J.R. Smith Offers Fans Bandwagon Tips

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Knicks may be down 1-0 to the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference semifinals, but this hasn’t affected the confidence of the Knicks’ players. They’ve believed all season that they can win with their helter-skelter style, and a couple of poor shooting games won’t undermine what’s worked all season.

This self-confidence runs especially deep in J.R. Smith, the Knicks’ recently crowned Kia Sixth Man of the Year, who embodies the “I’m-a-shooter-so-I’ll-keep-shooting” archetype. Since serving a one-game suspension in the first round against Boston, Smith has hit a cold spell, shooting a combined 12-42 in his last three games. (Even though he went 4-15 against Indiana, he did get to the free throw line 10 times and finished with 17 points.)

Regardless of how things are going, J.R. is going to play his game, and the Knicks are going to play their game. If you don’t like this, you can jump off the Knicks’ bandwagon.

And just in case you’re one of the ones jumping off, Smith tweeted a few tips yesterday evening so that you won’t injure yourself.

Reminder: Please fill out all paperwork in triplicate and make sure you leave no answers blank. Thanks!


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  1. One of those Miami Heat Bandwagoners says:

    lemme fill that out

    Miama Heat – 2014 – Lebron James Leaves Miami and i’mma Bandwagon his new Team, the Charlotte Bobcats

    • berlin says:

      dont hate on lebron cause his one of the best player in the league show some respect

      • Calvin says:

        Respect??? I will respect him when he stop crying and start playing when teams get physical and stop starting s**t when some roughs him up. If he is such the basketball player that you say he is, then why leave to “be handed” a championship?

        All that was needed in Cleveland was a good point guard and a true center or a strong, tall power forward, and he would have gotten his championship(s) with the Cavs. I know he can play with the best of the best, but until he gets out the “You must bow down to me” mentality, he will never get total respect from true fans, and not bandwaggoners….

        (To add, once Jordan one his first championship, he too, had the same attitude as James do now, and Kobe did during his tenure.)

  2. zombiedude says:

    That is awesome. They should make it mandatory to fill this form out before you buy any Heat merchandise.

    • NBAFAN says:

      WHY?. . .there are NBA fans out there that do like to wear other team jerseys. . . . I my self dont own any heat items because I just dont like them but if I do own a few items from other teams who players I like. . .dumb comment.

    • zestrada says:

      really.. born in hollywood florida in 1984. I own Marlins clothing and Heat clothing.. You should think before you speak. Im from Miami Live in Miami and I dont even talk like you.. Im curious where your from.. probably somewhere where your team sucks!

      • Andy says:

        You mean like Miami did for all but three years of their entire existence? You don’t have much room to talk just because the Heat are good right now.

  3. Rob says:

    You play a sport that is viewed internationally and you expect extreme loyalty from people who live in places that don’t have a team. Be thankful I support the NBA at all. Oh and for the record, the Knicks aren’t making that final.

  4. Marco Showtime says:

    I’m on the jr./melo bandwagon since early Denver days and even tho yall can’t seem to hit any jumpers(lol) I still got yall beatin the pacers and boy george and i still got yall goin all the way until yall run into the free train (Lebron) in the conference finals…good luck with that…(lol)

  5. HAHA says:

    Mostly heat bandwagoners lol

  6. StayGoldKid says:

    This is gold! I’m so glad he did this! It’s been one game against the Pacers and people are panicking. If the Knicks can keep it that close with no offense, I would be afraid what’s going to happen as they heat back up. And believe me, they’ll heat back up.

    • Andy says:

      The Pacers had the best defense in the NBA this year. It wasn’t an accident that they didn’t shoot well in game 1. This is not an easy series for either team.

  7. yo mamma says:

    tru dat

  8. mamulundoy says:

    how does a bandwagoner just abandon their fave team just like that?
    doesnt make sense to me..

  9. martin says:

    ahahahaha this is hilarious… reason for transfer C. LeBron James LOL!!!!!

  10. Frank says:

    We’re going to need a truckload of these forms delivered to the Lakers for when Kobe Bryant retires.

    • ranfan says:

      The same fans that stuck through the tough times before kobe arrived and became an all star?

    • gwen hopkins says:

      frank, sorry to burst your bubble but I’ve been a Lakers fan since before Kobe was born and will continue to be a Lakers fan long after Kobe is gone!

      • Andy says:

        Why do fans take this so personally? Just because you are not a bandwagon fan doesn’t mean that there are not a lot of them. The Lakers have tons of fans for the sole reason that Kobe is on the team. Just like Miami has them for the sole reason that LeBron is on the team. Just like New York for Melo. He’s not saying every single fan of the team is a bandwagon fan, he is just saying that there are a lot of them.

  11. Not a bandwagon'er ... BUT!!!! says:

    I agree with JR’s sentiments regarding giving up on your team after a few bad games. However I disagree wih the sentiments implied by the mock form and others on this thread, that you are a “bandwagon’er” if you follow a player rather than a team. I’m an international bballl lover and have spent the last 25 years following different nba teams based on the players I love and respect. I’ve supported the bulls with MJ, Warriors and Miami with Timmy Hardaway, sixers with AI,Suns with Nash, Denver and Knicks with Melo and JR and of course Cleveland and Miami with Lebron.

    I’m no bandwagon’er, I will support these players unconditionally throughout their carriers, I however do not live in the states and thus have no geographic allegiance to any team.

    I do in other sports support teams based on my location and affinity to that region and I support those teams unconditional aswell.

    Go Heat and Knicks, looking fwd to eastern conf finals, I can’t lose!

    • Then you're a bandwagoner, clown. says:

      You ARE a bandwagon fan. Every player you named was on a top team.

    • i call bs says:

      that’s too bad because teams win championships not individuals. you can root for player you want, but that’s the definition of being a bandwagon fan. you follow them because of their success

    • Yourmomsplumber says:

      You will lose when the pacers and bulls get to the eastern conference finals

    • Professional Misfit says:

      Then you see the importance of fan loyalty. People keep saying, “I’m not from the U.S.” Then obviously that doesn’t apply to you. But as for people in the U.S. (and Toronto), just as in your reason, shouldn’t be inclined to jump from team to team.

    • Fo sho says:

      In general I’m sure this is aimed at local fans with local teams. As far as international viewers go we are glad for any interest in our league and continue to look forward to the day when bball is really a world wide sport.

  12. Be_yourself_no_matter_what says:

    shame on you JR Smith “Hater”
    This dud don’t know basketball is a team sport


    I’ll fill this out

    if J.R. Smith fills out my OFFICIAL BAD SHOTS SELECTION form … he he …

  14. SrCorba says:

    I’m from Barcelona but thus having “no geographic allegiance to any team” I’m a KNICK fan and I’ll allways be!

    Of course I like other players from other teams, but I allways loved the way of the KNICKS, their style of game, the philosophy behind it! THAT it’s what made me a NYK fan!
    I’m happy now as I’ve been sad before with my team but, hey! Shouldn’t be that way when u love something?! πŸ˜‰

    One last thing: VAMOS PABLO!!

  15. J.R. spend your time practicing your shots, not writing up a stupid bandwagon form.

  16. katanaman says:


  17. camz97 says:

    Is it really wrong to support many team in the NBA? Seriously, my fave team this season were the heat, knicks, nuggets, bucks and warriors. I don’t care who wins the championship but I love watching this teams play. If one of this teams won the championship it would be a bonus.

  18. true MH says:

    true fan.. hate the wagons

  19. OKC says:

    Feel free to jump on our bandwagon! I love seeing Thunder jerseys in other arenas.

    Plus if you jump on this year while Westbrook is hurt you won’t look bad when we win it all next year (I’m still holding out hope for this year).

  20. hhhhhhh says:

    the knicks are the best just because they didnt click there first game means there going to come off hot in there secong game . LETS GO JR AND MELO…..

  21. will says:

    Jeremy Lin fan : where can I get this form?

  22. Knicks Lifer says:

    I’ve been a #Knicks fan for 40 years — No band-wagoning over here

  23. hypocrits says:

    players want loyal fans but theyre not even loyal to teams. im a loyal celtics fan to death but i know pierce wasnt always loyal to the c’s cause he wanted out at one point. players do whats best for them (majority of them do) and dont honestly care about the fans.

    • Andy says:

      You’re a Celtics fan talking about how Pierce isn’t loyal because he might have wanted out at some point but stayed yet you don’t mention Ray Allen taking the high road to another ring?

  24. i think they forget.... says:

    I think the knicks players forget they havent been anywhere this century… dressing in all black for the funeral of the C’s ( then getting beaten ), going out drinking pre game 5, posting stupid things like this form just show JR and other players are completely immature…. but hey keep doing that and the pacers will keep focusing on playing hard ball….

  25. Celtics says:

    I am only 14 and am currently living in HK. I have been a celtics fan since I was 5 and will be no matter what happens. If Pierce or KG leave, I will still have respect for them, as they did great for my franchise, but that doesn’t mean that I will support their new teams.

    Respecting players is alright, and you have to appreciate the greatness, but liking a team based on one player is called being a bandwagoner.

    Btw, JR Smith’s form is hilarious. I actually laughed

  26. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    he can cry all he wants, that’s not gonna help them against the pacers

  27. Rz says:

    Can’t we be fans of individual players as opposed to teams? Why must it always be considered bandwagoning to follow a certain a athlete, regardless of the team he plays for?

  28. bigblack8999 says:

    may be jr should let someone with a complete game like Iman take some shots. Dang I miss STAT. STAT never shrink in the face of competition.

  29. bigblack8999 says:

    JR and Melo seems to be getting smaller with every game. Play big or go home. I dont need JR talking big. Play big sucka

  30. Haters says:

    There are absolutely no published rules or written laws to tell people how they want to follow professional sports.

    If I want to follow a team because my favourite player got traded there THEN I AM ALLOWED
    If I want to follow a team because their uniform is my favourite colour THEN I AM ALLOWED.

    Its sport people! You can do whatever you want to do

  31. ROD DIAZ says:

    Where is the Bull’s MJ bandwaggon form. Has everyone forgotten about that? Let’s be real here, when a team achieves greatness or a player achieves greatness people want to witness it. I been a Heat fan all my life, I grew up in Miami. But once the Heat were out of the playoffs I was rooting for Jordan in the 90’s. What’s wrong with people whose team isn’t in the playoffs rooting for Lebron? Not to mention Jordan didn’t have someone as exciting as Wade on his team, who brought the championship to the team before he even got there. There have been a lot of Wade fans since 2006 and those people have become Heat fans. The funny thing is that JR is actually giving Lebron tremendous props here.

  32. Brendan McCabe says:

    I have always been a Knicks fan, and I have sat through seasons where we had losing records, no playoff appearances, and, when we finally have made the playoffs, I have watched us win 1 playoff game in 2 years of being a playoff team. I have loved watching the Knicks, they have always been my team, regardless if we have a 6 time All-Star and and Defensive Player of the Year, AND a sixth man of the year on our team or not. I will always support the Knicks, whether we have the worst record in the NBA or if we are marching through the Playoffs. It doesn’t matter, I will always be a huge, die-hard Knicks fan. If you want to be a bandwagon fan and watch a team because they have guys like Lebron and KD and Kobe and Harden and D12, but don’t wanna support that team when they have guys like Kwame Brown or Josh McRoberts, then please just stop being a “fan” of basketball and of team sports in general.

    • GOATee says:

      so since I’m a Knicks fan I shouldn’t have watched the GSW-Spurs game or the Bulls-Nets game 7, because that was ~disloyal~ of me? I just think we should all lighten up. many have one team they root for, but there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the game and being impressed by talents around the league

      that said, the form was pretty funny

  33. BigSpanky1 says:

    I wonder what jerseys his parents wear…or what team his relatives root for, or is that different? I am pretty sure their favorite team will be the one their favorite player is on…..hhhmmmmm….bandwagon???? If I follow a player it isn’t whether or not they are successful. It is because I want them to become successful and want to see it unfold. I followed Shaq from Orlando before he led the Lakers to Three NBA titles,…yes Shaq gave Kobe his first three rings, and since the whole Shaq, Phil, Kobe scandal, I have never liked Kobe. I will give him credit for what he has done, but I still don’t like his Me, My, I attitude. Bandwagon or not, JR needs to remember that a bandwagon fan who bought his jersey just helped pay his salary and he should hope there are fans following him as much as they follow a specific team.

  34. Dirkleton says:

    im sorry to burst the bubble of many people who cant accept the facts.
    A) if you abandon support for a team and follow another one purely because of their success
    B) if you leave your team because your favorite player moved to another team
    if you committed either of the acts stated above you are a band wagoner.
    Mavs fan for life! from australia πŸ™‚

    acception: if you didnt follow the nba at all then started following it, it is completely normal to pick one of the best teams in the league. I know many miami heat fans have only been following the NBA for the last 2 or so years. You guys aren’t band wagoners, just new πŸ™‚

  35. Miles10 says:

    It is hilarious! Boy, I nearly fell on my seat when I saw the form. I’m a non-US basketball fan, so I get to cheer for any team. I followed MJ and Bulls, AI and Sixers, Kidd and Nets, Webber and Kings, and both Lebron plus Wade and Cleveland plus Miami. At the end of the day, I just simply love watching NBA! Whether the mentioned teams win or lose, they all made me appreciate how the game transcended.

    Going back to the form, I realize some things terribly funny. The form has been tagged the word “OFFICIAL”. Really? As in David Stern authorized it? Lol kidding. Secondly, the last reason (D. unsure (unstable)) made me smile wider. The word unstable is like implying me that I’m crazy for following other teams from time to time. Lastly, one thing that is certain is that this kind of gag really sells.

    Please don’t take this mock form against JR. Moreover, let’s not make intricate ideas out of JR’s joke. Let’s just make our cheers louder for whichever team/s we’re rooting for.

  36. marko says:

    I don’t get it, is this form for fans of for players? Maybe Ray Allen or Rashard Lewis should fill this. JR is in his first year with Knicks, I guess he’s not on Nuggets bandwagon anymore.

  37. lol says:

    Hahahah J.R smith needs to fill out a shot selection sheet before posting that stuff

  38. Knicks Fan since 92… I dont care if the Knicks make the Playoffs or not. Knicks Fan 4Life and beyond!

  39. Esteban says:

    Aww J.R. is mad he will never be as good nor even as popular as LeBron. That guy is the less consistent player ever. You’re not going anywhere why that “joke-disguised” hate.

  40. yyd says:

    JR is just a player without any heart. Taking bad shot and a lot of shots. Do not know what to do at particular moment. Why fire at the bandwagon fans? At least they care or willing to care about your team. NYK has other players just like JR and you know who I am talking about. If they win a title, that will be a huge joke.

  41. LOL says:

    Somebody needs to give this to Lil’ Wayne

  42. Naddy says:

    I support any team playing against the HEAT. PERIOD, So right now I am a BULLS fan.

  43. manny g says:

    I guess you can only be a fan of the crappy teams now a days or else you’re a bandwagoner, You know why everyones a fan of the heat?? because they WIN GAMES!!!! Why should i like the Magic or Bobcats?? The bandwagon BS is so stupid. LETS GO HEAT!!

    • Dan says:

      the heat you see won’t last forever.
      just like MJ and the bulls.

      you are riding the wagon my friend

  44. Keith says:

    The Knicks must go big, We can not match-up with Indiana going small, this is not BOSTON
    focus on the TEAM you are playing. Also why is Melo guarding West ? WEST is a BANGER , Melo is aScore could someone Tell Mike Woodson We have big players woodson needs to play them one that come to mind is Coopland

  45. Nick_E23 says:

    I don’t like J.R. Smith, or anyone on New York other than Chandler, but this is really funny.

  46. hooplover says:

    Goooo Grizzlies…..

  47. Knicks era says:

    people are such haters u heard just turn up knicks we takin it all im tryna tell u knicks all day u heard heat or bulls yall not ready.

  48. turhan says:

    thats all we see is lebron fan. thats all the league gives props too theres so many players in the league and stars and the only focus is lebron. even when he has a bad game or they lose they stil talk about him more than the players that deserves it. my team is always gonna be the underdog but damian lillard will be something special years to come. btw we beat the weak heat.
    Go Blazers!!!!!!!!

  49. Harraj Kahlon says:

    Its great so many people have allegiances to so many teams. thats good for you. But a person made a great point earlier that they support players they like and would like to see them succeed. Come on, most of you Miami fans dont even live in Miami, you guys are probably Lebron or DWade fans and support the Heat because of your allegiance to those two. If you are not from the US or Toronto, you owe no allegiance to any of the NBA teams. I am sure the alleged “bandwagoners” probably are loyal to some other team for another sport that is local to their geographical area. Myself for example, I am from Toronto, but my mom is from Oakland, so I support all Toronto and Oakland sports teams. But I also enjoy watching Kobe, Melo, Dirk, Deron Williams, Derrick Rose, etc., therefore based on a match-up, i will root for a specific team, ie) Pacers vs Knicks, I will root for Knicks because i like Melo, that doesnt make me a Knicks fan, i am just cheering for that team to win that match-up.

  50. J. Collins says:

    I just transferred bandwagons last week. Why is everyone making such a big deal about it? Is it because I didn’t fill out the form?

  51. marco isdumb says:

    chocolate thunder

  52. me says:

    haha bandwagoners, funny stuff. Didn’t know J.R had a sense of humor. For those of y’all clueless, this is sarcasm, he doesn’t actually supporter being a “bandwagoner”

  53. Bullsfan says:

    I don’t know what to do cuz I left lebrons wagon and hopped on to Luol Dengs like 6 years ago………………..

  54. Bullsfan says:

    Just saying even before that I was on the Chris Bosh Wagon cuz Im from Toronto.

  55. jonathan says:

    knicks fan here froma argentina, ABSOLUTELY LOYAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  56. unprofessionalNBA says:

    i wasnt “fan” but i stopped to watch the knicks games since anthony, knowing that fakeness and spotlight hype will be king and queen in new york.and smith play the same, fake hype boys. i don’t like their mentality and poor basketball skills (or average who thinks he is sooo good) – well, a teenager jersey seller team

  57. Luke says:

    Wile there’s nothing wrong with liking a player who isn’t on your team, it is really lame to just root for whatever team that player is on. I swear, 50% of Heat fans are just band-wagoners. There is more truth to this tweet by J.R. than most will give credit for.

  58. Lakerlover says:

    first of all, JR hit two gamewinners for the knicks, was the prime scorer while melo was injured and is the sixth man of the year, so show some respect

  59. ja says:

    For real, when a player shows loyalty to his own team he started on and stays for the rest of his career then they have reason to talk about bandwagons. Otherwise get out of here

  60. juicy J says:

    Not all heat fans are bandwagon fans. Lebron was always everyone’s favorite player and since he goes to Miami we aren’t allowed to like the heat? Of course people are gonna like the team that their favorite player goes to. I don’t call that being a bandwagon fan

  61. Leggo HEAT says:

    I’m from the other side of the world when I started rooting for the Miami Heat since D.Wade lead them to their 1st championship, then they started sucking, D.Wade had all sorts of injuries, Shaq was overweight, Marion didn’t matter, Jermaine O’Neil didn’t as well, still I stuck with the Heat. I was ready to jump the bandwagon when D.Wade was rumored to sign with Chicago or NY but then Bosh and LBJ came along, didn’t see that coming. I was the luckiest fan, especially when they won the Finals last season. So now that I’m living here in New Jersey (abandoned by the Nets), I’ll stick with the Heat.

  62. BINS says:

    SO JR Smith isnt in a BANDWAGON TEAM? OH come on! How many ALL STARS in Knicks? MELO, KIDD, AMARE JR SMITH. so They are bandwagon ALSO! LOL

  63. dwadefan4life says:

    following your favorite player to whatever team he goes to isn’t being a bandwagon fan…
    jumping from team to team based on success is. i.e. becoming a patriots fan after tom won a Super Bowl.

  64. who cares if you are a bandwagoner fan,theres nothing wrong with supporting one of your favourite players that you love to watch ? Isn’t that what the NBA is about ? About where amazing happens ? Im a lebron fan but i dont care because he is the best.

  65. who cares if your a bandwagon fan, theres nothing wrong with supporting one of your favourite players you love to watch ?
    like seriously come on…. isn’t that what the NBA is about ? Where amazing happens ? Call me a bandwagoner i dont care but im a lebron fan and i always have been because he is the best. Nothing will stop me from supporting one of my idols.

  66. knickers says:

    so JR is admitting that nobody follows him except fans of the team that he plays for?… understandable…

    but i don’t have to like JR because he plays for the Knicks…

    he should focus on his game and not on these off-court antics of him…

  67. Alp says:

    I don’t think jumping from team to team is a bad thing, as long as you don’t do it often. I started watching basketball in 2003 and became a Detroit Pistons fan. I was a hardcore Pistons fan up until start of 2010-2011 season. They just got too boring to watch at that point. Even when I was a fan, I rooted for other teams when Pistons got knocked out of the playoffs. I am not going to not watch NBA Finals because Pistons didn’t make it.

    Switching teams when your team sucks is not a bad things. It’s actually good. It gives the management team incentive to improve the team. Imagine if everyone was a loyal fan. Imagine if teams that go 20-62 sold out for every single game. Management team wouldn’t have much incentive to improve the team. If you can hire cheap players and still sell out every single game, why would you want to hire expensive players and make less profit? It doesn’t make sense business wise and the owners of these teams are businessman.

    If you are switching teams every year, that is bad. But if you stick with a team for 5-6 years and they become horrible, I don’t think it’s a bad thing to switch things. After all, being a fan is not marriage. If a team wants loyal fans, they have to be loyal to the fans and give the people something to be proud of.

  68. adiaromano says:

    Who the hell is JR Smith?