Roy Hibbert Almost Wore A Monocle To Postgame Press Conference

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you didn’t know that Pacers center Roy Hibbert has a fantastic sense of humor, you must have missed his appearance last summer on the Hang Time Podcast, where big Roy joined me,’s Sekou Smith, and his BFF, writer/comedian Chelsea Peretti, who is one of the greats. We discussed many things, including, if I’m not mistaken, Chelsea’s suggestion that Roy should at some point wear a monocle to a postgame press conference. Perhaps I am just projecting, but it feels like something we mentioned very briefly.

For certain, however, Peretti and Hibbert had a public talk about monocles last year, when Roy called in on episode 9 of Chelsea’s podcast. A discussion about Power Rangers evolved (or devolved) into a conversation about NBA Style.

“All these guys wearing, like, skinny jeans,” Hibbert said, “and glasses with no frames in it, stuff like that, that’s a thing of the past. I’m going to start something new here.”

After Chelsea urged Hibbert to start an NBA ponytail trend, Hibbert agreed, although with a caveat:

“I say a ponytail, but you have to have some sort of eyewear. I’m going with a monocle. I’ll be the first one to rock a monocle like Mr. Peanut, or whoever. Like the Monopoly guy.”

Roy apparently came close over the weekend…until he chickened out…

Brilliant stuff from Hibbert. And upon hearing the news, I immediately alerted Peretti, who responded with her typical measured excitement…

Last night, I reached out to Chelsea to see if she wished Roy had worn it.

“Very much so,” she responded.

Don’t we all. 😦


  1. wade says:

    Another Col. Klink on Hogans Heros. “WHO IS THAT MAN?”

  2. the black mamba says:

    chelsea peretti is pretty hot!

  3. Ben says:

    I think hes just seeking attention, thats what they all do when they dress out of the ordinary.

  4. Pete says:

    Oh how dare he show some personality hey Ben!

    Wouldn’t this league be all the more entertaining if they all wore white shirts and grey trousers to press conferences?

    Live a little.

  5. Aaron Birnell says:

    Having watched every game and post-game this season, I can say that I think Roy is hilarious!

  6. CM of Houston says:

    Unless you have a stigma in one eye, leave the monocle in the locker room. Please.