Mike Woodson Has Some Thoughts About Your Style

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Here at the All Ball blog, we have hopefully established how much we like Knicks coach Mike Woodson. It’s not just his goatee — our respect extends to all things Woodson. As a Hawks fan, I spent much of the last ten years watching Woody work, as he turned the Hawks from pretenders to consistent Playoff performers. While I was writing for SLAM, I once did a story in which Woodson allowed me to embed with his team for a few days. He allowed me complete and unfettered access, with only one rule: I had to adhere to the NBA dress code at all times. I readily agreed — this seemed a small price to pay to see how an NBA team works.

Now that Woodson is on the NBA’s biggest stage, coaching the Knicks at Madison Square Garden, he has been exposed to a larger audience. Knicks fans seem to like him, and now he is willing to share with the rest of us his thoughts on fashion and style, brought to you by Sean John.

So let’s slip into this luxury automobile, listen to some smooth jazz, and escape to a classy black-and-white rendition of Manhattan with Coach Mike Woodson, as he explains what makes fashion fashionable.

As Woody says, “You can’t trick…the New York people about fashion.”

(h/t Posting And Toasting)

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