This Guy Has More NBA Jerseys Than You

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — I’ve owned quite a few NBA jerseys through the year. My first purchase was a Dominique Wilkins Hawks replica jersey, purchased with accumulated allowance money when I was a kid in the ATL. My most recent was probably a throwback jersey in the early ’00s, before I got married and had a kid, back when I had some disposable income. At one point I enough of them lining my closet that I needed to clear some room, so started changing out jerseys for button-ups.

Not that there’s anything wrong with NBA jerseys. The jersey you wear not only marks you as an NBA fan, it shows your allegiance to a specific player or even an era. I’ve owned jerseys just because I thought they looked cool, and I’ve owned jerseys because I felt I needed one to properly support my team.

You might own a bunch of NBA jerseys, but I’m guessing Reddit user Macgarnickle has pretty much everyone beat. He posted a photo of his epic collection last night, and if you look closely, there are some real classics in there, from the Damon Stoudamire Raptors jersey to the Larry Johnson Hornets to the Dikembe Mutombo Nuggets. Impressive stuff. Does your collection beat his? Let me know!


(via r/NBA)


  1. aweroh says:

    Not a KB fan. But that’s OK. Props.

  2. kidpoker says:

    Drajen Petrovic…unbelievable!! nice collection

  3. soldier says:

    the throwback carter raptors jersey is the best one

  4. koiikoii13 says:

    No Lebron James Jersey? Ok. Impressive collection though.

    • Dan Montani says:

      I think its more impressive that he DOESN’T have a lebron jersey

      • noidzy says:

        This guy is a good buddy of mine, you’ll never see the bandwagon Lebron/Kobe jerseys from him.

      • bubba says:

        I don’t know if liking arguably the best player in the world can be considered ‘bandwagon’

      • Bob says:

        Thank You! Most people can’t even name 2 players on the heat, and they say they’re a fan! I like this collection, because he’s not including all these big names and bandwagoners.

      • Matt says:

        Um not having big names???? Jordan? Johnson? Malone? Robinson? Olajuwon? O’Neal? Any true fan of the game has to love the Kobes and Lebrons and any other baller out there doing it consistently night in and night out or would we rather watch the WNBA? Lebron packs out stadiums whether you love him or hate him. Thats good for the league. After saying all that, a collection is personal and I respect that kind of collection no who is there or not there. Ballers recognize ballers. NO lie!!!! A hater of any player probably has no basketball talent whatsoever. Just sayin.. I’m out!

      • Snorlax says:

        Well i would consider Chamberlain as one of the greatest player to ever play the game so i think you have to name him with the other big players. 50.4 points per game…

    • and says:

      he’s a Boston fan, that’s why there is no kobe and lebron

    • Saheed says:

      Thank you i think the best player in the world should have his jersey there

  5. Chris says:

    I understand and agree with most of the jerseys, but c’mon javale mcgee???

  6. elTee says:

    People barely wear Jerseys nowadays. This would be impressive 10 years ago.

    • Juan says:

      Yeah all people wear now a days is some ugly skinny jeans that they can barely walk in and a questionable v neck shirt

  7. Jack Luce says:

    Pistol Pete!

  8. zgillet says:

    Yeah, that’s not very many.

  9. PraviSrbin says:

    Good job for the JUGOSLAVIJA jersey
    Nice collection

  10. KJ says:

    How u got a Iman Shumpert jersey but no melo??

  11. KJ says:

    But nice collection tho

  12. Tim says:

    This small collection is not worthy. I’ve seen better.

  13. Ramon says:

    No Kobe, no LeBron, but McGee!?!?!?! LoooL

  14. Kennytwo4 says:

    Eww look at all that green

  15. thejerr says:

    ver special nice collection…… only one things missing….. wheres the bryant reeves jersey? lol

  16. Waco Sebastian says:

    Diggin the paul george and reg miller man

  17. h e r r o says:

    No big fundamental?

  18. watsta says:

    yew dixie!

  19. Unchartedsky says:

    Let me get this straight, this guy has all these jersey’s, but does not have a LeBron James jersey. That’s where he messed up big time.

    • Wwjd says:

      No I don’t like king James when a man takes the name of the bible I hate it

      • Grant says:

        Pretty sure he didn’t put effort into searching for a nickname for himself. Others in the basketball world came up with that name. If somebody wanted to call you the king of basketball I’m sure you wouldn’t mind. It just so happens that his last name is james.

    • i-like-this says:

      everyone around the world including those who might not even know Lebron wears his jersey nowadays… so it doesnt really really matter if it’s added to the collection….

  20. j says:

    I forgot why

  21. IronCeltic3334 says:

    Wow, a Dino Radja jersey. That’s awesome and the Neon Rondo and Pierce Home and Away awesome collection.

  22. Pharaoh says:

    You gotta have a Sixer Julius Erving J to be complete in any jersey session, but it is still nice.

  23. leotorres says:

    you can still get these at champs store@

  24. TS says:

    Why would you ever buy a McGee jersey…

  25. Ryan Barone says:

    Not to take anything away form this guy, but I too collect jerseys but from all sports. I have 86 in total, 24 of which are basketball. Again, still a very impressive collection.

  26. celtic533 says:

    WOW!A great mix of old school and modern.

  27. Jared says:

    No Dallas Jerseys.. Dirk?

  28. SamCoombs says:

    Its looks like he has around 70 jerseys. Pretty good stuff. Im 18 years old and I have over 40 jerseys. Im sure one day I will get this man, No doubt in my mind. He also looks like a possible celtics, So mad Props

  29. Taglo says:

    I reckon hes a celtics fan πŸ˜‰ … Lots of green, not many lakers jerseys and no lebron jersey. i like this =)

  30. EZ says:

    love all the Celtics jerseys

  31. iamaceltic says:

    I like that you have 10 celtic jerseys in there, including a jason terry and avery bradley, and i also like it that you don’t have any LeBron jersey there

  32. Kieren says:

    I have more however that is a much nicer collection.

  33. willie says:

    it’s a lot of jerseys, but i am not impressed…. i am pretty sure, someone out there has more in his collection and have the rare ones, e.g. a 45 MJ jersey, or sheed’s hawks jersey, and a complete collection of one player’s jersey for the teams he played, like VC with the raps, nets, mavs, a throwback jersey , a green lakers jersey for st. patrick’s day… i wanna see the.collection… πŸ™‚

    FYI, jjust interested in basketball jerseys… no NHL/NFL, etc…

  34. jeff says:

    jersey world has all them jerseys and more in southernpark mall youngstown ohio and eastwood mall niles ohio need a pippen some throw back kobe awsome collection i may have a few more than you love the petro

  35. willie says:

    from the looks of it, you are a celts fan. who’d buy a bradley jersey, except for a celts fan. that’s great. πŸ™‚
    i particularly like your drazen jersey, neon rondo jersey and chamberlain…. who’s #44 of atlanta?

  36. willie says:

    ok, i also like the mutombo nuggets jersey and kukoc’s…

  37. jeff says:

    i can beat that

  38. xov3r says:

    Allen Iverson G’town jersey, nice

  39. Murray says:

    haha i just have Wade, Paul and Stockton πŸ˜›

  40. specialed says:

    This collection is lame, 1 AI jersey? why wouldnt you want any lebron kobe or jordan jerseys??? Because there must be better players out there…. so if i like the best players to ever play, to ever touch a basketball im on the bandwagon. Man shut the fawkup!!!!! You people know nothing about basketball, dumbfawks!!!

  41. Samad says:

    shame on you for not having a Kobe jersey….nice collection though.

  42. Val Termane says:

    Can anyone tell me when did the Celtics use that half green half white jersey (Pierce, #34, 5th from the left, on top)?

  43. Bobo Cheng says:

    62 only

  44. Sir Swag says:

    Nice, try it with one teams jerseys next, cause i have just as much or more of the heats jerseys as he does any other team since ive been watching and collecting since the 3rd grade. My proof is my #6 Mario Chalmers Jersey.

  45. Bobo Cheng says:

    I get more

  46. acryn says:

    he hates lebron james jersey hahahahaha

  47. Mitch says:

    Hahaha Javale McGee’s jersey

  48. Heat Nation says:

    No LeBron!? Thats not a real basketball fans collection

  49. Disaster187 says:

    I don’t see Scalabrine jersey though it’s necessary to have one

  50. Esteban says:

    People still calling heat fans “bandwagoners”. Allen and Garnett both left as franchise players to be in one team.

    • coach casey says:

      Umm… no. Garnett and Allen were traded from Seattle and Minnesota. They didn’t play with their fan’s emotions the entire season before leaving like jacka$$es like Bosh and LeBron.

  51. Javale says:

    He has a Javale McGee jersey!!! hahahahaha

  52. Jared says:

    I love how you have David Robinson’s jersey on the front line. No Tim Duncan though? Either way thats cool as long as you’re not a bandwagon Lebron fan.

  53. Josh says:

    Loving all the Celtic jerseys! Pierce for ever! Glad you dont have kobe or lebron though πŸ™‚ Nice collection.

  54. kiefy says:

    Iverson nuggets OH MAN

  55. Karim says:

    Surely a Boston fan! Like!

  56. LJBKing says:

    Obviously not a Kobe fan lol

  57. Emmanuel says:

    It seems that he likes the Celtics and a part of history of the league. Tell me how he forgot Larry Bird’s Jersey.

  58. kakiat lakers says:

    how dont you have kobe?
    he is one of the best players ever man!

  59. josh twin says:

    wow pretty good collection .. jus cant get over th fact tht there is not one kobe jersey … whats a collection w/o th grestest player jersey smh

  60. jc3 says:

    I don’t understand why people are looking for jerseys that are not there and hating the jerseys that they think shouldn’t be there. That’s Macgarniclkle’s collection; not yours. Go get your own collection, morons.

  61. name says:

    what!! no iverson jersey??

  62. Udhayvir says:

    Really a javale McGee jersey and no kobe or lebron

  63. spurs nation says:

    not all green jerseys are celtics.. some are charlotte jerseys.. see larry johnson jersey

  64. Magicfan says:

    I dig the Penny Hardaway jerseys

  65. Zag says:

    No Shaq, No LeBron, No Kobe, No Dr J BUT there’s a JAVALE MCGEE!!!!!!

  66. Nik says:


  67. bigmike11 says:

    nice collection, i like the throwback kyrie irving, the kevin johnson, and the tony kukoc

  68. burbosanity says:

    wow toronto`s Mcgrady, Carter and Stoudamire. those together is very rare

  69. Kevin Garnett says:

    theMcGee jersey was a steal at a dollar during a celtics game.



  71. hamis22 says:

    do i see a mcgee jersey? lol, love how he put the former nuggets together


  73. Wade county says:

    No wade jersey?

  74. 10-12 of them I just dont understand, gotta have a Kobe or its just pathetic

  75. Anonymous says:

    The guys is too hard on JAVALE. HAHAHHAHAH

  76. isaac2 says:

    my collection is better.

  77. Wondering Dude says:

    What if…these jerseys were actually kid-sized and sold in China…? In China, people really do like making imitations of the jersey..I say this, because I can’t see the NBA logos on any of these since he folded the jerseys…also some of the most talked about players like Lebron and Kobe aren’t there…It just so happens that Kobe and Lebron’s imitations are also popular but in China, they go a bit overboard and make it their own custom style for the popular players…As for kid-sized comment…compare the length of short table with half the jersey’s length…I ain’t dissing or anything..just pointing out and wondering..Besides that, it is still an amazing collection! It is just a bit sad that people talk about bandwagon when teams like the Heat appear and stuff. If someone wants to cheer your team and wish them the best, you should welcome them. That’s my point of view as a person and Kobe fan. #HardworkBeatsAll

  78. Jo1 says:

    In your face LEBRON, real NBA fans don’t collect your jersey.

  79. jty7271 says:

    Nice McGee jersey, but Vin Baker?

  80. Shaqtin' a Fool says:

    My main man JaVale! I understand he’s a Celts fan and he despises the Heat (We all do) but to have JaVale! Great collection.

  81. dorge7 says:

    every year fan of another team?? those people are jokes!! ride n die for ur team!!!

  82. liban says:

    I have much more than that. that’s nothing I have every nba jersey

  83. BIlguun says:

    damn those first two rows-C’s πŸ™‚

  84. William ZHou says:

    Anyone notice…no lakers jerseys

  85. what!? says:

    serious no lbj or kobe jersey!

  86. dustin says:

    no kobe jerseys!! wack collection . . . i do like the chamberlain jersey though . . . let me cop

  87. leo says:

    i need that pete maravich jersey!

  88. KIN6 JAMES says:

    i have a collection thts better than all off those jerseys, 2 lbj jerseys

  89. @lakers says:

    wat do u guys mean no laker jerseys, there a wilt chamberlain jersey, that from when he was on the lakers.

  90. youngblood12 says:

    no he doesn’t

  91. T Spoon says:

    I’m lovin the throwback Kevin Johnson and Kyrie Irving.

  92. Alex says:

    Tragic Bronson !!!

  93. alex says:

    i only got 1

  94. santi936 says:

    No Lebron, no Kobe, no Wade, no Isiah, no Kareem, no Dr. J… It’s a great collection but those are some of the names you SHOULD have in your collection. I’m a Lebron fan since he was in cleveland and I don’t really like Kobe but you gotta accept they are some of the greatest to ever paly the game.

  95. Aussie Mick says:

    If i had that many jerseys, i would probably put them in a wardrobe or something…….
    but storing them on the floor look s like its working out ok… HAHAHAHAHAA
    Sweet collection dude!!!!

    big respect for not having the lebron or Kobe…
    cause im guessing you’re a Celtics fan, meaning owning them would be traitorous. lol

  96. anonymous says:

    eww a celtics fan…

    • i-like-this says:

      he’s missing out the 2012 xmas edition of Pierce, the all green jersey is certainly a standout.

      well McGee and Shumpert surprises… i wonder what Chuck and the Dielsel had to say…

      Please post a video commenting on both their views.. interesting, look forward to see Diesel shouting “King of Shatin a fool, MaGEEEEEE” oh dear his right at the center of the crop.”

  97. your_mom says:

    The only way to make this a better collection, would to have a LeBron James jersey.

  98. thunderup says:

    3 carter jerseys 3 paul peirce 3 hardaway
    no kobe
    no lebron
    no westbrook
    no chris paul
    but javale mgee really?

  99. jorge says:

    he probaly has a lebron and kobe and all the other etc it just wouldnt fit in the picture lol

  100. i have a wizard micheal jordon and 2 paul pierse home jerseys and the number 8 kobe jersey even but stll like your collection and i penny hardaway

  101. i-like-this says:

    nice collection, bro, esp the Yugoslavia rare u had.

    im looking out for CSKA’s Moscow’s Milos Teodosic jersey, my favourite PG to date.

    anyone knows how to get hold of his replica jersey?

    Oh yea he rejected San Antonio’s Spurs offer, Oh yea he drained the game-winning 3-pointer against powerhouse Spain during the 2010 Worlds.

    Serbia or CSKA Moscow, i want to own his jersey real bad….

  102. Singaporean says:

    hmmmm.. i had Dr J (sixers), Penny Hardaway All-star purple, Larry Johnson Hornets, Jason Kidd’s California and LBJ – Irish amongst my favourite collection.

  103. Milkz says:

    he buys the jersey of the players he likes! i know lebron is the best player right now but id buy 100 other players jerseys before i got him. just because somebody is a good player gives no logic at all to buying their jersey: thats like arguing that everyone who follows the nba and doesnt own a lebron or kobe jersey is crazy.
    Though on a side note i dont think i saw a larry bird jersey, for someone with so many boston jerseys.

  104. Garry says:

    Drazen Petrovic. The man who once scored 112 points in a game in Europe. He would have been a great in the NBA. May his soul rest in peace. Great collection.

  105. HEAT 6.3.1. says:

    John Starks one of my favorite players ever. nice collection.

  106. HEAT 6.3.1. says:

    John starks. one of my favorite.

  107. Don sosaay says:

    this is a great collection! such random ones, like Vin Baker and JaVale McGee!!! love that he had to have 3 different color penny hardaways and 3 different color paul pierce, btw that half green half one one is ill!!! the 80’s throwback iverson nuggets jersey is awesome, but i think the coolest one in the mix is petrovic BROOKLYN nets jersey….. too cool

  108. Don sosaay says:

    oh! and he’s got a jason terry celtics jersey. can’t believe they even make that. i’m going to go now to see if i can find a detlef shrempf blazers jersey

  109. hashtag# says:


  110. Raffaele says:

    yes, my collection beat this collection. 69 jerseys, included moses malone of st.louis spirit 75-76, washington bullets, fort wayne pistons, kobe number 8 of los angeles lakers, karl malone 1988 all star game, vlade divac and many more.

  111. umm this collection is so bad! it has NO WHITE MAMBA!?!?!?! you gotta have the MVP of all time on your collection!