NBA Style: Classic Uniforms #TBT

By the Style Crew —

While the NBA is a League that has always had its share of individuals, the one unifying feature of all players is that everyone wears uniforms. But that doesn’t make them uniform. Some franchises have opted for simple jerseys with their team name in a stylized font, such as the Knicks or the Minneapolis Lakers, other teams have gone for more interesting expressions. Check out, for instance, the New Jersey Nets, with a red/white/blue stars and stripes motif; All-Star Game jerseys, with stars literally all over them; a Toronto Raptor jersey featuring an enormous cartoon raptor. Sometimes it’s in the details, like with the trim on the throwback Syracuse Nationals jersey. And then sometimes we’re drawn to the colors, like with the gorgeous baby blue and red of the old Sacramento Kings jerseys.

Whatever you like, for many of us uniforms can be much more than just a statement of which team we’re cheering for. We picked some pics in the gallery below of uniforms that caught our eye.

What is your favorite uniform of all-time? Let us know in the comments section, and don’t forget to continue the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag #NBAStyle…


  1. perkele says:

    championship houston jerseys

  2. Albert says:

    Nuggets 1982 home uniforms

  3. Samuel says:

    1989-1990 Bad Boy Pistons

  4. TabooTerry says:

    San Francisco Warriors Jerseys

  5. mogle says:

    Celtics 🙂 and blue Kings

  6. Albert says:

    Phoenix Suns 1989 away jersey..beautiful!

  7. @iDamienJackson says:

    1985 Atlanta Hawks PAC-Man logo and all

  8. Albert says:

    yeah! generally, in my modest opinion, 80’s jerseys were ages more beautiful than the ones around at the moment..I think Celtics,Lakers, Bulls and Knicks’ kept up their style since then..also the Jazz returned with their 80’s “musical note’s logo”..and i liked the choice..yes definitively..80’s uniforms were the best

  9. Gustavo RJ says:

    NYK te amo!

  10. get with the times says:

    With all this talk about style in the NBA lately, I am surprised that all the teams are still holding on to the long and baggy shorts. They seemed cool when MJ was rocking them in the 1990s, but that was 20 years ago. Baggy shorts seem like an extension (or rather abbreviation) of the outdated baggy pants referred to in this article.

  11. Chet says:

    Shaq Era Orlando Magic uniforms. all three colors.