Thanksgiving in May


thanksgivinginmayALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Every year when my family would sit down for our Thanksgiving meal, my mother would make us go around the table and say something we were thankful for before we were allowed to dig into the food. It was a small gesture, but one that I learned to appreciate — how often do we take a second and actually speak into the world what it is that we are thankful for?

You may not realize this, but today, May 16, is the halfway point between last Thanksgiving and next Thanksgiving. And we’d like you to take a moment today to be thankful. Or maybe get up, get out and do something to give someone else a reason to be thankful. Whatever you do, be thankful, as part of what we’re calling “Thanksgiving in May.”

Check out Ernie Johnson explaining it the other night on Inside the NBA…

So take some time today and let us know what you’re thankful for. Tweet it, speak it, Instagram it, whatever. Just make sure you use the hashtag #thanksgivinginmay.

And by the way? Thanks.


  1. edward.Morales says:

    I my self am a disable military vet desert storm …also a single dad of two boys…would Like the chance to get my boys into this program .some weeks we go days with out eating…I’ve also lived in my car with my boys’s crazy being hurt in the line of duty an struggling now with my sons.

  2. Give thanks to my wife Steforn Miller
    For saving my life last year, she donated
    One of her kidneys to me July 5, 2012
    Love you so much, could not live without
    Me. Your my world and why I’m still
    Alive today.

    Love you, Steforn


  3. Darryl R. McClure says:

    Thankful that niether of the four teams playing tonight is the Detroit Lions…LOL