NBA Style: Dwyane Wade’s Game 4 Suit

NBA Style
By the Style Crew

After breaking out a colorful printed jacket following Game 2, Miami’s Dwyane Wade showed up for last night’s Game 4 in his home town of Chicago with his most fashion-forward outfit yet: A double-breasted suit with a polka dot pattern, with pants cut at an aggressive, Thom Browne-inspired length. (Or rather, lack of length).


It was enough to draw a response from Chuck, Shaq and Kenny

Now it’s your turn. Would you choose D-Wade’s suit? Or would you lose the suit? Vote below, and don’t forget to continue the conversation on Twitter using #NBAStyle


  1. Ez says:

    he should pulls his shoes up!!! horrible….

    • blackstar says:

      I didn’t know capris were in for dudes, i wonder what joan rivers or even carson cressly would have to say about this outfit. he’s being a bit too fashion forward kinda like when kanye wore that leather skirt

    • Miami_Boi '69 says:

      Yeah, or wear some really tall boots. I tell you…it’s hard being a Heat fan. First, there’s the hate and now this. Come on D-Wade.

    • kerie says:


  2. dhreamchylde says:

    Now we all know what an NBA player looks like with Capri Pants on…LOL!!

  3. Shawn says:

    It reflects a fad of the fashion industry and public opinion makers to minimize the image of the Black males’ strength. In times of war and economic destitution in the real world, there are those who dominate and those who are dominated. The NBA negates the stereotypical image targeted toward our youth, by the very essence of the game where the world sees brilliant and talented Black men. Not the sissy that the Sprint commercial with the wrestler wants us to envision of ourselves, and others who might try to dominate us. So, i like the players tto not fall into the trap that “the punk or sissy look is in. We need all of our men (Black, White, Fillipino, Mixed to be strong, play strong and lead do or die. So, i dont like the “fad”. Personally I like Chris Webber and Chauncey Billups style. They are too cool… BTW, Shaq the pink panty stunt did not help our image at all, but lately you have been looking great in the blue! Thanks for tightening up!

  4. Luke says:

    Is there a contest going on in the NBA to see who can come up with the dorkiest outfit. I thought the point of fashion was to look GOOD, not look like an idiot.

  5. Mark Mercedes says:

    Men, i think this outfit hurt his game that night, it was horrible

  6. Charlie says:

    Mr. GQ, a/k/a Mr. Dwyane Wade can wear anything. Everything looks good on Mr. South Beach.

  7. stopppp says:

    yah it may look ridiculous to most men… but most women will tell you that most men have no idea about current fashion… take a look through any GQ, esquire, etc. catalogue… I may not be a big fan of it but it is whats in right now…

  8. asdfrom says:

    I don’t understand the criteria for All Defensive team. Statistically, it is Dwayne Wade, James Harden and Steve Blake who are the best with Blocks+Steals per game in the shooting guard category. Dwayne Wade has the most rebounds and Wade is in the most dominant team, 2nd in the Opponents turnover per possesion. So how come Dwade is not even in the 2nd defensive team? Is He really not popular to the coaches(voters)? Or do they even check the numbers?

  9. Thomas says:

    Im sexy and I know it.

  10. chuck981 says:

    lol at Ernie – “it’s a bag full of pants”

  11. Chisman says:

    What you playing at D WADE, you looked like the poor kid in grade school

  12. bryant says:

    Now I know Wade is hurting,all of that pain medication he went into his son’s colset by mistake

  13. Reid says:

    D-Wade…. Im a fan but this is not a good look !… Here’s why…First, the pants are way too short..They should be no more than 2 inches off the ground……Second, u should never try to match ur pants w the blazer or loafers… A contrast is required to really pull the look off!…..and lastly….It’s spring time….THINK COLOR…

  14. Marisa says:

    Great way to take the focus off of talking about your knee! Great strategy!!! Hilarious outfit!

  15. natø says:

    Fly Wade.

    Glad you didn’t jump on Lebrons wack denim cuffs


  16. Stoney says:

    WoW!!! D-Wade… one of your best Fans….someone around you should have told you that was a NO-GO!!! First you as a public figure SHOULD take a look at your outfits before you put them on and after you put them on …..Take a look in the mirror at yourself. You should always want to portray a good look for yourself as well as Black folks. You know that’s why we as people of color always are looked at as Crazy….no matter how much money we make or education we have. lastly…your woman…..what in the H.E.L.L did she do or say to stop you….Take a GOOD look at the people you have around you….they are not your friend or companion….I’m Just Saying!!!!!


  17. Ike says:

    If his ankles caught on fire, his pants wouldn’t know nothing about it.

  18. glenn says:

    What the hellllllllll?

  19. Cynthia says:

    Loose the suite buddy

  20. Jarma says:

    I dig his style. He’s charismatic and unique. I love the freedom of his fashion expression. You go boy!!!!

  21. glenn says:

    Somebody payed him to wear that.
    What’s up D?

  22. When it’s about wade I just love it

  23. RomaCaputMundi says:

    The fitting of the suit is great and the horsebit loafers are simply sick. I would have probably chosen a different pattern for the suit. D-Wade is the bomb.

  24. Keith Barnes says:

    Are you ready for tomorrow Dwayne Wade are you ?

  25. dionf says:

    It’s diffrent and it fits him so stay polished dwade.

  26. Will says:

    Always been a fan of loafers.