San Antonio Screaming Lady Can’t Stop Screaming

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you stayed up for the thrilling conclusion of last night’s Spurs/Warriors game, you most likely noticed the same things as everyone else tuned in: Steph Curry‘s unbelievable third quarter; San Antonio’s coming back from down 16 with 4 minutes to play; Manu Ginobili‘s amazing jumper to end the game; the incredible drama that built throughout the two overtimes; and more than anything else, the Screaming Lady in San Antonio!

This isn’t something people noticed in retrospect. If you were watching the game, it was pretty much impossible to miss:

This woman — well, I’m assuming it’s a woman, although I suppose it also could have been a man with a really high voice — kept it up down the stretch and as the Spurs won the game in the second overtime.

As of now this fan has not been identified. But she’s certainly been noticed.


  1. Annon says:

    Her name is Valerie

  2. This woman is awesome. What’s everyone’s problem. She made it feel intense and I thought it showed that the spurs fans are amazing. Wish the heat had fans like that

  3. LJD says:

    She is a true fan of the spurs. I was yelling with her on my living room.

  4. iivviiccaa79 says:

    you wanna 20 000 people to sit mute like it is a funeral?

  5. Victor Melgarejo says:

    Thats what fans do!! Wish we had more of those!!!

  6. Edwin says:

    She’s a season ticket holder, whoever she is. During the regular season you could always hear her chants of “DEFENSE!!!” about one decibel and two octaves above everyone else. Props to her, though. I used to find her annoying, but would be seriously saddened if I didn’t hear her shrieks during a home game.

  7. Louie says:

    People must understand, San Antonio Spurs is the only professional sports franchise in this great city and we love our SPURS. Last year’s loss to OKC really hurt us here in SA. To be honest the feeling was that was our last chance to win another title. The way this game was playing out I had already gave up hope for spurs to win, I was watching a young Stephen Curry become a superstar before my eyes and it was happening against our SPURS. That come back not only won game 1 but the electricity throughout the team and its fans was revived, this game was great in so many ways and I am sure the warriors are not done yet. I am sure Stephen will become a regular all-star and never be overlooked again. but at least for now. We feel great again.

    Thank you Screaming Lady! you are awesome. I for one want to hear you tonite when I am watching the game from home =) Love ya!

  8. unprofessionalNBA says:

    lmfaooo i enjoyed here live, scream baby !!

  9. cafeblu says:

    I am so glad i’m not the only one to notice that incredibly annoying scream! it was unstoppable. i admit i was a fan of the warriors (actually curry’s fan) but whatever, that human being ruined a great game with her very disturbing voice.

    Also, the guys who broadcasted the game should have moved the microphones away from her throat or should have duct taped her mouth.

  10. sports fan says:

    Why is this even posted? She paid for her ticket & has a right to cheer like everyone else. Just move the microphone away from her, problem solved.

  11. CU10 says:

    My ears…