Chicago Billboard Urges Bulls To Extingush The Heat

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The electronic billboard on the Command Transportation building in Chicago not only has a great sense of humor, it has its own Twitter account. Cars driving past on the Edens Expressway are regularly greeted by a series of funny, topical messages themed to whatever is happening in the world. And right now in the Chicago sports world, there’s no bigger story than Da Bulls and their incredible run/limp through the postseason. They’re up 1-0 on Miami as of now, and as this sign makes clear, Bulls fans have a pretty good idea of a way to keep the postseason run going, at least as long as the Heat are involved…


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  1. lol cant wait to see how lebron response to this he gonna go APE SHT

    • alekesam says:

      That’s gold. I like to see stuff like this rather than the more placcid “league fining” a team into submission. Don’t get me wrong. I like mutual respect where applicable (and earned) but I also love when a city/team flames the rival city/team in a manner such as this.

    • R.O.P. says:

      Lol… He might just detonate on Noah tonight Lol.

  2. marilyn says:

    Very clever billboard. I want the Heat to win but think the Bulls are terrific this year.

  3. Bob says:

    Cocky Bulls are asking for a royal @$$ kicking. I can’t wait for LeBron to just slaughter them.

  4. knicnksNation says:

    lol i don’t know about all of that…but still go bulls!

  5. FFSOHOT says:


  6. kevin says:

    bulls are about to beat the heat without half there team so much for a big three!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. J says:

    For the Bulls to get to the playoffs, reach the semi-finals, win game one and all that without their star player, is just amazing. It simply proves that a star is not always needed to win games. Not to say that I don’t like Rose, I admire him and hope he comes back soon. GO BULLS!

  8. A fan says:

    I get if a fan, another player, or a coach wants to pick on a team it’s one thing, but when it comes to the point where a group of grown men are immature to the post this kind of trash is insulting to the heat and the bulls. Want to put a poster that promotes Chicago and Chicago alone fine but if this is the immature trash you come up with then it becomes a problem.

  9. Pat says:

    I cannot wait to see the look on Noah’s face, when Miami wins the series.

  10. dave says:

    this is hilarious.. but the heat will still win the series

  11. rocky says:

    good idea but the face of lebron must be hidden for respect

  12. Raptors says:

    First half referees were horrible. It just feels like they want miami to win it 😦 Not fair for chi city.

    • Raptors says:

      I am talking about Game two…..birdman should be ejected!!!!!! But yeah they got a trash player to sweep the floor. Good job miami. I guess money can buy championships!!!!

      • LOL says:

        Blame the referees when you lose by big margin? That’s a good idea for you, maybe.

      • Woody says:

        A trash player! Chicago has a roster of them. Play basketball with skill and strategy, not defensive play from the NFL. Oh thats right chicago can’t.

  13. Bench Mob says:

    should be Jimmy Butler with that fire extinguisher

  14. Samuel says:

    that is a bit excessive Bob

  15. bdeleon says:

    Bad idea! disrespect the king… and you will be punished.

  16. charmlei says:

    OOps, look at the SCORE today? BULLS got burned by the HEAT.. lol

    • Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

      Bulls got burned by the REFS.. heat fans are the worst. That bandwagon looks unstable!

      • Damian says:

        Bulls were down by 45 POINTS at one stage of the game, no amount of refs in the universe can achieve that.

    • What says:

      The score is 1-1. Doesn’t matter if you win by 100 or 1 pt. Bulls got what they needed. Heat needs to do the same. I have no dogs in this fight though. Miami was alrady crowned the champion at the beggining of the season. it’s almost pointless to watch.

  17. sky says:

    pretty sure that idea failed badly i mean why make the mvp angry not smart at all

  18. Jas says:

    Look at the second game scorecard and see who’s extinguishing whom. Screw the Bulls -Terminated!!!

  19. lol says:

    thats funny

  20. BMW says:

    Well, The HEAT had a 45 point lead at one point, 103 to 58. I think signs like this go against the home-teams’ interest.

    Just pouring gasoline upon a heated INFERNO, was all this did.

  21. Umi says:

    Backfire! Who’s laughing now? Go heat!

  22. Mikey says:

    Now What BULLS? Feel sorry for the Billboard.. IT’S PAYBACK.

  23. Caleb says:

    People the bulls need to use the extinguisher now, they got 5 degrees burns, incredible. Chicago, welcome to the real play off. They will remember the baseball play off against marlins 2003. Rival cities.. 🙂

  24. jong says:

    now South Florida will have a roasted Bulls on their E-billboard! LOL

  25. Ali Salem says:

    Bad idea to get too personal, bulls had just won the only game of this series, it’s over due to this crap

  26. Ali Salem says:

    Bad idea and shame to the Bulls to dis respect your opponent like that!!
    Among all you play dirty on Lebron which can get him fired up!!
    Remember Lebron is the best player in the world and he will show you that u should’nt mess up withe king

  27. toronto_guy says: this billboard.. game 2 heat play good tonight with the help of refs of course and the bulls were just off offensively.. money can buy championship but still, bulls in 6..

  28. BullsFan says:

    This is pretty good. But anyway, Bulls beat the Heat without Derrick Rose(Starting PG), Luol Deng(Starting SF), and Kirk Hinrich(Bench PG). Let me see the Heat try to beat the Bulls without, Mario Chalmers(Starting PG), LeBron James(Starting SF), and Norris Cole(Bench PG). Not going to happen. Therefore, Bulls have a chance once they get healthy.

    • One Hit Wonder says:

      yeah. like they had a chance against miami in 2011 with their FULL lineup. and that was without cole, allen, andersen, etc

  29. lindB says:

    lol agree with the backfiring. Bulls are such crybabies they resulted to trash talking as last resort when their roughing-up tactics didn’t work and miami hit back with physicality as well.

  30. Dwinn says:

    look wat u guys have done … 115 – 78, poor chicago gulls !!!

  31. Muck Fiami says:

    Series is still tied 1-1 people. Calm down. You know the refs will help Miami reach the finals again.

  32. holyspectator says:

    dont see many bulls fan sayin anything ?? hmmm ya i wouldnt either with a whoopin that bad lol

  33. David says:

    it just goes to show that without all there star players on the bulls that you can win a game or two or even get lucky to go as far as they have gone. But in the end it takes a WHOLE TEAM (Miami Heat) to win games and hopefully another Championship soon, i know it wont be easy but the team the has the biggest heart will win. ** also this is starting to be an AWESOME PLAYOFFS!

  34. Tittieboi23 says:

    Yall need to fill out j.r smiths bandwagon application lebron is the biggest crybaby in the league thats been proven haha rose will be back in game 3 see how good the heat really is they won’t have the home refs to win the game for them either yall need to hop off his Johnson aint big enough for all of you haha Melo mvp

  35. David says:

    I cant wait for D.Rose to come back, i mean D.Rose is beast mode but i think if he does come back it will cause alot of complication with tthe team and also K.Hinrich, i mean the bulls have stepped up as far as losing alot of there starters, to me i think D.Rose should just let it go, if he’s smart, just be there for the team and support them. As far as what the bulls have done, i totally agree but i do not agree about what if D. Rose, K. Hinrich, and L.Deng have played the game and have been heathly, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the bull would be the best team in the NBA and blowout all the team by 20pts for sure. No, cannot say that. Also cant say WHAT IF, they didn’t have LBJ, D.Wade, Chalmers or C.Bosh….. NO either way the team will always be just as good as if they had those players or not. having the key players DO have a big role to a win but like i said it can only go so far. A good player can win a game, it takes a TEAM to win a championship.

  36. Noit says:

    Game 2 was another game handed to the players that get everything on a silver platter. Despicable.

  37. Lemuel says:

    the bulls just got murdered

  38. youkidding says:

    Heat played good with the help of the REFS.Gave Ray Allen 10 Free throws in 19 minutes. They give Lebron 1 foul a game. Miami is a very dirty team!!You know the refs will help Miami win again. Nobody can touch the cry baby Lebron!!!

    • Woody says:

      No they don’t TOUCH him. they GRAB, TACKLE, PULL and what ever else they can to TRY to stop him. WATCH the GAMES! been happening for years now!

      • youkidding says:

        No they don’t touch him. Lebron is the one that lowers that shoulder every game,especially at the little guys.He tries to hurt Nate every play.But of course you Heat fans are blind to that.When a 260 lbs guy barrels into a 185 lbs guy ,shouldn’t you hold on for dear life? Hinrich got the worst of the hit.

  39. King Gary says:

    just disrespectful, and people tweet at a billboard and drive?!? Awful idea in general. But anyways yes leave it to bulls fans to complain about the refs rather then their own players who knew they were short handed and refused to act up. The heat got plenty of T’s and flagrants too just kept our composure in the second half. You were down by over 40 at one point with no starters in for the heat, be real if you’re going to blame it on anything blame it on the injuries and lack of sportsman ship Noah and Gibson had. I will for one admit that the two calls against Gibson were off but that is about it… nobody made any athlete who is supposed to be a role model stand up curse and flip and they were already down by 37 at that point. BE REAL, admit defeat/destruction.

  40. jack23 says:

    calm down BULLs*** fans, when you do the dirty works, we HEAT fans didnt react to all your physicallity you played, but when we responded to it, you always have that excuse being the refs are helping the Heat to get the W, who are crying babies then?? Now that mybe rose will comeback in game3 you tend into distracting one city, by putting such idiot POSTER like this? immature it is whoever had that idea, now as heat fan, i will pray and wish that LEBRON will come there in your city to humiliate you with all that facemakes you did to him, even Obama mybe dont like that idea, thats BULLs*** you ever did, this is unacceptable,..well we hope we could revenge to it more dirtier than this, we know how to play descent, professional not like yours…your game 1 win will be the last!!

  41. youkidding says:

    NBA is all about money.Refs will pave the way for Miami. To bad the Bulls can’t get physical in the games.They let Miami get crazy but Bulls gets fouls if they try to get rough. Way to go Bulls.You got a win in their building.Lets hope they call some fouls on Miami. Hurry back ROSE!!

    • yngwe says:

      excuses excuses. youre such a sourgraping crybaby looser lol. it’s just a matter of time before you bulls take its vacation accept it live with it there’s nothing you can do or just keep on hating and crying you’re nothing new hahaha

  42. youkidding says:

    The billboard is funny.It’s sad nobody gets the calls that Miami gets.Miami will always get more free throws then any team they play. We knew the refs was going to be after Butler,because he guarded “THE KING” so well. Shame on those bad REFS!!! Bring it on to CHICAGO. Maybe Lebron will get more than one foul at Chicago.

  43. jack23 says:

    you kidding me?…all about money?? that your thoughts now because one team losses to the other team which is obviously overmanpowered against your team, c’mon let us be real here, TIBs is doing good moves and 1 win against the heat with less talent is acceptable, but trying to dig in and hurt someone so you stand to your out of reach expectations is different, these bunch of tough wannabes are overplaying their limits defensively, and i agree to the officiating in the first half, that is why they are there, to officiate and be respected, i suggest a penalty for big mouth TAJ,..real fake tough guy!!

    • youkidding says:

      Every game Nate,Butler,Boozer, and Noah doesn’t get in foul trouble,the Bulls have a very good chance. Yes,it is about money. The NBA is far better off with the Heat in the finals,rather than someone like the Bulls. It was Jordans turn,then Kobes,and now its Lebrons. Bulls isn’t even my team.Wade throws ball at Bellinelli,Lebron gives Nate 10 stitches,Battier rolls all over over Noah,Birdman runs over Bellinelli,Chalmers grabbed Noah by the neck,Lebron being a prick,not letting Noah have the ball. I think they are fake as hell and tough wannabes too. Tell me Norris Cole isn’t a dirty thug?Should have ejected Birdman for all the things he done.

  44. Jerry H says:

    Hmmmm, I guess it did not put the fire out ! 1/1, Geme 3 Coming ! Oh Ya, Lets Go Heat. Bulls, you woke the beast. They will be eating beef !

  45. jack23 says:

    @youkidding: stop watching man if you think the NBA is all about money!! ive been watching NBA ever since i grown up but i didnt think negative issues against anyone when my favourite team losses, and you said BULLS is not your team?..ohh you are just a HATER?? oh long live!! when the bulls stop the streak of 27, they played very physical defense against the heat, have u seen Kirk grab Lebron?..they stop the streak because they played very physical defense, now think of it, isnt it so right to do the same, when you are actually receiveing such over play defense, dont you retaliate? dont you do the same because it was effective to the opponent, then why dont just play the same thing?? is very competitive series, but Refs must call what they think it must be called, dont over react, this is basketball, physical game!!

  46. Kevo says:

    The Heat are a great team, no doubt about it. Bulls got smoked, no offense, no defense – we were destined to lose badly. I’ll say Heat in 5 or 6 (as much as I hate to admit it) even as a Bulls fan.

    They have an amazing roster with Pat Riley, David Stern, Scott Foster, Joey Crawford…..oh wait…..

  47. LOLakers says:

    LOL!!!! The Bulls**ts will bow on their knees in game 3!!! They will get slaughtered and ground up into a liquid!!! Expect the Heat to win by 50 or even 60!!! Bulls***s are too cocky after the Heat gave them a charity game in game 1. Now is the time to nuke them from the face of the Earth!!!!

  48. yrrej says:

    heat is too good they will make the bulls like donkey.

  49. aktriple says:

    wow good job bulls or should i say nazr mohammed great tackle for a nfl defensive back oh wait its the nba……..

  50. kenny says:

    Heat fans who are the cry babies ? Most of the Heat fans don’t live in Florida. Probably live in cities that don’t have a team. Scared little kids who cant even play ball like grown men used to play. This is the team who you root for. Too much acting too much drama. I will be glad when the league comes out and say that they felt obligated to try to create to next MJ by giving Lebron everything because they saw he couldn’t do it on his own. Money doesn’t buy heart. But it can buy a spine and Miami needs one. After basketball Miami wont have any teams in the playoffs. Real people stand up in defeat and still move on. I see Heat fans cant even do that.

  51. Bryan says:

    Why the “F” is anyone even talking about this? There is nothing offensive on that advertisement. Would it have been any different if someone had put “extinguish the Heat” in text instead of using an image? If you are offended by this, then you are an overly touchy childish person and need to get over yourself. There is no reason I should even be aware that this sign exists unless i had seen it in person.

  52. Sharone says:

    The billboard ad did go too far in suggesting that a caustic substance be used to equal the playing field when your opponent is getting the best of you or your team.

    The NBA has fined teams for less trivial things. But, this is major, because it has the propensity to be carried further into society. I hope the Commissioner will levy a hefty fine against the Chicago Bulls Team, as well as, their publicity and advertisement departments. Figuratively speaking, there should be a lot of heads rolling on this issue.

    • Taylor Crown says:

      This is alll Humor; I loved the Bill-Board and I would have loved it just as much if it had been the Heat posting it against the Bulls.

      I am not for either team, nor any team. It’s very humorous and made me LOL!

  53. shannon moore says:

    that is a crazy picture but i like it and it is funny

  54. KING JAMES FAN says:

    Cute, but yall wasted so much money on that and only won one game in the series. Sit back and enjoy the rest of the season Chicago.

  55. Mack says:

    How is this bad

  56. David says:

    4-1. Good luck and best wishes in Chicago’s bid for the 2044 Summer Olympics.

  57. Steve-0 says:

    Well that went…. horrible.

  58. yun says:

    What?? No al sharpton screaming racism??

  59. Trey says:

    hows that series working out for ya Chicago?

    we seem to be doing fine down here in Florida… up one on the pacers

  60. LeBone Jimmy says:

    Lebron is the best player of his era right now. But how many people think he would get so many free rides to the hoop of Lambier and countless other players who didn’t want to be “buddies” first, competitors second, would he get. One show dunk and his but would be denting hardwood a whole lot more.

    When teams start playing Lebron instead of letting him show-dunk and act like a court Jester, he might be the greatest of all time. Until then, he’s just Liberace using a basketball and flashy bling, instead of a piano and rhinestones.

  61. netta says:

    so how did things work out for the BULLS? LOL

  62. Ladipyg says:

    OK, so tell the Heat to post a pic of LB with a blow torch burning the butt of a bull with a Bull’s T-shirt on. The caption could say “How do you want it? Well, medium or rare?” Come on, when did people lose their sense of humor. I am betting LB is laughing his butt off over this…all the way to the bank!