Posterizing: The Next Big Thing?

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you know basketball, you know posterizing. For those of you who are unaware, the term basically refers to the phenomenon of a person getting dunked on. And at least back in the ’80s, when people had things like posters and stores like Spencer Gifts flourished, these dunking occurances would frequently become memorialized on a poster.

Fast forward to today, and it only makes sense that dunks now live in perpetuity online. Thanks to some creative students out there somewhere in Internet-land, by using posterizing as a “thing,” we might have just found the next great viral internet movement, this time with basketball as the fulcrum.

This gif came across Twitter’s radar late Saturday night, when user Scrimsurlalune tweeted…

It immediately got a lot of notice. For good reason, because there is a lot to notice. A few things I’d like to bring to your immediate attention…

1. The general timing required to pull off this whole endeavor is impressive — the dude with the trash can has to emerge and hold the can up at proper height, just as the dunker runs in and fires the ball off the wall.

2. The big dude strolling through carrying the t-shirt seems transfixed to be witnessing this, just as I would probably be.

3. Nice lefty windmill, bro.

4. After watching this about a dozen times, I wondered if these kids got into any trouble for doing this in school. And then I saw the security guard standing in the back on the right, watching the entire thing take place.


This could easily become…something. And remember — if you get posterized, handle the aftermath with humor…


  1. Joaquin says:

    This is hilarious! much better than “planking”, Id love to see lots of gifs rise from the internet in the most random of situations

    • Tizlub says:

      I have to agree a little bit. While I still don’t care about these types of internet trends, this one has more substance that Planking…planking? That was just stupid…really stupid!

  2. eumir says:

    we’ve been doing this since highschool, it’s fun!

  3. mamulundoy says:

    not easy to do.. i bet u will see more fail than wins on this one..

  4. karmaz4585 says:

    usa and his love for humiliation, you always make things start like a game but at the end its full of vice and always degenerate 🙂
    thx to exporting this usa ! if you could limit yourself at basketball skills it could be nice.

  5. karmaz4585 says:

    my advice to these kids, go play basketball. they just need an adult presence sometimes (right mister security ?)
    and i’m sure the posterized is the “different” of the kids.
    well, maybe not here who knows, but be ready for this soon. stupids journalist

  6. dru says:

    this is stupid unless these kids are 16 or younger,

  7. Court Deezy says:

    Dude Im 33. And We were doing this in ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!!!!!! This is far from anything new. However I must admit, these cats definitely took it to the next level. Respect due, this is so creative and absolutely hillarious!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Cell says:

    He just reached a new level of posterizing! Real ball and trashcan. Rotfl

  9. metagreenblackeyedpeas says:

    Ibaka and Durant posterizing Harden back in H.S.

  10. ezequiel says:

    the clippers dunks scare brandon knight

  11. Paul Crowley says:

    I have to try this. Never thought that the name would be so… odd.

  12. John says:

    It’ll be funny, until they start jacking kids necks by flying into them like idiots.

  13. brain says:

    LOL been doing this 10 years ago. Just never had a camera to record it

  14. heatcelticswizards says:


  15. Dwight Mckinnon says:

    EPIC!!! i love the dunk and the posterized! slam it n get out the wayyy! awesome!

  16. alp says:

    this isn’t new we did this were im from back in 6th grade, 7 years ago

  17. GatisA says:

    this is for those who can’t dunk in a court..

  18. Liam says:


  19. Bleno says:

    And one !

  20. Ryan says:

    SMH to the people that acted like they did this before

  21. steve says:

    In my highschool in the halls if someone walked under an over hang or even next to a wall someone would run up and posterize them it was great

  22. UhNo says:

    Dumb, with a capitol D.

  23. Jay says:

    This has been around for quite some time, just not all over the internet and in more traditional places like on an actual court. Kobe snuck and poster on Shaq in practice. In my cousins and i used to be afraid of walking past a door because someone might dunk something.

  24. J says:

    Looks like high school bullying to me. This shouldn’t become the next big viral internet movement.

  25. posterizethis says:

    when you watch that clip you see the school security guard watching it with a care in the world.(he knew all about it)
    What a set up that was, who stands in the middle of a hall way swaying from side to side messaging on their phone?.
    every one of them was in on that… It needs to be awesome and that sux

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