Craig Sager Photobombs Will And Jaden Smith

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Midway through the third quarter of Game Five of the Heat/Bulls series last night, the Bulls had built a 9-point lead and seemed poised to push the series back to Chicago for a Game 6. As the TNT broadcast returned from a commercial break, the cameras focused in on superstars Will Smith and his son Jaden, who were sitting courtside. As Marv Albert introduced them, immediately behind them was visible a blazer that seemed to be made from a bag of tropical Skittles.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, this coat of many colors belonged to our favorite intrepid sideline reporter, Craig Sager. Noticing the camera was on him, and encouraged by Marv and Steve Kerr, Sager broke into a full-on photobomb.

Gotta figure Will Smith hasn’t been photobombed very often. And never by a jacket like that.


(gif via @CJZero)


  1. My Daddy went together with me during the 2007 Season and it was close to the time of the playoffs. He is a coach himself and teaches all the sciences at Cuyahoga Community College. It was my graduation year and present for me. I am sad to say that the Cavs lost to the Spurs but I did get to see Tony Parker’s ex-wife walk across the floor.

  2. Speechless says:

    This is cute. I’m sure Mr. and Master Smith got a kick out of it when they saw it.