Memphis Grizzlies Get A New Theme Song

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Memphis Grizzlies have taken the NBA postseason by storm, winning eight of their last nine games and grit-and-grinding their way right into the Western Conference finals. And, of course, no good postseason run by a sports team is complete without a theme song to go along with it.

The Grizz’s new song comes courtesy of a couple of Memphis-born hip-hop luminaries: Rapper/producer Drumma Boy, teaming up with Three 6 Mafia co-founder DJ Paul. The song is titled “We Don’t Bluff,” which has a dual meaning: It’s a nod to the city of Memphis’s longtime nickname, “The Bluff City” — Memphis was settled on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River. But it also references Grizzlies forward Zach Randolph, who after an altercation with Oklahoma City’s Kendrick Perkins back in November, said, “There’s a lot of bluffin’ going on the court, that’s all, you know. And I don’t bluff.”

And as we’ve seen this postseason, neither do the Grizz.


  1. Art Vandelay says:

    Wow… I wonder how long it took them to write the hook for this one – quite inspirational and original! Who knew you could repeat three words that many times and have it become remotely popular?

    Don’t get me wrong – as a basketball fan, I think you have to appreciate what the Grizzlies have done and are doing this season. It’s not always pretty to watch, but their games are intense, and they’ve created a raucous environment there in FedEx Forum. They are very much a “throwback” team in many regards – they really only have one “go-to” scorer in Zach Randolph, and his game is vintage as well. Other players (Conley, Gasol, and Allen, among others) also excel in different roles for the team. They play strong individual and team defense, and it seems as though the players, even those that are newer to the roster after the Rudy Gay trade, have bought into a special sort of chemistry.

    My local team is out of the running this year, but I’m hoping that Grizzlies fans have a lot to cheer about for the next month or so.

  2. DesiOnTheLoose says:

    Track is Sick. Go Grizz. Spurs got their attention now its our time

  3. Ohfishyfishyfish says:

    Love the Grizzlies, but maaaan this song is plain bad. Hope I don’t hear this at the FedEx.

  4. thejerr says:

    uuuhhhhh the grizz deserve whatever they accomplish this season and they should have a song heck why not BUT this song is just…. uh… lol yea

  5. Spire says:

    They are doing this without Gay and Mayo…their team is pretty much the same minus the loss of these 2 big time scorers. Impressive they still got it.

  6. Grizz Fan says:

    If you aren’t from Memphis and/or immersed in its’ culture……then you might not understand! Go Grizz! Grit-n-Grind!

    WE DON’T BLUFF….I can dig it!

  7. FRONTROW says:

    Whatever…The Memphis Girlies don’t stand a change the Spurs will take this in 5. GO SPURS GO!!!!

  8. 901tenn says:

    stop the horror stop the horror go grizzlies GO GRIZZLIES, but please keep that song quiet i cant stand it

  9. g says:

    that wasnt good at all…

  10. Vernus says:

    This …….. Song ……. Is …….. Terrible !!!!

  11. misternacho says:

    Oh men. This song is awful… Anyway, way to go, Grizz!! My bet: they will advance to the Finals (huge success) but stand no chance against the Heat.

  12. misternacho says:

    Oh men. This song is awful… Anyway, way to go, Grizz!! My bet: they will advance to the Finals (huge success) but stand no chance against the Heat.

  13. grizzfan says:


  14. Juicy Jay says:

    They shoulda put juicy j and project pat on this track

  15. HUNMOP says:


  16. Grizzlies Al30 says:

    Luv the song straight Mtown Baby

  17. Jay says:

    Thee team is sick the song is garbage

  18. boston rules says:

    Memphis > miami > clippers

  19. Will Smith says:

    The REAL Grizz song is Demarcus’s “We will drill you”. No offense to these guys, but they got nothing on Demarcus.

  20. John Wadd says:

    When did the Grizzlies become titans of the NBA???

  21. MJfromOKC says:

    OKC tried, the games were very close. Memphis played like a team motivated to do big things.

  22. Frederick Reed says:

    Time will tell. Spurs in 5? Mane u shot off!!

  23. Slo-Motion says:

    Damn I wish I was in my home town during this playoff run!!! Let’s get it GRIZZ

  24. Nasty Noble says:

    Horrible Song!! Teflon Don’s song “M.E.M.P.H.I.S” was a much better song with Tight Lyrics!! And I am a die hard Spurs Fan!!!