Kobe Bryant’s Social Media Mastery

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If there’s anything we’ve learned about Kobe Bryant over the past 17 seasons, it’s that nobody will outwork him and nobody will out-prepare him. So just because Kobe is now on the chilling list for the foreseeable future with a ruptured Achilles tendon, that doesn’t mean the Mamba will be sold short. It just means that instead of dominating on the court, the venue has changed: Instead of the Staples Center, these days Kobe is doin’ work on social media, specifically via his Instagram account.

Before Kobe’s injury, his main social media outlets had been Facebook, and then, this season, Twitter. Even though he was a late adopter to these platforms, he showed a real knack for using each, utilizing Twitter for quick thoughts and to interact with Lakers fans, and then using Facebook to post one of the most memorable statements of his career just hours after he tore his Achilles. Kobe is an athlete who has long protected his privacy, and as such, it has been fascinating for Kobe to suddenly be accessible, and even, occasionally, interactive with his fans…

Kobe started populating his Instagram account on April 13, exactly one day after tearing his Achilles, and since then he’s allowed us to follow him through the entire process of surgery and recovery. It is an almost completely antithetical approach to the traditional way teams and athletes have addressed injuries, which is to say radio silence. The reason we normally are not granted access is because teams and athletes want some regulatory role over any news. Yet by Instagramming his recovery, Kobe is simultaneously controlling the narrative while delivering access and news.

From the initial MRI…

MRI time!

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To prepping for the surgery…

To expressing the frustration of recovery…

To getting visits from teammates…

Con mi hermano! #lakers #countonpau #mambaedits ha

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to providing updates…

to getting his stitches out…

Stitches out! #progress

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to taking his first post-injury steps…

Foot on the ground! #pray4bear #standup #mambaarmy

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Kobe is taking all of us with him on this journey, with an ending that is yet to be written. Will he come back stronger than ever? Or will this mark the beginning of the end of his career?

No matter which way it turns out, it’s been a virtuouso performance. But then, from Kobe, we’ve come to expect nothing less.


  1. gballaykarmo says:


    • gballaykarmo says:

      i don,t believe in Lakers so i don,t care what happen to KB24 this is Celtics nation.

      • Rob Nee says:

        I am a die hard Celtic fan but still hope Kobe gets better. He means a lot to the nba and arguably the best to ever play the game.

      • Lee says:

        Celtics nation??? Highly doubt that. I would say theres more Lakers fans than any other. Next I would say Knicks fans, and THEN maybe Celtics, MAYBE.. sry…

  2. Nino Brown says:

    Kobe the best player ever since Michael Jordan, i really hope he comes back next year even stronger.

  3. Jimmy Buckets says:

    His career is over….he may say and think he will return the same player but he will not (and deep down inside…he knows). This is normally unfortunate but he is a total D bag. This is coming from an RN….hes done.

    • Tyler Toland says:

      Oh an RN that obviously doesn’t follow basketball or any sport especially Kobe. some players cant come back from injuries but that definitely depends on the injury but if determined enough and the right therapy he could come back and you have no idea on that. Im sure you have done tons of surgeries as an RN. or not……And Im also guessing you are one of the best in the world and many professional athletes come to you because how good you are. Only say this because of you professionalism calling someone a total D Bag that you know nothing about. I respect what you do but no reason to call someone a total d bag when you know nothing about him in person. Sure you have heard things about him on the news or w.e. but who doesn’t have their flaws and down sides in life? ITS LIFE PEOPLE MAKE MISTAKES.. with a work ethic like Kobe has and a fun career for us all to Watch Anything is possible from this guy. And many people have came back from bad injuries. and being Kobe Bryant well if he decides he wants to come back HE WILL. he has shown us all that determination over the years of his career.

    • sophie1150 says:

      Kobe is a D bag. He may be a gifted basketball player but off the court, he is a zero. The Lakers can rebuild and D bag should retire. He is not respected by other players cause he is not a team player as it has always been me me me. Maybe the injury is karma.

  4. kobe fan says:

    ive been a kb fan for 9yrs.and i know kobe will make a great comeback.he does it on the court.he lives to make good plays and smart decions.i cnt wait to see what he does nxt season.kobe i wanna give you the best of luck on the road to recovery…..

  5. LAKERFAN says:

    me to kobe fan i also have been a kobe fan for 9yrs.i wich you the best luck kobe

  6. PouringOutTheHaterAde says:

    “Jimmy Buckets” needs to STFU. Nobody cares if you’re a registered nurse. You may have knowledge on this particular injury and how unlikely a 100% recovery from an injury of this magnitude may be for someone with the mileage and age of KB. That being said, I highly doubt anyone expected MettaWorldPeace to come back from a torn meniscus in a matter of days it seemed. You treat every day Joe’s! These athletes are modern day super humans idiot. Put a fork in YOURSELF because YOU’RE DONE! Ignorant fool is just a Kobe Hater.

  7. Yeh Buddy says:

    Kobe is taking care of all the low lifes who obsess over celebrity cuz of their meagre, meaningless lives. Its great, celebrity worship is like a drug in our modern society to deal with depression and nihilism, without intoxicating oneself with substance abuse. It is quite funny to see all of you taking this stuff so seriously and getting all emotional and stuff over some stuff like this. lol.

    • JustOrion says:

      It’s funny that for the fans there is always someone like “Yeh Buddy” around to talk about how everyone on the forum leads a meaningless life because they care about Kobe or his well being. The fact that you felt the need to put people down who you do not know doesn’t make you sound like a better person, I don’t know what you’re trying to prove talking to people like that but it’s clear you lead a sad life.

  8. coco says:

    “jimmy buckets” are u a male nurse?? if u are then enough said

  9. Ezequiel says:

    Kobe not retired more

    30pts seasons

  10. 2 Thumbs up for Yeh Buddy says:

    Yeah buddy agree with every word..Well said..

    • Yeh Buddy says:

      real recognize real

      • not a kobe fan says:

        So….. . I really can’t stand Kobe he seems to be one of those people who just can’t be happy. From wanting Shaq off the team to crying about Phil and then threating to leave unless there was more talent then complain about that. and ooo yea sintched about gasol and shaq side chicks not very cool even Kobe fans have to admit.
        But A jimmy to say Kobe is done shows you know nothing about sports in general. Simply put Kobe is very athletic and take cares of body but lets say Kobe loses some of that because of the injury ummmmmmmmmm kobe stopped playing to his athleticism long time ago that’s why he spent time developing a post game jumper and mastered coming off screens and picks into a shot Kobe could lead the league in scoring whenever he wants but when is the last time the scoring champ won a ring don’t Kobe hate not a good look.

        PS yeh man or whatever you name is its 2013 forums like this is just sports talk by the way half the people mention nothing about celebrity side kobe just on the court side. Be honesty I write on the forums all the time and I have a great life. End quote I rather be the guy who read the article and commented on it and then be they guy who comes and takes time out their day to tell everyone else they don’t know that they have a sad life because they get off on that now that said and the guy that agreed with him you are even worse guys go get girls it will help you I am out

  11. jacob josey says:

    Kobe Bryant is the best since Michael Jordan. No doubt. Kobe will probably come back before Derrick Rose with his determination. ( I like D-Rose I hope he comes back for game 4 his team is already shorthanded). There is nobody else in the NBA who would try to come back from this and still be the best. He WILL. No way he retires without getting his 6th ring. Kobe is still the best offbalance, challenged with three guys in his face shot maker of this time. What was that term? oh yea “Hand Down Man Down” Who was that term made for? Oh Yea “Kobe Bryant” “The Black Mamba”

  12. pepperannmark1 follow me on twitter says:

    I am so very happy you are keeping us informed. Keep up the good work and tell Kobe he is in our prayers!

  13. AJ(abdol) says:

    MR jimmy buckets: you must be laker hater/kobe hater !! may be you are celtics fan!! LOL
    if you have been following kobe’s heart and ability you wouldn’t say negetive about him. LOL

  14. only a matter of time says:

    The only factor that could possibly stop kobe bryant is himself. People may doubt his ability as a ball player after he returns, his shot, his handles, his speed, his agility, but what they don’t realise is that all of that is based on Kobe’s will power and thats something even the most ill-wishing critics won’t doubt. Kobe = Kobe, his return is inevitable and doubting his competency after he returns is a joke. Fans that believe will wait. Those who dont will believe. The haters will remain waiting.

  15. Ryan Bradley says:

    I think it’s more of an accidental mastery. Even still, pretty impressive.

  16. Sanson Cj says:

    I believe he will be better and ready for the season