Luol Deng Tweets Support From Hospital Bed

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — We knew Luol Deng, like pretty much everyone else on the Chicago Bulls, was injured/sick and unable to play Game One of the Eastern Conference Semifinals last night. He’d also missed the tail end of the first round, after falling ill and being sick enough that he was given a spinal tap to make sure he did not have spinal meningitis. He was give the all-clear on meningitis, but he was still so sick that he ended up in the hospital. Deng took to social media to make sure everyone knew exactly how sick he was…

That all happened three days ago. Since then, Deng has remained out, battling this illness but rooting for the Bulls. And though he still couldn’t get out of bed yesterday, after last night’s huge Bulls win over the Heat in Miami, Luol took to Twitter to show where he was forced to watch Game One…

Screen Shot 2013-05-07 at 3.37.22 PM

Get well, soon, Luol!

(h/t Yardbarker)


  1. Aaron Patterson says:

    Luv u man you give your all to the bulls and bulls fans time to take care of you now!

  2. Lap says:

    I hate the bulls but get better soon,Deng

  3. Heat1 says:

    Luol deng although I hate the bulls especially the small guy Nate Robinson I would love you if you play FOR the Heat, get better soon luol deng

  4. New York Knicks Fan says:

    I love the toughness that your team is showing. I still hate the Bulls, but there’s 3 new york guys on the team that I’m rooting for.

  5. 2GOPERU says:

    Get well soon. See ya back when your 110%.

  6. Brennen Wilson says:

    Bulls over Knicks all day and if its championships I’m pretty sure the Celtics take the win on that one buddy

  7. Mary Merc says:

    Get well soon, the whole world misses

  8. Mary Merc says:

    Luol get well soon…the whole world is missing you!!

  9. Heart of a champion

  10. cash adams says:

    Please convince derrick rose to play so we can win a championship especially when u and hinrich comes back we gona be unstoppable.. its all a mental thing with rose he has to play

  11. Romeo says:

    Wow, a player who ACTUALLY can’t play, DRose can play but yet hes in a suit; much love out to my man Deng.

  12. dave w says:

    If rose and deng were able to play, I think the bulls would win this series. Without they r doommrd

  13. Battle says:

    Refs are cheating for pacers , they pacer are kneeing hitting Miami players and nothing is done about it they need to get rid of refs to