The Time Michael Jordan Played Hoops Against Charlie And Martin Sheen

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — There are events that are televised, and then there are events that are made for television. These are generally, at least in hindsight, stranger than reality, or at least lacking in some historical context.

The video we will examine today is certainly from the latter category: A made-for-TV event starring Michael Jordan, Charlie Sheen and his dad, Martin Sheen, and hosted by Dick Van Patten (you know, from “Eight is Enough,” yo).

My fellow ATLien Rembert Browne over at provides the heavy lifting on this video, researching its provenance and explaining its existence. But to be fair, no amount of explanation could ever really explain why this happened. In this case, it’s probably just better to watch.

There is SO MUCH HERE — Michael Jordan drove a Volkswagen Golf? Michael Jordan drove a Volkswagen Golf. — just watch it.

(via Grantland)


  1. aweroh says:

    RED & WHITE AJ1 ???

  2. MJ-Fan says:

    Michael had on a oufit that girls wear to the club nowadays….hahahahaha damn girl

  3. ISrael Diaz says:

    Jordan wouldve smoked them lol

    Where the hell is Emilio???!

  4. Yo' John says:

    Charlie Sheen is a really high% foul shooter, much higher than many NBAers …

  5. freethrows??? says:

    I see why they might beat him in the freethrows, but seriously MJ this is terrible percentage. Loosing to this 2 ugly strokes great actors in FT might be ok if you had atleast 70% and that lame too..

  6. Skerg says:

    Air Jordan vs Stockton and Hornecek

  7. dd def says:

    this,,, is,,, AWESOME!!!

  8. Smh says:

    From humble beginnings to elite status, money changes people. I hate when people say it doesn’t because it does!

  9. Lang Whitaker says:

    whens jordan brand retroing those Js. kopkopkop.

  10. Andrew Aycock says:

    “The young girls here really like Charlie.” - Best. Quote. Ever.

  11. I agree small playas cant play but AI or Nelson shows you the diference.

    You can be small size but still play. Besides Sheens were playing with the best all time.

    • YCM says:

      Nelson? Please don’t tell me is Jameer. With all those under 6 to chose you choose Nelson? Seriously?

  12. Shawn Kemp No. 1 says:

    Even then he had some tiger blood in him

  13. Frank says:

    Awesome, but it is a tragedy that both C. Sheen and MJ with his eyes closed shoot a higher FT% than say DeAndre Jordan or D12

  14. John says:

    I’m not positive, but i think the shoes he’s wearing are calle nike terminators.

  15. John says:

    Or maybe the nike big. both those shoes have the “nike” in big lettering on the back.

  16. mvpking says:

    who knew he would grow to become a legend, an icon!……………Charlie Sheen is so dope!

  17. johnny says:

    d12 should hire charlie sheen to teach him to shoot foul shots. haha

  18. KOBE says:

    I don’t get why people are saying MJ’s free throw percentage is below par. HE HAD HIS EYES CLOSED PEOPLE!
    Also people are saying Charlie Sheen’s FT percentage is better than NBA players. First of all it’s not a pressure situation like in the NBA where sometimes you have thousands of people waving behind the backboard. Even Dwight shoots 80% in practice and if you don’t believe it youtube it! You can’t compare Sheen’s shooting in this to what NBA players do in game situations!

  19. JMAsk says:

    Guys remember this is just for fun MJ had a good time.

  20. jty7271 says:

    Wow. Nice find. This should be preserved in the Smithsonian.

  21. noaadye says:


  22. theBitterFig says:

    So everyone who’s ever said MJ could beat Shaq at free throws with his eyes closed has just been proven right.

  23. Josh says:

    he could of drove the lane everytime. No way he was really trying.

  24. Corey says:

    LOL even Charley Sheen is a better free throw shooter then Shaq and many other NBA players. I’ve never understood how some NBA players are so bad at foul shots. It’s the only shot they is constant. In a perfect world, no NBA player should shoot under 80% from the line.

  25. mrclean says:

    “The Sheen Machine” VS Michael Jordan II. rematch 2013

  26. rayman says:


    • Kobe Bryant says:

      thats no way to describe your shooting, just keep practicing dude maybe you might be crap some day

  27. rayman says:

    jeezzz still cant get over MJ? annoying…

  28. sports fan says:

    It’s great to see that Jordan had fun & let the Sheens win. He shot his free throws with his eyes closed & spotted them 5 points. Unlike Kobe playing a game in China & ball hogs it to score 100 points.

  29. Ryan says:

    I bet Lebron would have won

    • sim says:

      lebron would’ve won… your dream kid..

    • MHM 35 says:

      LBJ would’ve done worse with free throws, and possibly worse at horse (there is a video of him getting beat at knockout by a kid at bball camp after all) and would win 1 on 2 if he plowed over the Sheens lol.

  30. Mars says:

    Sheen is a total freakin Rock Star from Mars

  31. cody says:

    Soooo fake! Mj would have smoked them with his eyes closed n one hand behind his back. He didnt try. Mj is the best out there!

  32. Adam Ryan says:

    Hey, great to see my upload getting featured on, Grantland and a host of other pages. I’d love to spread the word about my Jordan-era podcast too, please check it out | In all Airness | Conversations with (current and) former NBA players, coaches, reporters, commentators, etc. Thanks!

  33. Derrick Ward says:

    The greatest basketball player to ever do it versus father and son Sheen……PRICELESS MOMENT

  34. Kobe Bryant says:

    Jordan is the GOAT

  35. sheenwintime says:

    #Winning! -charlie sheen style

  36. Dew says:

    OHHHHHHHH. An Alley Oop!!

  37. overrated says:

    wow losing to sheens?MJ sucks..

  38. Cliff Paul says:

    This was great entertainment ! Charlie Sheen had a descent j !

  39. protege says:

    MJ was just messing around. Even though he said it was going to be “very” competitive. If he wanted to beat those clowns he would of. I mean come one guys….he’s MJ.

  40. B-B-Fan says:

    Seeing Is Believing!

  41. Jeff says:

    Jordan is an freakin bum….how you considered greatest nba player n greatest competitor of all time…and lose to two second rate actors…this is proof mj is overrated…Kareem or wilt would have destroyed the sheens…Jordan is a disgrace

  42. jose502 says:

    So… Charlie Sheen is better shooter from FT line than D12, hey Lakers, take a look on that Sheen guy.

  43. NY Vlad says:

    you guys gotta remember…this was back when jordan wasnt even that popular….back before he was winning tittles and wasnt that the year he was recovering from a bone fracture in his leg?

  44. illuminated genius says:

    The only thing that makes me wonder is why Michael Jordan was not able to be NBA champion during the 1980’s. We all know he later on made history in the 1990’s with the Chicago Bulls, but it is kind of weird that a lot of people don’t talk about Jordan not being world champion in the 1980’s.

  45. illuminated genius says:

    When i remembered Jordan i think back to the early 1990’s and later 90’s. The 1980’s was a weird period because he did not win a world title in the NBA during that era. It is almost weird in a way to talk about a time when Michael Jordan was not champion. It is like the weird time he came back with the Washington Wizards to play for a 3rd time in his career. I wonder if he would have won more NBA titles had he not played Baseball. But either way the fact he played Baseball and Basketball makes Michael Jordan really impressive.

  46. Jason says:

    That was so freaking weird. But any chance to see a young MJ play hoops is click-worthy. Kids: he was only giving 50%. Still, maybe this loss motivated him to completely dominate the NBA the very next season. Postscript: Charlie Sheen is and always has been a tool. But he has a decent jumper.

  47. MJ 4 Life says:

    I’ve watched this like 4 times now. its awesome…especially the anouncer guy with his funny expressions. There’s a certain nostalgic quality to these old school tapes from late 80s early 90s era.