Warriors Release Images Of Proposed New San Francisco Arena


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Golden State Warriors return to Oakland today after squaring their Playoff series with the Spurs, 1-1. On Friday night, they’ll host the Spurs in the always-rocking Oracle Arena, which can be one of the loudest venues in the NBA.

It is also the oldest venue in the NBA — it has been in use by the Warriors since 1971, an eternity in comparison to most NBA arenas. With the Warriors’ lease expiring in 2017, the franchise is looking to upgrade by building their own, privately-funded spot across the bay in San Francisco.

They recently released the latest images of the planned arena, and their plans look stunning. Nestled beneath the gorgeous Bay Bridge, the new arena will back right up against the water of the San Francisco Bay, creating a promenade for fans and visitors to hang out, picnic or shop. With the beautiful San Francisco skyline in the background, the new arena sparkles like a jewel in these images.

For more facts and figures check out the Warriors’ informational site. To see more pictures, click through the amazing images below…


  1. Ron says:

    Why would they move out of Oakland? Those fans are amazing….stay where they are.

    • Davey says:

      Honestly, Oakland is a bit of a janky area, and the new stadium isn’t going to be that far from the old one so they aren’t going to lose much of their fan base at all, San Fran is around a 15-20 minute drive from Oakland, it’s just over the bay bridge.

  2. Ex-Wizard says:

    They move on to sign some ol wizard player and put in that are(n)a…

  3. JJP says:

    That is also only 87 miles from Sacramento.