Online Gold: The Reggie Miller Show

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night on “Inside the NBA,” we saw a brief clip of an appearance Charles Barkley once made on a program called “The Reggie Miller Show.” The guys on “Inside” used this as a jumping off point to pick on Chuck, but the clip got me curious about “The Reggie Miller Show.” I started googling and found there was not a lot of information about this program on the internet. Buried in a 1991 Sports Illustrated profile of Miller, I found this…

Miller’s newfound popularity in Indianapolis comes, in part, from a weekly bit on WFBQ-95 FM during morning drive time that is one of the highest-rated radio shows in the country in its time slot and for its market size. And there also is the Reggie Miller Show, which is entering its third season and possibly moving soon from cable TV to the Fox network. About once a week after the NBA season starts, Miller will skitter down a wrought-iron spiral staircase, greet 200 woofing teenagers and tip off a half-hour program that deals with everything from sex to drugs to pick-and-rolls. Celebrity guests have ranged from Larry Bird to the New Kids on the Block, but the show also examines tough issues, with Miller asking questions and working his knee-high audience with the authority of an Oprah or a Phil.

The story also notes that Miller was interested in doing the show because it served an altruistic purpose…

At times, the show can be moving. A 16-year-old girl once told how she had slugged down five beers at lunch and then crashed her car into a sedan with a family of four, killing the mother. The image of her crying as she told her story stayed with Miller for weeks. “If that helped one person in the audience or at home, then that’s one less person I have to worry about—because I worry about them,” he says. “The show is for them; it’s not for me. The kids come to learn the topic. And to see all of them out there looking up at the stage and paying attention and raising their hands, asking questions, I like that.”

This sounds like a truly interesting show, and it’s too bad the show does not exist online.

Wait, what? Oh right, I didn’t try actually searching YouTube for this show. Because then I did, and look what turned up: REGGIE MILLER SHOW 1. That’s right, there’s an entire episode of “The Reggie Miller Show” on YouTube.

If you’ve ever wanted to see Reggie Miller and Conan O’Brien play charades, this is the show for you! Aside from VHS tracking issues — something you digital kids out there might not be familiar with — the show’s in good shape (complete with local ads!). The show is announced by famous “Saturday Night Live” emcee Don Pardo, and house band Alligator Brothers keep things moving throughout.

As I mentioned earlier, Reggie’s guest on this episode is his future Turner co-worker Conan O’Brien, who is introduced replete with marching bagpipes. Their discussion touches on everything from the attractiveness of late night talk show hosts to Conan’s workout routine.

BTW, my favorite moment might be when a kid from the audience asks Conan, “Why would you come all the way out here and see Reggie’s show?” (Conan’s response, “Well, that’s a terrible question.”)

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