NBA Style: Spotlight On The Modern Suit

NBA Style
By the Style Crew

While many NBA players have different interpretations of high fashion and the latest trends, some are sticking with basic suits, while still mixing it up a bit. Perhaps the most important facet of today’s suit is an ability to break up the pieces and wear them with other items in your wardrobe. Let’s take a look at several different styles, including trends that can become part of any closet. Keep up with the conversation using #NBAStyle.

Derrick Rose
, Amar’e Stoudemire and Zach Randolph are in favor of finely tailored, slim cuts.

1_Derrick Rose-Game 4

2_Amare Stoudemire_bench

3_Game 5_Zach Randolph

Players are pairing a shirt and tie with a sweater, or wearing just the vest of a three-piece suit with jeans. Take a look at some different ways to wear a suit. Roy Hibbert looks completely put together entering the arena in an elegant three-piece suit.

4_roy hibbert rd2gm3 arrival

After the game, he loses the jacket and tie for a more casual look.

5_roy hibbert rd2gm3 podium

Mario Chalmers and LeBron James, both from previous regular seasons, show how to dress down a vest with jeans and sneakers.

Miami Heat v Oklahoma City Thunder ? Game Two


Mike Conley spruces up a crisp white shirt and black tie with a solid blue sweater.

8_Mike Conely podium_rd2gm2

Andre Iguodala mixes different stripes under a casual gray sweater.

9_Andre Iguodala_suit sweater

Sleek and sophisticated, the layering of like colors always provides a sharp effect, as we see here from Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo.

10_Game 5_Chris Paul

New York Knicks v Boston Celtics Game Three

Taking a cue from the ’80s, players like Mike Conley, as well as our own NBA TV Fashion Contributor Baron Davis, are bringing back knit ties.

12_Conley_rd2gm3 knit tie

13_Baron Davis_knit tie

From Round 1 to Round 2, Marc Gasol knows what works for him, while Harrison Barnes is perfectly coordinated in gray and light green.

15_Marc Gasol rd2gm3

14_Randolph_Gasol 2

16_Game 2_Harrison Barnes

Dwight Howard opts for a simple black bow tie to pair with his plaid jacket.

17_Dwight Howard_suit

While many traditionalists shun the idea of pairing anything but dress shoes with a suit, players are experimenting with different footwear, ranging from basketball shoes to high end sneakers.

18_Game 6_Derrick Rose

Miami Heat v Milwaukee Bucks - Game Four


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