynum doing the “Stanky Leg” LMAO!

  50. Deluxx says:

    OK Lang, i know u have to keep your job but Andrew is a human been. Can he live his life?

  51. Steve K says:

    Can’t a brother play some basketball? We know the brother can collect a pay check.

  52. Philip says:

    Kobe was right again. Dwight is bettet!

  53. Nba fan says:

    He was just barely moving. Please find better things to post. For example, do a report where Curry and Thompson teach the kids the shooting form and how much dedication they put into becoming such great shooters.

  54. Tikolo says:


  55. Levi says:

    i mean his dance moves just shows how well his footwork is but yea it sucs he didnt get to play

  56. Kyler Phoenix says:

    Aside from him doing a little shuffle here, and how his NBA career has gone so far, the last thing I want to see from AB is him turning into the new Benoit Benjamin of the league, just sitting on it and becoming lazy out of some unprofessional rebellion going on in his head from knowing the inner workings of how the league really operates as a business. He needs to grow up, get beyond it, and sincerely appreciate the opportunity he’s been given by getting his body straight and back on the right track of superior physical health for the remainder of his career. He owes the league that at the very least, and he owes the fans of Philly at the very most.

  57. Mark says:

    Wow this is just ridiculous. As a Sixers fan, I’m at a loss for words that we traded Iggy, as well as Vuc and Mo Harkless who both got really good, for this guy…

  58. sidthacreator says:

    regardless I’m sure teams are looking at this and will be including it in future contracts

  59. buzzed says:

    My point with AB is…….if he wants to be a superstar, he needs to get back on horse and bust his tell off for the Philly fans. He owes them that much. He don’t need to be known as a quitter or salsa dancer. Look, I’m not being hypocrite about this stuff but if someone gave me 16 mil I’ll be salsing too. AB have to realize that the money don’t comes free. U have to earn that. The bigger the money the greater the responsibility and the greater the expectation. If it wasn’t for the Lakers, he will be just another tall mediocre player.

  60. Samuel l mutha says:

    Its bugallo from breakin

  61. windoze321 says:

    It’s 41 seconds of someone’s life. Not even a full minute. 14 minutes and 24 seconds make up 1% of a day, so this is like 4 ten thousandths of a % of his day. He could be working out very hard or doing nothing the rest of the day. Unless you’re with him, you don’t know anything more than this 41 seconds of this paticular day.

  62. freddiebeware says:

    He injured himself bowling enough said….he should be wheel chair bound until he is back on the court.

  63. alp says:

    andrew bynum really doesn’t deserve an NBA contract. he’s easily top 2 softest big men in nba history behind shawn bradley.

  64. yemikills says:

    Must feel nice getting paid millions to do absolutely nothing.

  65. He’s dancing pretty lightly. I don’t see the problem. Anyway, we already knew he was a slacker.

  66. Unkle Daddy says:

    If I just made 16 million and didn’t do anything for it, I’d be dancing too ¡Olé! makes me laugh

  67. Basketball is just a GAME says:

    It’s not like he wanted his knees to be bum. Sure he might’ve hurt it bowling, but is he supposed to lock up his doors and wither away in darkness in his mansion like Bruce Wayne? Remember he didn’t put a gun to people’s head to give him the $16 mil. He’s human. I don’t expect anybody to bash themselves, because they didn’t live up to society’s expectation. Life is tough as it is, money doesn’t go down to the grave when he dies. Just so as long as when he is healthy, he’s playing his best.

  68. Vanishing point says:

    I live in Madrid, just around the block of “CAFÉ DE CHINITAS”, the flamenco “tablao” (dancefloor) where Bynum dance in the video… and it’s pretty complicated to say NO to flamenco dancers, so I don’t blame him… but the truth is that he’s sliding carefully on the floor instead of stomp his feet in the flamenco way… a very dangerous style of dancing for your knees if you do it well.. as dangerous as bowling:)… the best, the claim of the venue: DANCE TO NOT DIE

  69. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    i’d be dancing too

  70. matchine says:

    chalice, I’m sure 7 ft andrew bynum would “blend” into a crowd like something that dosn’t blend very well into something else blends in

  71. boston rules says:

    haha unlucky 6’ers fans, he’d rather dance than play for your awful squad

  72. enzo says:

    the only thing, that should be writen about, is the horrible ferrari jacket 😀

  73. Xtremenator1 says:

    I understand people saying he should just be allowed to have fun. But this isn’t a regular job at your local target store. This is a multi-billion dollar company in the NBA. Millions of dollars are on the line, jobs are on the line, you don’t just do this stuff. Especially when you have a history of leg problems in the first place. Heck he injured his other knee which kept him out the rest of the year by just BOWLING. Bynum by not watching his body has singly handily got a coach fired, got a general manager possibly being fired, and put a team back into re-building mode in the Philadelphia 76ers. This is a little bit bigger then just having “fun”. If he was never injured and didn’t have a history of knee problems then he can go have as much fun as he wants. But when there’s millions of dollars on the line, and jobs on the line, its just reckless and stupid.

    • Xtremenator1 says:

      You never see people like Kobe Bryant or Derrick Rose doing stuff like this. They just keep working out and listen to the doctors orders so they make sure they are back in 100% form.

  74. jake says:

    This guy is a juvenile that will never grow up. I’ve never liked his attitude…he’s like Carlos Boozer…all about himself and only himself. “Injuries” (ala Boozer) are always questioned. Any team that offers him a max contract should immediately fire their GM.

    Makes me feel bad for a guy like Greg Oden, who did and still does have a great attitude. He just wants to play ball. Apparently Bynum just wants to party and buy Ferraris.

    Total loser…

  75. kobe says:

    dont ever go bowling andrew

  76. Jeff says:

    This 41 second video doesn’t mean anything. You have no idea what he is doing the entire day so you cannot concretely conclude that he does not do anything but have fun while injured. You need to observe him longer than that to see what his actual day to day schedule is before calling him lazy or not hard working or anything else. The Lakers would not have won 2 championships without him. If his work ethic sucked that Phil Jackson would have benched him all those years rather than letting him start.

  77. Andrew Bynum says:

    Relax people I was just testing out my knees..

  78. Homecourt says:

    Show me Bynum in a muddy mosh pit and I’ll take issue with it. This is not news.

    He did nothing but hurt his chances for more money by missing the entire season. He’s lazy and unmotivated no doubt. He’s an idiot for actually injuring himself while bowling during rehab, certainly.

    But this video is no slap in the face to any but the most ignorant of Philly fans.

  79. European Smartpants says:

    Seriously, what should a guy who gets paid that much do if he cannot play? I mean, how long can you go on playing video games and watching movies? Get off his case – there are bigger news in the NBA…

  80. bigdog says:

    let the man dance

  81. keith j.robertson says:

    Andrew bynam is a jerk. He blew the sixers season. They should put him on the trade block and hope for the best.

  82. nick says:

    madrid, spain = best city-night on earth for partying

  83. Chris says:

    … what was he doing in spain anyway? LOL he must be hanging out with Pau or something

  84. Rok says:

    That’s not Andrew Bynum. That’s Tracy Morgan!

  85. Ace says:

    Not that this video means anything really, but the way this guy has screwed the 76ers all season is disgusting. I’m not even a Philly fan either, if I was I’d wanna punch Bynum in the throat. He’s immature and lazy. There’s guys in this league with half his talent but ten times his work ethic. If they had his ability they’d be unstoppable. Instead we see this lazy bum getting paid millions to not do his job. Pathetic. I hope the Sixers cut him and no one else signs him because he shows the franchise, the league and the sport no respect at all.

  86. thunda says:

    NWat yall mean let him b no dont let him b he got paid 16million for to dance no Dats not he shudnt be in a cage but come on yur dancing an you cudnt even play this seoson im gonna chew him out for dat Timmy is old an probably got more injuries than he do an still playing like he’s bynum age yes if i was Philly fans i wud be pissed at that you can dance but can’t play but you can dance you using your knees and legs just as much wen your dancing so he could of re injured his knees so yes Philly fans chew him out