Local Ads: Scottie Pippen For Mr. Submarine

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Moving forward here on the All Ball Blog, we need some running items. What I mean by that is, I want topics that are evergreen, where you, our amazing readers, will see a photo or video or tweet or something that fits into that category, and send me the link right away.

To begin with, we definitely need to celebrate local ads. It’s hard these days with the internet connecting us all for ads to be truly local, but these are still plenty of spots created to serve a local audience, that when viewed out of context can appear awkward and usually hilarious.

So let’s kick this series off with former Bulls star Scottie Pippen, who back in 1991 starred in a local advertisement for Mr. Submarine, a Chicago-area sandwich shop chain. There’s so much going on in this ad that I really don’t even need to break it all down, but make sure you notice:

• The catchy theme song

• Pippen doing dribbling drills through a row of huge vertical submarines

• The party segment where they sit cross-legged at halfcourt and eat subs

• Pippen dunking a basketball that mysteriously morphs into a sandwich

All in all, it’s a real tour de force. By the way: Have a favorite local ad? Let us know about it by emailing me via the link above, dropping a comment down below, or hitting me up on Twitter. Take it away, Scottie…

(via r/NBA)


  1. r says:

    HA HA HA ! he dunked a sandwich.

  2. jty7271 says:

    Fantastic. It worked. I wanna go to Mr. Submarine’s for a 6’7′ sandwich.

  3. b says:

    Hmm, interesting! Wonder what went on after the commercial…

  4. Joe Azpeitia says:

    Scottie Pippen, top 5 ALL around players of all time. Definitely would school the 4 time MVP Lebron James if they played in the same era

  5. rob says:

    Joe Azpeitia you are in IDIOT…look at lebrons stats and then look at pippens they are not in the same league…MJ made Pippen the player he is….
    Pippen’s 17yrs career average was 16.1P 6.4R 5.2A
    Best Season was 22P 8.7R 7A career total 18940P 7494R 6135A,
    Now lets compare with King James…. career average 28.2P 8.6R 6.7A,
    Best season 31.4P 7R 6.6A this dwarfs Pippen stats King James’s total points to date is already better at 21081P 5,553R and 5,302A with 7 years less in the league. Pippen got 5 player of the week and 2 player of the month in his total career, James probably has TWICE that THIS SEASON, Pippen 0 league MVPs Lebron 4 in last 5 years and I would agrue that he deserved it in 10-11 but because of the move to Miami, his likability went to the gutters. they had to give it to another player as they did when mike played or else he might have had 10 or 11. So Joe Azpeitia before you post a ludacris statement like this make sure its on a forum where these stats are not readily available, do it where you can get away with bambooseling with BS